Sun.Apr 21, 2019

Shutterstock’s New AR Feature Lets You Preview Wall Art Before Purchasing


‘View in Room’ mode opens up access to Shutterstock’s massive image library in AR.

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Jack Daniel’s AR App Turns Whiskey Bottles Into Little 3D Dioramas


Augmented reality is proving to be a potent marketing tool in the hands of the right brands, and world-famous spirits maker Jack Daniel’s is today unveiling one of the strongest uses yet of the technology. Developed by Tactic, the company’s AR Experience app turns the classic black-and-white front label of any Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey bottle into a matching pop-up book, educating consumers about the company and brand.

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‘Beat Saber’ on Quest Will be Fully Featured at Launch, Use Identical Tracking Logic

Road to VR

Beat Saber developer Beat Games confirmed to Road to VR that the game will include all official features, modes, and music when it launches with Quest this Spring.

SeeingVR Is Making ‘VR Bifocals’ To Help Low-Vision Users


Conceptually, virtual reality headsets present a fantastic opportunity to aid users with low vision: Up-close screens with high contrast and personally calibrated lenses could enable people to see details that might be missed in the real world. But as VR software isn’t generally optimized for low-vision users, Microsoft researchers are previewing a solution called SeeingVR, a set of tools that easily enable Unity app and game developers to add accessibility features.

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