Intel joins list of companies to halt shipping to Russia

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Intel has announced that it will stop shipments to Russia and Belarus, effective immediately. Computing Apple Belarus Google Intel Microsoft Russia Sony UkraineIt joins Apple, AMD, and others that have already done the same.

Microsoft is suspending new sales in Russia

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Microsoft is suspending all new sales of its products and services in Russia amidst the invasion of Ukraine by Putin's forces. Microsoft detailed the steps it's taking to protect Ukraine from cyberattacks in a blog post from February.


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Video game publishers and developers are cutting off Russia, too

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How Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have responded Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are the three biggest names in console gaming and they've all made moves to cut off Russia, at least to some extent. In the case of Microsoft, the U.S.-based

The best VPNs for staying anonymous and secure on the web

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The technology's origin story isn't well-documented, but it's believed to have emerged at Microsoft in the mid-1990s. Have you ever gotten the sneaking feeling that someone's creeping over your virtual shoulder while you browse the web?

What social media platforms are doing to stop misinformation about Russia's invasion of Ukraine

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The other campaign was tied to a hacking group from Belarus. The Microsoft-owned platform says its "safety teams are closely monitoring conversations on the platform" and its global editing team is making sure news and updates are coming from trusted sources.