How do you tell a story in VR? Nomads shows the wayVirtual.


Nomads shows the way Virtual reality is more than an emerging technology. Its documentary experience Nomads launched on the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR last week, though the studio has produced virtual reality films of every stripe for the past three years. Each Nomads episode chronicles life in a different nomadic tribe: the Maasai of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, the Bajau, who live on the waters of South East Asia, and Mongolian herders.

Fifer Garbesi: Immersive Media Producer and Community Organizer, Lady Who Diversify the VR Content Ecosystem


She has produced award-winning content in Ghana, Tanzania, Cuba, Spain, Italy, and The United States. Through her work, she hopes to diversify the VR content ecosystem by empowering other creators, as well as bridge the gap between the art and technology worlds together. I explore this a bit in my upcoming neuroscience experience for Oculus Rift, NeuroExplorer VR. Fifer Garbesi is an immersive media producer, community organizer, as well as co-founder of ARTandVR.

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