‘Bigscreen’ Overhaul Brings Big Improvements & New Features to All Supported Platforms

Road to VR

Also, long gone are the days of hopping into rooms blindly, attempting to get a word in edgewise with other users while a movie blares in the background. Bigscreen Inc. today launched what the studio calls a “massive” update to Bigscreen Beta , including real-time raytracing lighting effects, new environments, avatars, VR UI, and a few other bits and bobs that should also make mobile VR users happy too.

The Coming Wave of Virtual Reality Creation Tools


Since BB-8 now has to listen to me, it’s only fair that I let him get a word in edgewise. I’ve always prized creativity. As a developer, writer and musician, it’s what drives me. But as much as I value creativity in my work and free time, I have to confess I’ve never really felt compelled to make visual art. That’s not to say I don’t apply a design eye in my web work or that I don’t have opinions about style — it’s just that my creativity manifests in other ways.