Sat.Feb 10, 2024

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ICYMI This Week: Hellsweeper VR, Dragon Fist, The Void & More

Upload VR

Looking for this week's VR games and hardware news? Here's what you may have missed: Following Apple Vision Pro 's recent launch, it's been a quieter week for VR. Personas were improved in the visionOS 1.1 beta , we learned Vision Pro's true active resolution and EyeSight's secrets , while several parties are making PC VR streaming apps for Vision Pro.

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The Vision PRO Experience: Can It Replace Traditional Movie Theaters?

Stuck E. in Augmented Reality

In this episode, I'm taking you on a journey through the world of immersive video using the pricey Vision PRO headset. We'll explore how it stacks up against its contenders like the Meta Quest, especially when it comes to price and versatility. Is it truly the VIP ticket for personal streaming that could replace your cinema experience? Or is it a costly gadget that falls short in creating the communal vibes we crave?

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The Apple Vision Pro: Apple’s Gamble on High-End Virtual Reality (and Why I Want One)

Ryan Schultz

Brian Tong wearing the Apple Vision Pro (a still capture from his Apple Vision Pro unboxing video ) As I mentioned in passing in my last blogpost, I am eager to get my hot little hands on the latest Holy Grail in the world of virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality/extended reality (VR/AR/MR/XR): the Apple Vision Pro wireless headset, which began shipping to American consumers on February 2nd, 2024.