View Conference 2018: National Film Board of Canada offers us interesting VR storytelling tips

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They like to use the Samsung Odyssey because it has great resolution and has an OLED display, so the colors are more vivid; There is no VR vs AR battle. The post View Conference 2018: National Film Board of Canada offers us interesting VR storytelling tips appeared first on The Ghost Howls.

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Samsung Gear VR tips and tricks: Get started with your mobile headset


The Samsung Gear VR is actually very straightforward to get to grips with even for VR beginners. That said, we've put together a few handy hints and tips to make your first hour/day/week with your shiny new future helmet run smoothly.

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Oculus CTO Shares VR Dev Tip: ‘The Formula for Avoiding Aliasing’

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In a detailed technical post published on Facebook, he shares a useful tips with VR developers which explains how to avoid ‘aliasing’, a common CGI artifact. ” See Also: Oculus Shares Optimization Tips for Unity-based Gear VR Projects.

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Note 8 Works With Previous Model Gear VR, But Samsung Doesn’t Recommend It


When Samsung’s Note 8 smartphone launches on Sept. This latest iteration doesn’t boast any new features, but Samsung did say that it was the only version of the device the Note 8 would support. Yesterday, however, we received a tip from Josue Feliciano, who says he got a Note 8 early through Verizon. So we reached out to Samsung to ask about Note 8 Gear VR compatibility. We followed up with Samsung. Samsung Gear VR VR Industry News

Hands-on: New and Improved 2016 Samsung Gear VR vs. 2015 Model

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Ritchie also shows how the USB-C and MicroUSB adapters work to make the headset compatible with the widest range of Samsung phones yet: the Note 5, S6 Edge+, S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, and Note 7. Just snap the USB-C tip off and slap on the included MicroUSB adapter depending upon your phone.

GDC 2018: Apex Construct Dev To Show Gear VR Port With Inside-Out Tracking


Fast Travel will be at the show in partnership with Arms to showcase a prototype of its debut game running on Oculus and Samsung’s Gear VR headset using a Galaxy S8 smartphone. As we all know, Gear VR doesn’t natively support six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking, though with the recent unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Qualcomm suggested that the platform could get such support if Samsung was prepared to work on it.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.11): Gear VR is over, Go long term future is uncertain, Huawei teases its metaverse and much more!

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Image by Samsung). Anyway, officially, both Samsung and Oculus have continued at least to support it. But at the presentation of the latest Samsung Note 10, for the first time after the Note 4, Samsung has dropped support for Gear VR in its latest flagship device.

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New to VR? A beginner’s guide


Samsung Gear VR (with controller). Photo by Samsung. from Samsung. Samsung’s Gear VR is a major player in mobile VR and, like Google’s Daydream View, it comes with a handheld controller. This page contains setup instructions, safety tips, and hardware guidelines.

Jaunt to Liquidate Tons of VR Stuff in Online Auction Soon

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Samsung Odyssey Systems/ Headsets. This tip was passed on to us by Antony Vitillo of VR publication Skarred Ghost.

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’NBA 2K’ VR Launching For PSVR, HTC Vive and Gear VR


2K has announced the release of the NBA 2KVR Experience for the Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. You’ll be able to test your hoops skills on November 22. The VR hoops game will be available on all three platforms starting November 22nd and will retail for $14.99.

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Kids Bike Through Their Own Artwork In This VR Workshop


A Samsung Gear 360 camera captures the scene in 360-degrees which kids can then explore using a Google Cardboard headset that they also get to customize (and obviously keep). However, If I Ride is the just the tip of the iceberg for Play Lab.

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Virtual Winery: Meet the VR Tours Cuvee


A “virtual vineyard” wine tasting experience was created by Fourth Reality, using two Samsung GearVR’s that transport you to a beautiful sunny vineyard. There are given hints and tips by way of pop-ups about each wine and you are then asked to taste two different wines in a blind taste test.

2K Announces NBA® 2KVR Experience Available on November 22

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Available beginning on November 22 on PlayStation®VR, HTC Vive ™, and Samsung Gear VR, the new experience continues the dominance of the NBA 2K series.

How to Distribute Your Virtual Reality (VR) App


We’ll also include some tips and tricks for each. Samsung Gear VR. Each Gear VR compatible Samsung phone has its own specific.osig file that is generated by inputing the Device ID to a page on the Oculus site.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.05): SIGGRAPH shows cool XR stuff, Vive Cosmos will probably cost £700, VirtualLink may die and much more!

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And the recent hiring of Nat Brown , that was working on VR at Valve, confirms this sensation (Thanks @lesposen for the tip!). Samsung gets a patent for an AR contact lens.

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VR Experiences for Grandma and the Kids


Watch for: The train — with a tip of the hat to the Lumiere Brothers.”. Download Within to watch: iOS • Android • Samsung Gear VR. Hoping to show off some VR experiences to your folks during the holidays?

‘Tis The Season to VR


Target has started carrying the Merge VR headset, and T-Mobile stores are stocking up on Samsung Gear 360 and Gear VR. While VR hasn’t gone mainstream yet, we are nearing a tipping point and retail experts agree.

Choosing the Right 360 VR Camera

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For entry-level choices, I like the Samsung Gear 360 or Ricoh Theta S , both of which let users easily experiment with VR for under $400. But combined with a Ricoh Theta S or Samsung Gear 360 you can still get quick on-set previews.

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Mozilla Hubs review: a completely open and free VR social for the web

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When you get close to an interactive object, the tip of the ray that comes out from your right hand becomes blue and you can use the trigger of your controllers to interact with it.

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NextVR Is Broadcasting NBA Games Live In Virtual Reality Every Tuesday


The experiences will be available through the NextVR app itself which is currently only available for the Samsung Gear VR headset. It tips off October 27 at 7:30 pm PST. California-based VR content company NextVR has made live, immersive sports broadcasting one of its missions.

Everything You Need To Know About VR


Samsung has a great deal if you’re looking for a new phone, it includes the Gear VR in the purchase. Video Courtesy: Linus Tech Tips. Video Courtesy: Linus Tech Tips. Virtual Reality (VR) gives you the power to accomplish impossible tasks in the ease of your home.

Everything You Need To Know About the PlayStation VR and Its Launch Games


Above that exists the Samsung Gear VR headset and the upcoming Google Daydream , which are similar to the Cardboard, but more powerful and comfortable. It’s October 13th.

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This Man Actually Cycled The Entire Length Of The UK In VR


Puzey was attempting to cycle the entire length of the UK, from Land’s End in the South Western corner of England all the way up to John O’Groats at the North Eastern tip of Scotland, all from the comfort of his own home.

Creating a 360-Degree Snapchat Video With AR Filters


Samsung’s Gear 360 is among the most widely adopted consumer level 360-degree cameras. Tips for creating 360 videos with AR Filters. Here’s what a 360-degree Snapchat video with augmented reality filters looks like.

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12 Can’t Miss VR Talks You Have To See At GDC 2017


Alon Or-bach (Samsung Electronics), Kaye Mason (Google). It’s not often you get both Oculus and Valve together days, let alone Google and Samsung, with bonus helpings of Epic Games, Owlchemy Labs, and Sensics. E3, Gamescom, TGS, PAX are all great shows for exhibiting VR content.

Weekend Downloads: New on Gear VR and Oculus Rift


Weekend Downloads is part of our weekly update to bring you the latest additions to the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. The NBA 2KVR experience gives you the thrill of walking right onto the court, with All-Star Paul George providing guidance and tips.

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Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR Review – May The Force Be With You


It’s not as complex as setting up a PSVR headset, for example, or mounting lighthouses onto your walls for an HTC Vive, but it’s certainly more complicated than the Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream.

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Why Social VR Probably Won’t Work the Way Social VR Developers Think


And while the mid-range Samsung Gear VR leads the pack with nearly 5 million units, that’s still a fraction of the the headset was designed to work with. It’s still possible we’ll reach a tipping point after the price point is small enough and the content catalog is large enough. “Social VR” is rapidly building buzzword momentum in our industry, fueled by the many multi-user VR platforms recently launched or soon to go into open beta.

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A Work in Progress: Virtual Reality


Samsung Gear VR expected 3.5 Sadly, it seems this may be the tip of the iceberg on the issue. On March 25th, 2014, many people were left scratching their heads: why did Facebook spend 2 billion dollars to acquire a Kickstarter funded virtual reality company called Oculus.

Women In VR spotlight: Lee and Jordan Brighton talk about Run Dorothy Run.

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But I truly believe we’re at a tipping point; with announcements from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg committing to bringing a billion people to VR, or Sony’s intent to sell 2 million more PlayStation VR’s this upcoming holiday season, the monetization is coming.

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AWE USA 2018 Day 1 Recap

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On the design side, Quantum Interface’s Jonathan Josephson and Angel Adams of Catchwind Innovations gave tips on using VR for storytelling and Lucas Rizzotto of Where Thoughts Go described principles for amplifying emotion in XR. What a first day, and an incredible start to AWE USA 2018! There were keynotes in mixed reality, on-stage announcements and demos, persistent themes around storytelling and simple use cases for glasses, lots of live tweeting, and even some XR magic.

Smartwatch Development: Are Smartwatches Worth The Trouble?

Infinityleap Wearables

Most of these tips are obvious, but are still important to keep in mind. Samsung’s Tizen-based watches have high-end aspirations as well. The Apple Watch went on sale earlier this month and the jury is still out on what it means for the industry. One thing is certain – it’s outselling Android Wear devices by a wide margin, so well done Apple, everything is going according to plan, right? Not so fast.

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Meet Nick Whiting, Epic’s Technical Director of VR/AR


To help do that, I coordinate engineering efforts internal to Epic as well as well as manage relationships with other companies like Oculus, Valve and Samsung to make sure that UE4 lets people maximize the potential of the engine to the fullest and that it’s easy to use.

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How to use hashtags on VeeR


Need some tips on VR art creation? As more people are trying out this relatively new medium, #vlog has also becoming a very popular hashtag on our platform and we have compiled a list of top 5 tips for 360 vlog-making tips for you.

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Adrift Pictures | 360° Filmmaking Becomes Easy When You Are Having Fun


Here, Adrift gracefully shares with us their stories, favorite 360° films, and some tips on 360° filmmaking. If you’re just starting though, Ricoh and Samsung are a great place to begin. Do you have any tips regarding 360° filmmaking for our readers? Adrift Pictures: Speaking in regards to narrative content specifically - Tip 1. Use the space to elevate the scene, but beware of… Tip 2. Tip 3.

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