The 2016 Virtual Reality Headset Shopping Guide

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Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard VR viewers are convenient and universal, because they work with practically any modern mobile phone. The phone slots into the viewer and you download compatible apps from the app store on your phone, either the iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play. In stores, you’ll find headsets ranging from around $30 for a View-Master to $130 for a Zeiss VR One Plus. HTC Vive. Read More: Best HTC Vive Games.

VR and AR in 12 variations


Or does it embed processing inside the headset Wide field of view vs. Narrow FOV This generates a total of 2 x 3 x 2 = 12 options as follows Configuration Example and typical use 1: VR, PC-powered, Wide-field Examples: Oculus, HTC Vive, Sensics dSight, OSVR HDK. One attribute that separated consumer-grade goggles like the HTC Vive from professional-grade goggles such as the Sensics dSight is pixel density: the number of pixels per degree.

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