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Miranda: A Live Steampunk VR Opera Where You Play As Judge & Jury


Or has the game been rigged from the start? You can watch in standard 2D via YouTube, or you can participate in VR using the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or as a WebVR experience. It’s trial by opera in this interactive murder-mystery. There’s been a murder!

Photogrammetry Showcase ‘Realities’ Update Brings New Content, Touch Support, and Improved Visuals

Road to VR

In addition to a new explorable location, the software has been overhauled to support forward rendering and improved support for Oculus Rift and Touch. Practically as old as photography itself, use cases for photogrammetry (making measurements from photos) have evolved over time, from triangulation and georeferencing through to movie CGI production and most recently, real-time game environments.

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