article thumbnail Launches VR Live Cast and Live Replay Platform to Stream Top eSports Tournaments in 360 Virtual Reality

Cats and VR

VR Live Cast utilizes patented “Virtual Camera Array” technology that transports the viewer into top eSports games, real-time rendering the 3D game world in a fully immersive 360 VR video experience. link] To watch re-streams of the live IEM Oakland event, visit the website or download the

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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


This release (available 9/8 for HTC Vive) is really just a taste of the larger project to come: Favreau’s ultimate goal is a sprawling open world that you explore and build relationships with the gnome and goblin inhabitants… we can only hope that funny elves will somehow be involved. INVESTMENTS AND VR FUNDING ROUNDUP.

Iceland 150