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TACC's Stampede3 Supercomputer Uses Intel's Xeon Max with HBM2E and Ponte Vecchio

Anand Tech

National Science Foundation’s (NSF) ACCESS scientific supercomputing ecosystem, and it is projected to serve the open science community from 2024 until 2029. This setup will allow the machine to efficiently scale and minimize latencies, making it well-suited for various applications requiring simulations.

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Eyes-In: Butterscotch Varifocal, Meta's Retinal Resolution Varifocal Prototype Headset

Upload VR

There was a small latency between looking at an object and the displays moving to adjust focus, but as with the retinal resolution aspect, the purpose of this prototype is to showcase what varifocal feels like, not to claim a specific technology for practically delivering it.

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CES 2020 Interview: Nolo VR’s 6DoF, 5G Vision

Peter Graham

The Nolo CV1 Pro improves upon the previous Nolo CV1 in a number of ways, providing higher positioning precision, refresh rate, and lower latency for a smoother gameplay experience. Nolo VR has started cooperation with China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom on these services.