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The Best 360º Cameras: VR Professionals Weigh-In


I’m also a huge fan of all of the Google Jump cameras [such as the Yi Halo]. It functions reliably and the Google Jump stitching platform is truly game-changing. We’re huge fans of stereo at 30 Ninjas, and Google Jump’s stitching is the best around. The Halo’s secret weapon is the Google Jump platform that it’s built on.

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EON Reality recognized as Top 100 Company Supporting Education Excellence by OCBJ and IPSF

EON Reality

On the Top 100, EON Reality is joined by organizations such as Google, The Hoag Foundation, and Kia Motors America, Inc. These companies are “investing in Orange County’s future by ensuring a world class education for each child,” so that they have every opportunity in the future to establish themselves properly in a professional environment.