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Tobii, HeadVantage To Offer Sports Fans ‘First Look’

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Eye tracking solutions firm Tobii announced it had inked a major deal on Tuesday with US startup HeadVantage to provide athletes with cameras, sensors, and cutting-edge eye tracking technologies. Tobii technology leadership also joined the company’s Advisory Board, and we will collaborate on use cases in the long term”.

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Mixed Reality helps OSHA improve worker safety


Eric Reinhardt, an Occupational Safety and Health Instructor at the OSHA Training Institute in Arlington Heights, IL mentioned the most effective way to train employees is hands on training, where workers experience and walkthrough the whole process in real life. Unfortunately, this method to train all workers is not a feasible goal.


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Sansar Partners With Overwatch For Esports VR Streaming


The Houston Outlaws are no strangers to strong community building, having recently partnered with the city of Arlington, Texas to build an extravagant multimillion dollar esports venue as well having completed the first-ever esports player signing tour in the United States.

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Enterprise VR Specialist Varjo Opens US Headquarters

Peter Graham

Varjo Technologies, the Finnish company behind the $6,000 USD Varjo VR-1 industrial virtual reality (VR) headset continues to accelerate its global expansion plans this week announcing the opening of its new US headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.