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Microsoft’s Meandering XR Strategy Could Lead to Another Zune Moment

Road to VR

Microsoft released the first-gen Zune in 2006, an MP3 player that looked to compete with Apple’s largely dominant line of iPods. Azure Cloud Platform competes alongside AWS and Google Cloud. Three years later it released HoloLens 2, which directly competes today against Magic Leap Two. Breaking the Zune Curse?

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Who Will Own the Metaverse?

AR Insider

It’s been called the AR Cloud by many, the Magicverse by Magic Leap, the Mirrorworld by Wired, the Cyberverse by Huawei, Planet-scale AR by Niantic and Spatial Computing by academics. Both Azure Spatial Anchors and Google Cloud Anchors are leveraging existing strengths in mapping towards the AR Cloud. Who Will Own the Metaverse?


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Holographic Waveguides: What You Need To Know To Understand The Smartglasses Market

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Google and Sony both have intellectual property around waveguide designs similar in nature. Magic Leap. For a secretive company, we can learn a lot about Magic Leap from their patent filings and acquisitions, namely that they launched without a clear path to executing their vision. Near-eye Optics Basics.

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Top 50 Asian Virtual Reality-Augmented Reality Leaders,Evangelists, Investors & Influencers


Most people know Xu due to his dispute with American virtual reality company Magic Leap. In June 2019, Magic Leap accused Xu of stealing AR glasses technology when he was an engineer working at the firm. The company was later acquired by Google in 2010. However, in June 2020, a U.S. 12- Tipatat Chennavasin.