Under Armour Builds Virtual World to Celebrate Stephen Curry’s 3rd NBA World Championship


During the Warriors Parade, Under Armour is launching a pop-up event in Oakland along the parade route at 1500 Broadway where you can experience the piece in a VR gallery via Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. The pop-up shop will also showcase merchandise, including exclusive Curry 5 colorways, World Championship t-shirts and unique fan experiences. The post Under Armour Builds Virtual World to Celebrate Stephen Curry’s 3rd NBA World Championship appeared first on VRScout.

Gamescom Interview 2019: Mammossix Discuss a Virtual World for Everyone

Peter Graham

When it comes to big open virtual reality (VR) worlds with social features there does seem to be a growing abundance of them, such as Somnium Space , Sansar, OrbusVR: Reborn and Nostos to name a few. Supporting PC headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Valve Index, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR with cross-platform integration, Galaxity is one of these open worlds all about community and social interaction, completely free to download and start exploring.


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YouTube VR Reveals Samsung Gear VR Shared Viewing


The biggest video-sharing platform in the world arrives on the Gear VR with all new features and content. Already a dominant application on the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Google Daydream platforms, Google’s immensely popular YouTube VR experience is now available on the Samsung Gear VR. SoKrispyMedia ’s latest offering drops users into a chaotic video game adventure where one wrong move could mean an eternity in the digital world. “VR

Samsung Trademarks ‘Anti-Screen Door Effect’ AMOLED Display


A recent trademark filing from Samsung suggests the company may be ready to introduce an even better VR display. Viewed through the headset’s lenses, this space an distort your view of a virtual world somewhat, removing some of the immersion. There, Samsung showcased a screen with a filter specifically designed to combat screen door effect, showcasing a virtual movie poster inside. Samsung Gear VR VR Industry News gear vr

Samsung Uses VR To Provide Mental Health Care In Asia’s Suicide Capital


Samsung has announced a new VR-focused partnership with Gangam Severance Hospital in Seoul. Samsung did not detail in English how the hospital would utilize their tech when diagnosing patients, but the process will use a host of Samsung gadgets and software, including the GearVR headset, the Gear S3 smartwatch, and Samsung’s S Health app in combination with its virtual assistant Bixby. Health Care Samsung Gear VR

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Sony, Facebook, Google, and Samsung Dominate VR, With Over 50% Market Share


Those of us who are old enough to have seen the rise of virtual reality in the ‘90s and then the fall and then another rise in mid 2000 and then another fall, know that the present hype about virtual reality may not be sustainable. Samsung follows with another mobile headset (Gear VR). He launched the first browser-based Virtual World in 2008 for which he was awarded in 2011 by the Virtual Worlds community. VR is hot! But is it permanent?

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Gear VR Controller Review

Road to VR

Well over two years since the first Gear VR headset was launched (but just a few months after Google’s Daydream VR headset launched) Samsung is launching a motion controller for Gear VR which adds a new layer of interactivity and brings the headset’s input scheme in line with Daydream. Samsung seemed to agree that this is the way to go when it comes to input for mobile VR headsets, and is launching on April 21st the new Gear VR Controller priced at $39.

Samsung’s “Bedtime VR Stories” App Brings Back The Story Telling Trend


But according to reports, Samsung a well-known technology firm has recently revealed an app called “ Bedtime VR Stories ” which will help parents who are far away from their homes to connect with their children in a virtual world in order to share bedtime stories with them. According to reports, as of now Samsung has published a bedtime story called “ The Most wonderful place to be ” which gives a fair amount of idea on how will the idea of storytelling actually work.

Report: Facebook to Ship a $200 Standalone Mobile VR Headset in 2018

Road to VR

The headset is said to be more compact than the company’s PC VR headset the Oculus Rift, and lighter than Gear VR, Samsung’s mobile VR headset that accepts a number of flagship Galaxy phone variants including the new S8, S8 Edge and S8 Plus among many others. According to Bloomberg’s unnamed sources, Oculus plans to partner with Xiaomi, one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers, to produce the new Oculus-branded headset for global distribution.

SDCC 2017: The IT VR Experience Sent A Chill Down My Spine


Instead of wearing the Subpac vests though, which are usually strapped to the body providing haptic feedback for a virtual world, when strapped to the chair the vests provided an added amount of bass to the sound of the experience. Now I’ll confess that I’m generally a wuss in horrifying virtual worlds. Entertainment Experiences Samsung Gear VR IT SunnyBoy Entertainment

New Six Flags VR Coaster Is Interactive, Uses Passthrough Camera


One of the park’s existing coasters, Kong, was being converted into an immersive virtual reality experience using a large number of Samsung Gear VR headsets. Samsung Gear VR headsets with a modified head strap. Once the headset is actually on, you’ll see a view of the real world provided by the pass through camera. These “real world to virtual world” storylines can be created for different types of roller coasters and attractions.

‘MetaWorld’ Wants You to Buy Virtual Land for Real Money, and It’s Not Clear Why

Road to VR

Massive multiplayer online (MMO) games with persistent worlds and real economies like Second Life haven’t reached critical mass in VR yet, although many in the community are counting the moments until they can live out their days immersed in all-encompassing virtual worlds. Enter MetaWorld, one such MMO launching on Steam Early Access September 29th that hopes to bring about an age of virtual land ownership.

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Preview: ‘Wands’ is a Magical Steampunk Dueler for Gear VR

Road to VR

This data is then used to render a view of the virtual world mirroring that seen by the player, all in real time. Mobile VR Games Samsung Gear VR Games VR Games VRLA VRLA Summer Expo 2016 gear vr games magical pvp vr game nux studios preview wands univrses vrla 2016 vrla summer expo 2016 wands wands previewFrank He goes hands on with Wands , a new PvP Gear VR title from NUX Studios which pitches you against your opponent in a magical duel to the death.

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New to VR? A beginner’s guide


Virtual reality (VR) produces a computer-generated environment–complete with realistic sights, sounds and other sensations–which a person can explore by wearing a special kind of headset and, in some cases, using certain props. Basically every VR experience will allow the user to feel as though they are in this simulated world and look around it, while more advanced systems allow for movement and interaction. Samsung Gear VR (with controller). Photo by Samsung.

Viveport Welcomes Windows VR Support Next Week


Microsoft’s range of VR devices are made in partnership with other companies like Dell, Samsung and Asus. They offer inside-out tracking, requiring no external sensors to find your position in a virtual world. HTC’s VR content platform, Viveport, is opening its gates a little wider next week. The service will add support for Windows VR headsets on June 5th. Viveport is a digital storefront similar to Steam or Oculus Home.

Microsoft Researchers Built A City-Scale Redirected VR Walking System


In the film, set decades in the future, fans of The OASIS run down physical streets decked out in VR gear while their systems seamlessly map virtual worlds onto their physical surroundings — thus maintaining the illusion indefinitely. It isn’t readily apparent, for instance, how a virtual world could compensate and change to allow for navigation while strolling through public spaces outdoors.

Beyond the Joystick: Companies Building the Future of VR Locomotion


How close are we to walking around a Ready Player One world? The omnidirectional treadmill is one of a handful of locomotion methods shown in Ready Player One’s future world, but are any of these actually possible? How is modern technology setting us up to move around the virtual worlds of the future? It wasn’t long ago that the best method of moving around games and virtual worlds were two joysticks or a set of keyboard keys and a mouse.

Can Sea Hero Quest VR Succeed in Fighting Mental Diseases?


It hasn’t been long since Virtual Reality became a vital part of gaming industry as such. What if you could delay the onset of dementia – not with a drug, but by playing a video game or maybe, even entering the virtual reality? Development of the free-to-download game, which is released for Samsung Gear VR headset and Facebook’s Oculus Rift, was funded by German mobile carrier Deutsche Telekom AG. In the virtual world of Sea Hero Quest VR you captain a boat.

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CES 2018: The 5 Biggest VR Tech Updates


The company says the headset will have the same minimum specifications as the current generation and Vive Pro will work with the current base stations installed in VR dens around the world as well as upcoming 2.0 I was so impressed by my demo I think it makes a lot of sense for developers to invest in an eye-tracking developer kit in anticipation of how the technology will enable new ways of interacting with virtual people and things.

SteamVR Windows Headset Integration Leaving Early Access


VR headsets from Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, ASUS and Dell might be easier to set up than Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but integration with Valve’s SteamVR is what makes these headsets worth consideration. Without it, owners can visit some nice virtual worlds from the Windows Store, but they’d be missing the much wider and deeper library available from Steam.

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Cast Your Google Daydream VR Sessions With Friends


Part of the latest Daydream Euphrates update announced at Google I/O Wednesday, you’ll soon be able to share what you’re seeing while in VR, as well as cast your virtual world right onto the screen in your living room. Now your friends won’t miss out the next time you’re in VR.

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Facebook Wins Patent For Human-Eye ‘Retinal’ Resolution VR Headset


For those unfamiliar, foveated rendering is a process which renders most of the view into a virtual world at lower resolution except for the exact area directly in front of where the user’s eye is pointed. Low resolution parts of the virtual world — parts not directly in front of the eyeball — go to the main display and are magnified directly by the lens.

Virtual Reality Headset History 2012 To 2018


Over the last six years consumer VR products evolved considerably, with new capabilities added each year for developers to use in building virtual worlds. So Samsung’s wireless Gear VR powered by Oculus technically leads the industry with more than 5 million shipped because it was essentially given away for free with the purchase of a compatible phone.

Google Sets Press Event For October 4, Pixel 2 And VR Updates Likely


It was the first major phone-based headset to make a simple motion controller a core part of the system, followed by Samsung’s Gear VR powered by Oculus. With Apple’s iPhone 8 and X already announced as well as and Samsung’s Note 8, the Pixel 2 has some high standards with which to compete. These WorldSense-based headsets still offer tracking that lets you move in any direction in a virtual world.

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Why Oculus Go Could Hit A Sweet Spot For VR


The time and effort between when you want to enter VR to the time you are flying through a virtual world will be dramatically reduced with Oculus Go. This is a good start, but even the act of placing it in a phone holder, waiting for the VR mode to boot, then waiting for the world you want to load is still tremendous effort compared with watching TV or looking at Facebook on your phone, and it keeps people from entering virtual worlds all the time.

Virtual Reality in Senior Care Communities: What Are the Benefits?


New virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream have barely scratched the surface of the technology’s potential. Thankfully, technologies like virtual reality are making life after 60 more fun and exciting. MIT startup Rendever is improving the lives of seniors across the US through virtual reality. Soon, they’d find out that virtual worlds are exciting for people of all ages.

How To Balance Public & Private Investment For A Sustainable XR Market


It takes place in Paris as a part of the NewImages Festival , an international festival of digital creation and virtual worlds. Some of the biggest companies worldwide, such as Facebook, Samsung, and Google are investing billions every year into XR research and innovation.

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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


SAMSUNG AT VIDCON: BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS. Samsung solidified its commitment to the virtual reality space with some big announcements that essentially add up to an end-to-end consumer VR solution. They are rebranding Milk VR to Samsung VR, and opening up the content platform to users. Samsung VR is now somewhat similar to the App Store or Google Play store in that it’s where you can find the latest content for virtual reality products.

3 Reasons Oculus Quest Might Be the Right Headset for Your Business


But for those newer to VR — or that are currently displaying their apps on Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR headsets — the question is: Should you invest the $399 per Oculus Quest to help you achieve your business goals? If you need 6 Degrees of Freedom (6 DoF), with inside-out tracking, in a mobile standalone headset… The first major differentiator you’ll notice about the Quest vs. the Oculus Go/Samsung Gear VR is that it utilizes 6 Degrees of Freedom (6 DoF) tracking.

First Look: Google Demos Android ‘Daydream’ Platform for High Performance VR

Road to VR

Google’s newly announced ‘Daydream’ promises to raise the bar for virtual reality on Android compared to Cardboard. We also see Google’s new VR controller reference design in action, which allows gesture-based interactions within the virtual world. Samsung, HTC, LG, and More Bringing ‘Daydream Ready’ VR Phones to Android.

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Virtual Reality Shopping Guide: 2017 Edition


At the end of 2017 there are virtual reality headsets available powered by technology from some of the world’s largest tech companies, including Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, and Google. Unlike the failed 3D TVs of just a few years ago, these VR headsets convince your eyes and ears that you’re actually seeing and hearing a fantastic virtual world all around you. Mostly seated: Google Daydream / Samsung Gear VR.

Hosting a Press Junket and International Premiere All in VR


On Tuesday, Syfy and social VR platform AltspaceVR teamed up to host what is being called a “Virtual Reality International Press Junket” for Syfy’s upcoming VR scripted series, Halcyon. So what’s a press junket in virtual reality even look like? It’s much like a press junket in real life, but for this one, everyone was wearing a VR headset from the comfort of their home, allowing themselves to enter a virtual world as random avatar characters.

This VR Experience is Powered By Positive Thinking


Positivity Moves The World brings brain-controlled interface technology to the GearVR via a headband. However it’s the work being done with brain-controlled interfaces (BCI) that’s truly pushing the boundaries of what can be done in virtual reality. This is exactly what bootstrapped Columbia, MO developers StoryUp XR are bringing to their latest VR project, Positivity Moves The World , which was just introduced at the Employer Health Congress this week in LA.

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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Four projects from Samsung’s C-Lab to watch this week, the next generation of Gear VR will come with a controller, Oculus Rift lands on the International Space Station, Zenimax tries to shut down Oculus, the investment wrapup and much more… You can enjoy the full audio recording below: ALL EYES ON SAMSUNG: FOUR PROJECTS TO WATCH FROM THE C-LAB. That was at Samsung’s last MWC in Barcelona last year).

Smart Glasses? It’s all about perspective.


Most of the time you’re driving you simply focus on the world in front of you. Devices like the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift belong to our last category called immersive eyewear. These goggles will abduct you from reality and plunge you into a virtual world. Augmented Reality Industry Virtual Reality WearablesWikipedia defines smart glasses as a wearable computer that adds information to what the wearer sees.

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The NBA and TNT Partner With Intel For Biggest VR Push Yet


For this year’s game, fans will be transported into a virtual version of the NBA on TNT’s Studio J, where they will be able to interact and explore the room in VR. It’s an immersive virtual world that includes all types of content, data, scores, stats, along with other ways for fans to experience the game.”. It’s currently available for Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Oculus , and Google Play. TNT’s NBA VR livestreams begin February 16th.

How VR is Evolving All Forms of Gaming


Technology has finally caught up with the potential of what Virtual Reality can do, and while most games may feel a little like technology demonstrations they do prove that the new headsets work. With the likes of Resident Evil 7, we also see full games in the VR world that finally make it worth buying. It now seems that the evolution of gaming is well on its way into the virtual world. Immersion into the Gaming World. For Virtual Reality, immersion is the key.