When Can I Buy Samsung’s Gear 360 Camera?


Samsung begins selling the Gear 360 in New Zealand – who’s going to be next? When Samsung first unveiled their Gear 360 camera back in February, I was eager to learn more and compare the camera to other competing consumer 360° models. Back in February, Samsung announced that the Gear 360 would be shipping sometime in Q2 2016. On April 29th, I was surprised to see that Samsung began selling the Gear 360 in Korea and Singapore.

One Direction’s Liam Payne Stars In Live VR Concert Tomorrow


Available for free on the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go, MelodyVR is home to on-demand musical performances from over 750 artists, including major acts such as Post Malone, Bebe Rexha, The Chainsmokers, and The London Symphony Orchestra. Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium; plans for launch in South Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan are on the horizon. MelodyVR enlists the former boy band member for their first live VR concert.


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Samsung to Manufacture Ultra Violet 7nm Chips in 2017


14nm is getting traction not just by high-end chips from Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Apple, Samsung and other large players, but also by smaller companies which are moving to revolutionize the way how we build virtual reality glasses, cars, infotainment systems, TVs and many other. Coming today is a big technology breakthrough announcement from Samsung Electronics. Now, Samsung Electronics is pushing to be the first manufacturer in 7nm with their own memory and logic processors.

Revolutionizing Retail with Augmented Reality

Tech Trends VR

Samsung used Zappar’s Augmented Reality technology to bring customers new experiences in-store with innovative use of WebAR. One interesting example of this was Samsung’s recent launch of its new Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, and the new Watch4 series.

LUMO Labs Bringing Wireless Full-Body Tracking And Dreamscape Games To VR


The first universe is being revealed on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. The Netherlands-based crew has their hands full with an impressive amount of projects on the horizon. News Andy Lurling Exity Reality Full Body VR Immersive Storytelling LUMO Labs Oculus Pillow's Willow PrioVR Rokoko Samsung Gear VR VR simulation VR Training VreeThe two year accelerator program is guiding and investing in several projects that could potentially break new ground in VR.

PrioVR 183

Cas & Chary Present: Hands-on with Nreal Light, One of the First Consumer-available AR Glasses

Road to VR

Cas and Chary VR is a YouTube channel hosted by Netherland-based duo Casandra Vuong and Chary Keijzer who have been documenting their VR journeys since 2016. On my Samsung S10, I got about two hours max before my battery drained to 30%.

AR 203

Where to Try Vive, PSVR, Rift, Touch, Gear VR, and Daydream for Free

Road to VR

Most of the European Vive demo locations are concentrated in England, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany, but you’ll still be able to spot a few places in France, and even one in the Czech Republic. With the Touch launch nearing, most locations are showing the controllers now as well, and some locations also have Samsung’s Gear VR headset on hand for you to try.

Crytek-Incubated ‘VR First’ Program to Double Number of Academic VR/AR Labs in 2017

Road to VR

Development is divided evenly across the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift platforms, each accounting for 31% of projects created, with other major VR platforms such as Samsung Gear VR, OSVR, and Daydream rounding out the bottom numbers. NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.

The XR Week (2020.11.16): HP Reverb G2 still haunted by WMR tracking, Quest 2 update brings 90Hz, and more!

The Ghost Howls

In the communication, it is emphasized that it is able to work with 5G phones from different brands like Sony and Samsung. pm: Gijs Den Butter, VR haptics (The Netherlands) 12.30pm?—?1pm:

Helping Firefighters Douse Blazes Around the World, with RiVR’s Alex Harvey

XR for Business Podcast

And also, yeah, the Samsungs get a bit melted. Alan: We actually melted one of the Samsung Gear VRs back in the day. Alex: On the last burn, we actually had to put two Samsungs in and one Fusion.

Helping Firefighters Douse Blazes Around the World, with RiVR's Alex Harvey

XR for Business Podcast

And also, yeah, the Samsungs get a bit melted. Alan: We actually melted one of the Samsung Gear VRs back in the day. Alex: On the last burn, we actually had to put two Samsungs in and one Fusion. And we pulled the Samsungs out at different times just to make sure we had a cause of the fire, up until it gets too dark.