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The Highlights Of CES 2023 – The Must-See Products You Can’t Miss This Year

Bernard Marr

Those known to be taking part include Google, Microsoft, LG, Sony, ASUS, Garmin, Panasonic, Nvidia, Intel, Hisense, JBL, and AMD. Wearable technology is also set to be big news – particularly anything to do with health and fitness. These heavy hitters will be joined by around 2,400 other exhibitors of all shapes and sizes.

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Augmented Reality and Hearables: Where the Two Technologies Meet


Hearables with augmented reality features are becoming ubiquitous thanks to the overall spread of wearables, the contribution of tech giants, and the growing demand for emerging technologies. While visual forms of AR communicate with screens or glasses, smart hearables as a subset of wearable technology introduce audio augmented reality.


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The New 3D Apple Arriving at WWDC

Robert Scoble

A new OS for wearable, on face, computers. I also am invested in Apple competitors, Qualcomm, Snap, Microsoft, Amazon, and about 50 other companies in a diverse portfolio. Just get Amazon’s latest iPhone app. Using the new Siri you will be able to ask “how much are 20 of these on Amazon?” Disclaimer.

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Tech gifts in stock with holiday delivery: Apple Watch, Fire HD tablet

Digital Trends

A few of the largest retailers today are offering great deals on tech that makes for great gifting this holiday season, including the Apple Watch Series 7.

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