How do you tell a story in VR? Nomads shows the wayVirtual.


Nomads shows the way Virtual reality is more than an emerging technology. Steven Spielberg may think virtual reality is dangerous for filmmaking , but others are embracing it as an immersive form of storytelling that allows them to impact an audience in ways previously unimaginable. Its documentary experience Nomads launched on the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR last week, though the studio has produced virtual reality films of every stripe for the past three years.

Building Empathy: ‘Under the Net’ Malaria Documentary Shows the Art and Power of VR


One of the surprising results of accessible virtual reality has been the rise of documentaries that use 360-video to transport you somewhere to experience a place and situation unlike your own. Basketball star Stephen Curry became involved, and Reilly and him went to Tanzania together to meet those that needed the nets. Crafting a documentary in virtual reality can be a powerful thing.