Valve Says New Calibration Software Makes Lower-Cost LCD Panels Viable for High-End VR

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“World class VR requires highly precise tracking, matched optics and display technologies, and a software stack that weaves together the interactions between these components,” said Jeremy Selan of Valve.

Lytro Announces VR Light Field Rendering Software ‘Volume Tracer’

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Lytro , the once consumer-facing light field camera company which has recently pivoted to create high-end production tools , has announced a light field rendering software for VR that essentially aims to free developers from the current limitations of real-time rendering.

Oculus Store Credit Starts Arriving to Those Affected by Major Software Error

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The post Oculus Store Credit Starts Arriving to Those Affected by Major Software Error appeared first on Road to VR. If you’ve used your Oculus Rift since the beginning of February, you likely already have a small surprise waiting for you in your account.

Oculus Chief Software Architect to Detail ‘React VR’ WebVR Dev Platform at F8 Conference

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Michael Antonov, Chief Software Architect at Oculus, is due to speak at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference on April 18th about React VR, a framework that builds on Facebook’s React JavaScript library.

Oculus Is Trying To Fix Rifts After Software Bug


According to a post on the official Oculus forums: We are aware of and actively investigating an issue impacting ability to access Rift software. Oculus provided the following update on Twitter: Quick update: We’re still actively working on an issue with our software certification. Oculus is investigating an issue keeping people from enjoying their Oculus Rifts. The Oculus subreddit is plastered with complaints, temporary fixes and warnings about those fixes.

New App Lets You Control Ableton Live Music Software In VR


TheWaveVR has given us a glimpse as to what the future of production as well as performance could look like, but it still lacks the support of already-established names in software for now. The post New App Lets You Control Ableton Live Music Software In VR appeared first on VRScout.

Nokia Significantly Boosts OZO Capture Quality With Firmware and Software Updates

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Nokia’s improvements to the software for their professional OZO VR camera platform are significant enough that the company has opted to now call their VR camera the ‘OZO+’, even though the hardware remains the same. software, launching in May.

Apple’s Latest Patents Mark More Territory in AR Headset Hardware and Software

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This week however, the company was granted two patents that establish basic hardware and software solutions not only pointing towards a prospective Apple AR device, but marking out some fundamental territory in the process.

Apple 266

Next PS4 System Software Update Beta Sign Ups Now Live


The company this week launched sign ups to test the beta for the next version of PS4’s System Software. There’s plenty we’d like to see added to the headset from the software perspective, like native menus instead of simply using the PS4’s standard UI on a virtual screen. PS4 System Software updates usually come with a dedicated PSVR software update too, which includes other little tweaks and fixes.

Jason Rubin: The Rift’s Next Software Wave Will Be “Night and Day Different”


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Google’s Daydream View Headset is Out Nov 10th, Software Line Up Detailed

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As we wrote recently , Google’s first dedicated Daydream VR headset ‘View’ is out on November 10th and Google have now detailed the Daydream platform’s launch window software line up.

AMD Adds ‘Asynchronous Space Warp’ and More in Huge Radeon Software Update

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AMD card owners can grab the latest software from here. The post AMD Adds ‘Asynchronous Space Warp’ and More in Huge Radeon Software Update appeared first on Road to VR.

RPG Creation Software ‘SMILE GAME BUILDER’ Gets VR Viewing Mode


Game creation has become a big topic for ease-of-use software applications in recent years. Game Maker is one of the most popular examples as it was used to create several hit indie games such as Hotline Miami, Undertale, and Spelunky.

Brian Sharp Talks Next Steps For Facebook’s Sculpting Software


The The post Brian Sharp Talks Next Steps For Facebook’s Sculpting Software appeared first on UploadVR. Art & Science Experiences Q&A brian sharp canada creativity medium professional sculpting

Drummer Plays the ‘Pokemon’ Theme In VR With Custom Software


Drums are cool. Everyone knows it. When you were a kid playing in a rock band with your friends the two hottest spots were lead guitar and drums.

Google’s VR sculpting software adds new features


On Monday, Google announced upgrades and several new beta features to its Google Blocks VR object sculpting software. The post Google’s VR sculpting software adds new features appeared first on VR World. Google Hardware News Oculus Software Programs Virtual Reality (VR) google blocks Oculus Store Steam virtual reality VRThe improvements build upon the six-month-old platform’s features, making it easier to use and also responding to feature requests from users.

Oculus 1.4 Update Prevents HTC Vive Running Oculus Software


However, a recent Oculus software update has broken all that. These new integrity checks prevent Revive, the piece of software that let Oculus games run on the HTC Vive headset, from running, essential blocking games to only Oculus hardware.

Lytro Announces VR Light Field Rendering Software ‘Volume Tracer’ @roadtovr.


Lytro Announces VR Light Field Rendering Software ‘Volume Tracer’ @roadtovr [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) October 24, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

These 6 Apps Represent 2016’s Best VR Software, According To The Proto Awards


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Nokia Finally Releases Its 360 Editing Software, Ozo Creator, On Windows


That changed late last week, however, with the release of a Beta version of the software for Windows 10 PCs, which accompanied the launch of version 1.3.0.

Samsung Software Update Will Eliminate Galaxy Note 7 Devices By Preventing Them From Charging


Samsung has announced plans to obliterate all remaining Galaxy Note 7 devices in the wild with a software update that prevents the device from working altogether. The software update will be rolling out on December 19, with a planned distribution lasting up to a month.

High Voltage Software launches excellent VR FPS Damaged Core, purchase now for access to the Dragon Front beta.

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I have been following the work of High Voltage software since Conduit 2 and I recently had the chance to play Damaged Core three weeks ago at High Voltages office right outside of Chicago.

Killer Software: Best New Thing in Internet Experience For Casual Users


The MSI Z270 motherboard features a Killer 2500 Gigabit Ethernet controller, which enables users to use a software known as the Killer Control Center. This software will probably solve the problem with internet connections and stuttering for the most of us with the 10-20 Mbps speeds.

New John Carmack Software Doubles Oculus Home Resolution on Gear VR


Halfway through my demo, Oculus head of mobile product, Max Cohen, told me that a new piece of software designed by Carmack will be included in the brand new Oculus Home redesign releasing for Gear VR today. According to Cohen, before this software update “the eye buffers rendered 1024×1024 and because of the way it was rendered on the screen you were looking at somewhere in the order of 400 pixels vertically.”

????Studio Metaphor: An Embodied Software Paradigm


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How to run Oculus Rift Software on HTC Vive


You're in luck because Reddit user CrossVR has released a "modification" to the Oculus software on GitHub to allow a limited set of software to run on the Vive. Oculus has some of the best VR games right now. But what if you have the HTC Vive?

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Vive Studios releases MakeVR Pro 3D modeling software for serious creatives via @TechCrunch.


Vive Studios releases MakeVR Pro 3D modeling software for serious creatives via @TechCrunch [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) August 8, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

PS4’s New Software Update Turns PSVR Into Your Personal 3D Blu-ray Player


Sony today announced the launch of beta testing for the latest system software update to the PlayStation 4, 4.50. As much as Sony would have liked them to, 3D TVs never quite panned out.

Intel’s Project Alloy Round 2: RealSense Hand-Tracking and Optimized Software


The difference between the Project Alloy headset we tried originally and this new version is the software inside. II,” as we will refer to it for the remainder of this story, was said to include more software optimization than the other demo units inside the booth.

This Software Tweak Could Improve What You See In HTC Vive


Both Valve and Oculus are working on tools designed to push high quality 90 frames per second virtual reality technology onto a wide range of PCs, including The post This Software Tweak Could Improve What You See In HTC Vive appeared first on UploadVR.

Oculus Update Lets You Launch SteamVR Apps And Other Third Party Software From Home


The latest version of Oculus’ PC software, available now in a public testing phase, aims to make it easier to launch content purchased from Steam or acquired elsewhere while remaining inside the Oculus Home interface. Oculus Rift owners sometimes need to jump back and forth between Steam and Oculus Home to play software purchased from one store or the other.

‘Magic Hour’ VR Software Will Teach You How To Use A Manual Camera


In other ways, this software shows potential as a real learning tool. Photography is, in and of itself, one of the most impressive and beautiful forms of art on the planet.

Former id Software Exec Steve Nix Starts ForwardXP VR Studio


Steve Nix, former id Software executive and previous CEO of Yvolver, said he has started a new Dallas-based virtual reality development studio, ForwardXP. Above: Steve Nix is head of ForwardXP. Image Credit: Yvolver. “We We are creating interactive content for virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality,” he wrote in a post on Facebook. The focus will be more on experiences, which is what the ‘XP’ part of our name stands for.”.