Miranda: A Live Steampunk VR Opera Where You Play As Judge & Jury


You can watch in standard 2D via YouTube, or you can participate in VR using the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or as a WebVR experience. It’s trial by opera in this interactive murder-mystery. There’s been a murder!

Storm The Beaches Of Normandy In ‘Days Of Heroes: D-Day’


Days of Heroes offers you a chance to experience this historic conflict yourself, from the chaos of Omaha Beach to the harsh conditions of a POW camp. According to developer Zen Apps Studio, Days of Heroes is currently being developed for the Oculus Rift/Rift S and HTC Vive.

Omaha 319

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Medal of Honor VR: Respawn Wants It To Be ‘Authentic’ But ‘Not Necessarily’ Realistic


At Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) Facebook finally revealed what Respawn Entertainment has been working on alongside Oculus and it’s called Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. “We are contractually obligated to deliver a 10-12 hour long experience to our friends at Oculus, but we are well over that,” says Hirschmann. “We are doing Omaha Beach, but it’s different,” says Hirschmann.

Omaha 167

Photogrammetry Showcase ‘Realities’ Update Brings New Content, Touch Support, and Improved Visuals

Road to VR

In addition to a new explorable location, the software has been overhauled to support forward rendering and improved support for Oculus Rift and Touch. The update also adds improved Oculus Rift and Touch support, and a number of visual improvements that affect all the environments, including a switch to forward shading, which allows for better anti-aliasing (now able to run on a minimum spec PC with 4xMSAA).

Omaha 141