Samsung is Developing VR Tools to Help Diagnose Mental Health

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Samsung Electronics has recently signed a partnership with Korean VR studio FNI and Gangnam Severance Hospital, one of South Korea’s largest hospitals, to develop VR-based mental health diagnosis programs for Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung Funds Episodic VR Videos, Filmmakers Use Company’s $10K ‘Round 360’ Camera

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Samsung today launched ‘Pilot Season’, a new initiative aimed at putting original episodic VR video content into the Samsung VR Video service. Costing over $10K, the Samsung Round 360 boasts high-quality 3D 360-degree video captured via its 17-lens array.

New Samsung Gear 360 Arrives In-Store


You can finally gets your hands on Samsung’s new Gear 360 camera. Cellular, and Samsung. When you pair the Gear 360 with a compatible smartphone, you can share your moments in real-time at 2K resolution to places like Facebook, YouTube and Samsung VR.

Samsung Promotes Intelligent Smart Home With Family Guy AR Game


Samsung teams up with the popular adult cartoon series for a hilarious AR tour through their smart home product line-up. Confused or intimidated by the vast array of Samsung smart home products at your disposal? Image Credit: Samsung.

Samsung Updates AR Emoji with Better Tracking & Facial Features

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With Apple preparing to bring a slew of new features to its Animoji app this fall, Samsung has updated its AR Emoji imitator with the ability to create more realistic digital doppelgängers.

7 Must-Have Samsung Gear VR Apps and Experiences


It may be hard to believe but its been four years since Samsung and Oculus first announced their smartphone-powered Gear VR headset. Samsung and Facebook/Oculus are on a mission: to bring the full-internet experience inside of your virtual reality headset.

Samsung Gear VR App Aids The Visually Impaired


This new Samsung tool is using VR to bring sight to the near-blind. Relúmĭno is an app that pairs with the Samsung Gear VR to serve as a smart aid for these people, allowing them to engage with the world like never before. News Gear VR Relúmĭno Samsung Gear VR Vision

Amazon’s New ‘Sumerian’ Tool Aims to Make Developing Web-based VR Apps Easier

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Amazon today announced a new developer tool at its annual AWS re:Invent that aims to make creating web-based applications for VR/AR and traditional monitors even easier.

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Vive Pro Gets Detailed Teardown Confirming Samsung-made Displays

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In addition to confirming that the headset’s new displays are made by Samsung, the organization also gave the headset a favorable repairability score. The post Vive Pro Gets Detailed Teardown Confirming Samsung-made Displays appeared first on Road to VR.

Samsung Offers Free Gear VR USB-C Adapters to Note 9 Users

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Samsung hasn’t released a new Gear VR model since the launch of Note 8 last year, but you’ll still be able to use the latest Gear VR with that shiny new Note 9. The post Samsung Offers Free Gear VR USB-C Adapters to Note 9 Users appeared first on Road to VR.

Google to Announce New Dev Tools at GDC 2018, Keynote to Feature AR/VR

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This year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) is nearly upon us, and now that talks for the week-long event are published on the GDC website , it appears Google will be taking the stage to introduce a number of new products and tools for game devs.

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5 Potential Gear VR ‘Killer Apps’ Demonstrated During Samsung Contest


The Gear VR Killer App contest hosted by Samsung at the Upload Collective earlier this month brought in a hundred-plus technophiles eager for a chance to check out the finalists — and to find out which (if any) deserved “killer app” status. “[It]

Veer VR Launches Experience Tool For VR Content Creation


Veer VR has launched a free web-based virtual reality content creation tool as part of an effort to get users to create more content within the Veer global VR content community. Veer Experience is a coding-free interactive creation tool that people can use to create VR photos and videos, including those that can be viewed in 2D as 360-degree experiences. Veer’s investors include Bertelsmann Asia Investment, DCM, Qiming VC, Sierra Venture, and Samsung NEXT.

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AMD’s SteamVR Streaming Tool ‘ReLive for VR’ Won’t Support Oculus Mobile Devices

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The tool is already live for Vive Focus and Daydream devices through the AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition and requisite Radeon ReLive for VR companion app.

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Hospitals test Gear VR as non-addictive pain management tool


Samsung and AppliedVR are working with hospitals to test the Gear VR as a potential pain management tool that doesn’t have the same addiction potential as opioid prescriptions. Archive gear vr health Samsung Samsung Gear VR virtual reality vr

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Amazon’s ‘Sumerian’ Tool Simplifies Web-Based VR Development


And thanks to Amazon’s new web-based VR app development tool, everyone will. Fill them with various characters and objects, then direct how they interact with the user as well as one another using a visual scripting tool. You can even use the tool to create your own!

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Samsung Uses VR To Provide Mental Health Care In Asia’s Suicide Capital


Samsung has announced a new VR-focused partnership with Gangam Severance Hospital in Seoul. The electronics giant will provide VR headsets and wearable devices to the hospital, while software developer FNI will create mental health diagnostic tools and interventions. Samsung also announced that a major focus of the partnership would be suicide prevention and intervention. Health Care Samsung Gear VR

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Google’s New 3D Compression Tool Could Be Big For VR On The Web


Samsung updated the WebVR support for its browser on Gear VR, Google introduced the promised experimental Daydream support for the mobile version of Chrome, and Oculus launched the preview version of its Carmel web browser that will one day have us exploring the Internet through the Rift and Gear VR.

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New Estimate Suggests Samsung Approaching 10 Million Gear VRs Sold By 2018


The manufacturers have released only limited data points — with Samsung coming out with the largest number to date revealing the technology giant sold 5 million Gear VRs through the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, IHS Markit is forecasting sales for both Daydream from Google and Gear VR from Samsung, the latter of which is powered by software from Facebook’s Oculus. The actual numbers supplied by IHS Markit estimate Samsung will sell 4.12

Samsung to Manufacture Ultra Violet 7nm Chips in 2017


14nm is getting traction not just by high-end chips from Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Apple, Samsung and other large players, but also by smaller companies which are moving to revolutionize the way how we build virtual reality glasses, cars, infotainment systems, TVs and many other.

AR+VR Weekly: Netflix AR Hack, Vive goes to work & Samsung’s AR Cloud

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In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the top AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are there three stories you need to know: Netflix AR Hack, Vive goes to work and Samsung’s AR Cloud.

The Best Encoding Settings For Your 4k 360 3D VR Videos + FREE Encoding Tool


This article explains the settings we started with, what we learned from analyzing some of the legends in the field (like Chris Milk and Felix & Paul), and finally we’ll share a simple yet powerful free tool we built to help you encode your VR video content with the best possible settings.

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‘Virtual Desktop’ Arrives On Oculus Go & Gear VR This Week


Previously available strictly on PC VR headsets, creator Guy Gordin recently revealed that a version of the tool optimized for mobile platforms will launch on the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR later this week, with plans for an Oculus Quest release planned sometime next year.

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Review: ‘Please, Don’t Touch Anything’ is a ‘Must Have’ VR Puzzle Game

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After all, you still have your console and your trusty tools of the trade to help you along the way. Please, Don’t Touch Anything ( PDTA ), a puzzle game from BulkyPix , has recently released a new VR adaptation of the year-old 2D title.

Microsoft Discounts Windows VR Headsets for Black Friday Sale, Up to $100 Off

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Samsung HMD Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset – $500 $449. Besides the Samsung Odyssey, which features higher resolution displays and integrated audio from AKG, every headset listed above is basically the same in terms of specs, save a few ergonomic and aesthetic differences.

All the most interesting AR and VR news from MWC 2018

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Samsung S9. Samsung has released its new flagship phone: the Samsung Galaxy S9. It has a 5.8-inch 1440 x 2960 display and features the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and it is, of course, the most powerful Samsung phone ever.

Designing ‘Virtual Virtual Reality’, One of Mobile VR’s Most Immersive Games Yet

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This ‘leash’ is the only tool that players have at their disposal for the full duration of the game.

How VR and AR Headsets Can Help Avoid The In-Flight Laptop Ban


” However, the Microsoft HoloLens’ current price point at $3,000 and status as a developer tool make the headset unwieldy for the average flier. Many passengers may find a better option with mobile VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream View.

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3 Great VR Party Games to Play With Friends and Family This Holiday

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Launch the game and rotate the Tools panel until you find the ‘experimental’ menu, then find the icon for Tiltasarus. VR is so new that one of the regular activities of VR headset owners is introducing other people to the technology.

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‘Bigscreen’ Coming to Mobile VR in Q2, Gear VR Alpha Test Starts Today

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Even though mobile VR headsets don’t have their own desktop to share, other features like a video player, 3D painting tools, and intriguing PC-to-mobile streaming are planned.

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‘MetaWorld’ Wants You to Buy Virtual Land for Real Money, and It’s Not Clear Why

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Prospective vendors will own a larger piece of the world, and have access to world-building tools that let them create a unique space as well as the still undefined ‘vendor tool kit’, presumably a way of creating unique world items so you can earn in-game credits.

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Ten 360-Degree VR Projects You Might’ve Missed


Samsung today just released its top five most viewed videos on its Samsung VR service in 2016, including and a couple of Six Flags rides, and from Singularity Lab, which traces the birth of the world. This is a technique other VR filmmakers would be wise to add to their tool-kit.

LUMO Labs Bringing Wireless Full-Body Tracking And Dreamscape Games To VR


The company behind the software is teaming up with various 3rd party manufacturers of motion capture suits such as Xsens , Rokoko and PrioVR to provide the tools necessary to bring the experience on a tour to locations across the U.S.

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With LiveSYNC You Control 360-Video Playback of Multiple Devices


LiveSYNC is a tool for use reminiscent of the latter, allowing presenters to sync up video to any number of devices. Tagged with: 360 degree , 360 video , gear vr , LiveSYNC , samsung. 360 360 Video entertainment Experiences samsung 360 degree 360 video gear vr LiveSYNC

Explain VR Is Like An Encyclopedia Brought To Life


“Our long-term goal is to create educational tool for schools,” he says. Explain VR is currently available for Samsung Gear for $4.99 Tagged with: education , Explain VR , samsung gear , VR. education Explain VR samsung gear VRIt remains to be seen just how large a part education will play in the VR industry, but there have been interesting developments recently. For example, an entire facility has been fitted out for AR and VR education in Oklahoma.