Review OSVR HDK2

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from Razer. The result was somewhat disappointing, so Razer assisted to show me their latest model. Razer helped me out of that illusion. Razer has chosen a dual lens system. Razer want the user and the developer to be free in their choice.

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Sounds Good: Valve Acquires 3D Audio Company Impulsonic


It’s available as a plug-in for development engines like Unity and Unreal. Impulsonic had previously signed up to Razer’s open virtual reality ecosystem, OSVR.

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Unreal Engine 4.12 is Out Now, Gets ‘VR Editor’, OSVR and Google VR Support

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also brings native support for the Razer backed Open Source Virtual Reality ( OSVR ) platform, as well as the recently unveiled Google VR ‘Daydream’ initiative , bringing UE4 bang to date with current and future VR systems.

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Sensics Releases High Resolution VR Headset Built Specially for Arcades and Theme Parks

Road to VR

Sensics, a co-founder of Razer’s OSVR initiative which produced the HDK headset , has a pretty specific approach on how out-of-home VR headsets should differ from their consumer counterparts. Supported by all major game engines including Unity, Unreal and more.

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How to fix Vive controllers not working inside SteamVR games

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In my case, the controllers weren’t detected in any app, not even in Unity when developing for VR. Razer Synapse. We all love virtual reality, but sometimes it gives us big headaches. And not because of the motion sickness , but because something doesn’t work.

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VR Bound Announces Nominees For Inaugural 2017 VR Awards


Also announced was the judging panel that includes virtual reality experts such as Josh Naylor of Unity Technologies, Jenn Duong of Shiift, and CEO of Spiral Media Megan Gaiser. Razer – OSVR. An evening dedicated to celebrating the past years VR accomplishments.

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Inside Zero Latency’s Las Vegas VR Arena At The MGM Grand


Players stay in contact with each other through Razer headphones and are outfitted with Razer OSVR HDK2 virtual reality headsets while wearing a military-grade backpack containing a high-performance Alienware laptop computer. Vandonkelaar said all of these initial games have been created using Unity, but the company is currently working on Unreal Engine 4 games.

Song Made By AI Gets Stunning 360° Music Video


But I didn’t want to switch to a 2D workflow once I imported into Unity, and so I used Virtual Desktop’s display overlay to work in Unity on a virtual big screen. With this approach, I was able to preview my scene in VR while still maintaining control over my variables in Unity.

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How To Play SteamVR Vive Games With Oculus Touch and Rift


Of those, not all of them are optimized for Touch, but rather may be optimized for the Razer Hydra, or another third-party peripheral. Last week we let you know about 10 great SteamVR games that work well with the Rift and Touch by default.

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OSVR Co-founder on the Future of Open Source Virtual Reality

Road to VR

Sensics and Razer launched OSVR 18 months ago with the intent of democratizing VR. Many game engines—such as Unity, Unreal, and SteamVR—immediately support it. OSVR is an open source software platform and VR headset.

Zero Latency Shoots For Multiplayer VR Arcade Network With 24 Locations In 2017


A year later, the team had upgraded the platform to six players combating virtual reality zombies with assault rifles in the Unity-developed Outbreak game. Vandonkelaar did say their platform will support Unreal Engine 4 and other technology beyond Unity.

?How VR is training the perfect soldier


It was also, thanks to the development tool Unity, which comes with a store filled with ready-to-use 3D models including tanks, guns, huts and soldiers, relatively cheap and easy to develop for. Instead the development team opted for the Razer Hydra, a dual-handed control scheme that allows for more freedom of movement, closer resembling the experience of working on a body in the field. By the time you arrive at the scene, the soldier's blood pressure has dropped perilously low.

Attending Digital Concerts in XR with The Boolean's Anne McKinnon

XR for Business Podcast

And doing activations so we can import any Unity scene. We're speaking with Razer as well. The average concert is a tour de force for one's sense of sound (and, if the bass is decent, one's sense of their bones vibrating). But Anne McKinnon from The Boolean isn't interested in "average" concerts. She wants to use XR to make concerts a sensation for all the senses. Alan: Welcome to the XR for Business Podcast with your host, Alan Smithson.

OSVR Roadmap: Creating an Ecosystem of Interoperable VR Hardware and Software


Created by Sensics and Razer, OSVR includes two independent components: 1) the OSVR software platform and 2) the open-source Hacker Development Kit VR headset. Unity/Android also works on top of OSVR/Android. Unity/Linux should be possible but has not been tested yet.

OSVR - a Look Ahead


Sensics and Razer launched OSVR 18 months ago with the intent of democratizing VR. Many game engines – such as Unity, Unreal and SteamVR- immediately support it. Introduction OSVR is an open source software platform and VR goggle. We wanted to provide an open alternative to walled-garden, single-device approaches. It turns out that others share this vision. We saw exponential growth in participation in OSVR.