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XR is a powerful tool being used to attract, engage, and retain customers as online commerce and bricks-and-mortar converge. VR Intelligence are hosting a live webinar, ‘AR for Consumer Engagement & Retail – From Fun Feature to Daily Essential’ on August 14 Click To Tweet.

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Engaging Audiences With Immersive Technology

Tech Trends VR

The new call for ideas is part of Knight Foundation’s arts and technology focus , which aims to help arts institutions better meet changing audience expectations and use digital tools to help people better experience and delight in the arts.

Augmented Reality Top 8 of 2018


These AR projects, apps, products, and tools are helping to rewrite reality and the way we engage with our immediate surroundings and world at large. VISUALIZATION: AR is a powerful visualization tool.

We’re hiring a Community & Events Manager in San Mateo

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We are embarking on the next phase of our journey as an emerging VC firm, building out the team, tools and network to support our portfolio and programming. Our Boost VC founders come first and we’re here to provide the tools, resources and community founders need to win in the long run.

The Down-Low on What You Need to Know (to be competitive in the XR field), with SuperData's Carter Rogers.

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BlackBerry started off kind of as an enterprise tool, as well. And being immersed in a 360 video, for example, makes a wonderful training tool. And we have a webinar for that in May -- I think the exact date's on our website. BlackBerry started off kind of as an enterprise tool, as well. If you need well-researched info on the trends and changing tides of emerging tech to feel confident dipping your toes into the XR sea, SuperData's Carter Rogers has you covered.

Best of 2017: Top 10 Blog Articles of the Year


Here are some of Smart Selling Tools stats for 2017: Published over 100 articles on our blog. Hosted 17 of our own webinars and participated in about a dozen others. Published the Top Sales Tools of 2017 Guide. Published the Top Marketing Tools of 2017 Guide.