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Al Jazeera Releases VR Documentary ‘I Am Rohingya’


The first in a series of original VR documentaries covering cultures hit by conflict, I Am Rohingya tackles the ongoing refugee crisis caused by the brutal ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, Burma. ‘I Am Rohingya’ shines on a light on the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims. Virtual reality’s ability to influence users on an emotional level by immersing them in new worlds and situations has made it the perfect tool for documentarians looking to further impact their audiences.

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First Al Jazeera VR movie Debuts: “I Am Rohingya”


Nobel’s Peace Prize Winner and State Counselor for Myanmar (effectively a Prime Minister), Aung San Suu Kyi remained silent on Myanmar’s military intervention in what is beginning to look like the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya people from a country formerly known as Burma. Contrast VR , Al Jazeera Media Network’s immersive studio, has completed its first VR documentary, “I Am Rohingya”.

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15 marketing ideas for a grid

Hypergrid Business

Take, for example, highway billboards and Burma-Shave. (Image courtesy marketing expert Rose Freeland.). Today, I got another submission for a free ad that was basically just the grid’s name. And I regularly talk to grid owners who try to tell me that their grid is special because of its community, and to attract residents they offer low-cost land and free user accounts. Having a name, low land costs, free user accounts and a “community” does not make a grid special.

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