How to get started with WebXR in Unity

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WebXR is a technology with enormous potential, but at the moment it offers far worse tools to develop for it than standalone VR , where we all use Unity and Unreal Engine. As a Unity developer, I think that it is a very important enabling solution. I downloaded Unity 2019.3.11

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How to get started with nReal glasses development in Unity

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In this article, you may find the answers to all the above questions : I will guide you in developing a little Unity experience for the nReal glasses (the typical grey cube!), How to get started with nReal development (and emulator) in Unity (Video tutorial). It’s a lot of topics: all you need to know to get started with nReal development in Unity … and you can find them in only one video, that you can watch here below! Unity. Finishing configuring Unity.

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Unity Hires Dr. Danny Lange away from Uber to be VP of AI and Machine Learning

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Unity announced that it has hired Dr. Danny Lange as VP of AI and Machine Learning. He joins from Uber, where he was head of machine learning. At Uber, Lange led the efforts to build the world’s most versatile Machine Learning platform to support Uber’s hyper growth. As head of machine learning, Lange will lead Unity’s efforts around AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning. Source: Unity Press Release.

Oculus Quest Unity SDK References Shared-Space Colocation API


Code found by VR developers in the Oculus Unity Integration reveals Facebook’s shared-space “colocation” API for Oculus Quest. Machine learning algorithms can find shared unique patterns in the point clouds of multiple devices and thus align the virtual spaces.

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Unity Gets Controller-Free Hand Tracking Via Oculus Link For Faster Testing


The latest update to the Oculus Integration for Unity adds the ability to use Quest’s controller-free hand tracking in the editor. This is done through advanced computer vision algorithms powered by machine learning.

New Humble Software Bundle Lets You Learn VR & AR Game Dev In Unity


A new Humble Software Bundle is now available offering a bunch of courses and projects that aim to teach you how to develop for VR and AR using Unity. The VR and AR Game Dev bundle includes a bunch of projects that cover developing for VR and AR using Unity, along with a few games to play as examples. All of the projects are designed by Zenva Academy , a group known for development courses and projects on topics like coding, web development, machine learning and heaps more.

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How Watson, IBM’s Artificial Intelligence, Is Powering Audio-Interactive VR/AR Environments


IBM predicts that AI will unlock the next generation of interactivity for XR experiences, describing in the 2021 Unity Technology Trends Report that the maturity of AI will play a key role beyond hand tracking, and into the world of voice. Curious to learn more, I reached out to Joe Pavitt, Master Inventor and Emerging Technology Specialist at IBM Research Europe. The open-sourced Watson Unity SDK can be found on GitHub.

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Learn to build video games with this 8-course training bundle on sale

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TL;DR: Build your own fun video games with the 2021 Complete Learn to Code by Making Games in Unity Bundle. Want to start learning how to code your own video games? Consider the Complete Learn to Code By Making Games in Unity Bundle.

Cross Platform VR/AR Development in Unity for Vive and HoloLens


Deploying to the Unity Editor. Appendix A: An Aside on Using External Libraries for Unity Development. Check Appendix A: An Aside on Using External Libraries for Unity Development for more about class libraries and links to my library. It’s a bit confusing on the main page, but for Unity you just need to download the Unity Plugin, which already includes the SteamVR SDK. Instead, download it directly from the Unity Store from within Unity.

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Celebrate Labor Day by learning something new for only $15

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If you fall into the latter category, you’ll be happy to know there are 10 different e-learning bundles on sale for just $15 apiece. So, you can learn an entirely new skill set without breaking the bank on in-person courses. What do you want to learn about?

What I Learned Designing My First AR App


Build your first HoloLens 2 Application with Unity and MRTK 2.3.0 Learning How to Edit 3D Models The interactions in our demo were fairly simple?—?we It provided a lot of flexibility, despite being complicated to learn.

Use your summer downtime to learn a new tech skill for $20

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If you’re looking for ways to spend your summer outside of scrolling through TikTok for hours, why not try learning a new skill? Learn everything from photo manipulation to logo design with Adobe’s most essential programs for just $20 (a $1,400 value) for a limited time.

IBM’s Interactive Media CTO on Using Watson for Game Design, Interactive Narratives, & Conversational Interfaces

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Machine Learning has the potential to revolutionize so many different aspects of our lives, and it’s starting to enter into game development with IBM’s Watson. I was able to get a sampling of how a number of different innovative game designers have started to integrate machine learning resources last week at an Intel Buzz Workshop presentation by IBM’s Interactive Media CTO George Dolbier.

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Why VR Will Transform How We Learn About the World and Ourselves


Tomáš Mariančík wants to change how people learn about the world and bring their ideas to life. In the age of “learning” by rote memorization of Latin passages from books for the rich and privileged, he suggested that education should be accessible to anyone, regardless of wealth, social position, or gender. He also came up with a concept of “school by play,” learning languages by re-enacting various scenarios in a theatrical play where the language was used.

Experimenting with Unity instant remote preview on the Vive Focus

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This feature lets you just hit Play inside the Unity Editor to magically see the content of the app inside your XR headset, without building anything. Other platforms, included Gear VR, do not feature this useful trick… that’s why when developing for Gear VR it is usually suggested to develop on PC with a Rift attached (the Oculus Utilities for Unity are the same for all Oculus devices…) and then use an actual Gear VR device only for the final refinements and tests.

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Highlights From the 2021 Snap Partner Summit


Lens creators also have access to new machine learning capabilities including 3D Body Mesh and Cloth Simulation, as well as reactive audio. In addition to recognizing over 500 categories of objects, Snap gives lens creators the ability to import their own custom machine learning models.

Case Study: Toyota Makes Mixed Realty Magic

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Toyota makes mixed reality magic with Unity and Microsoft HoloLens 2. This includes the use of Unity’s real-time 3D development platform across its automotive lifecycle. Its virtual pipeline starts by importing vehicle data into Unity using Pixyz.

Xenoma Mixes AI with AR / VR, Launches e-Skin Clothing for Gesture Tracking


The vision of the company is to create stretchable clothing with built-in electronics that detect user’s movement, all while being a piece of clothing which can be worn comfortably with machine washability just as regular shirt could do. ” According to the company, Xenoma’s Software Development kit (SDK) enables development of apps using Java SDK, Visual C# and Unity Engine.

Sabby Life is Changing the Way We View Art With VR Art


More than just being a tool to view VR art versions of these masterpieces, this game also lets visitors learn more about each sculpture or painting. According to Sabby, she first learned about VR in 2018. “ To launch her art onto virtual platforms, she relies on Blender and Unity.

Case Study: SAP Integrates AR for ERP

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SAP shapes the future of work with Unity. That’s changing with the SAP Extended Reality Cloud (XR Cloud), which is based on Unity’s platform and enables the development of mixed reality applications. by Nick Davis.

The XR Week Peek (2021.07.26): Facebook aims at the Metaverse, Quest 2 goes MR, and more!

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Sentences like “With eye-tracking (ET) and a few well-placed sensors, they’ll learn our unconscious reactions to anything we see. for VRChat); A video player powered by Machine Learning that tries to add depth to your videos , so that they become more immersive in VR. Learn more.

Indie Project ‘Tinker Pilot’ Aims for Deep Immersion with Highly Customizable VR Cockpits

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and more like a hardware hacker’s space-based dream machine. They’re also building a Unity software tool dubbed ‘TinkerCore VR System’ that they say can be used to turn “any Unity experience into an immersive 1:1 VR experience.” “[The Unity tool] has been created to provide Tinker Pilot with the best possible piloting feeling, but its universal nature can make it suitable for quite different experiences,” the studio concludes.

SenseGlove review: a nice DK1 for force-feedback in VR

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Thanks to the force feedback, the user can really feel the drilling machine in his hands (Image by SenseGlove). Experimenting with different force-feedback haptics inside Unity: rigid object, bendable object, breakable object. you can feel when a drilling machine is on).

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Case Study: Toyota Streamlines Production with AR

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Unpacking that a bit, Toyota’s virtual pipeline starts by importing vehicle data into Unity using Pixyz. With the help of machine learning, digital models, and HoloLens 2, Toyota engineers are given guidance to recognize and remedy inconsistencies that are easily missed by ordinary inspection.

Case Study: Toyota Streamlines Production with AR


Unpacking that a bit, Toyota’s virtual pipeline starts by importing vehicle data into Unity using Pixyz. With the help of machine learning, digital models, and HoloLens 2, Toyota engineers are given guidance to recognize and remedy inconsistencies that are easily missed by ordinary inspection.

The XR Week Peek (2021.03.01): Sony confirms PSVR 2, Facebook teases Quest 2 Pro, and more!

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Unity support for OpenXR is still in early beta , and so it’s not reliable yet to develop an OpenXR-compliant application in Unity. This lets the glass offload a good part of the computation from the host machine and perform it directly on the device. Learn more.

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The XR Week Peek (2021.04.26): Magic Leap 2 coming in 2022, Quest gets Air Link and new Avatars, and more!

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Before leaving you to the best news of the week, I would like to highlight two notable things about my work: My crazy trolling game “The Unity Cube” has been featured in a video by Upload VR! Learn more. Unity developers will get this joke Funny link.

The XR Week Peek (2020.10.12): Quest 2 is launching, dogs use AR, and more!

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If you want to experiment with XR cloud rendering , you won’t need to buy a powerful workstation and experiment with the settings anymore: you just buy a dedicated EC2 machine on AWS supplied by NVIDIA and everything is ready out of the box. Someone has made a WebAR exporter for Unity.

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Holo-BLSD is a powerful AR tool to teach first-aid procedures and save lives

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The other main activities of our group are related to machine learning and computer vision. Holo-BLSD is a self-learning tool in AR. They are easy to learn and do not require any specific medical knowledge. Is Holo-BLSD an effective learning method?

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Oculus Quest Controller-Free Hand Tracking SDK Now Available


It uses the four cameras on the Oculus Quest and advanced computer vision algorithms, powered by machine learning, to track your hands and fingers. With the Oculus Unity Integration you can integrate the feature with a simple prefab.

Building an AR app with Flutter and Appwrite


Introduction This project is originally a part of my university curriculum, I essentially came up with the idea to build something unique as most projects were based on Machine learning.

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The Evolution of Arm HUD


At Leap Motion, we’re making VR/AR development easier with Widgets: fundamental UI building blocks for Unity. While we introduced an early version of Arm HUD in December, I wanted to share what we learned from its evolution and development. Flexible Workflows & New Unity Powers. I used Maya to rough out a geometric form, animate it, and export to Unity. During the production of Planetarium , the long-awaited Unity 4.6

The XR Week Peek (2020.10.26): DecaGear is an intriguing VR headset, HTC is working on a new device, and more!

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Using machine learning and some ideas “stolen” from speech recognition algorithms, the system was able to transform the movement of the fingers in actual keystrokes, and it worked almost as if there was a physical keyboard. Simple WebXR” aims at bringing WebXR to Unity.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.04.20): Oculus Quest goes AR, Oculus Jedi may be like Valve Knuckles and much more!

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Mozilla updates its Unity WebVR exporter. Two years ago, I reviewed on this blog a Unity plugin that Mozilla had released in beta to let you create WebVR experiences from your Unity projects. Learn more. Learn more. Heeeeelllo VR people!

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The XR Week Peek (2021.03.22): Sony reveals PSVR2 controllers, FRL shows the wristband of the future, and more!

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It showed what is its vision for the long-term future: AR glasses that are intelligent enough to learn about your behavior and to examine the context you are in so that to be able to already provide you suggestions about what they can do to help you. Learn more. Happy Spring everyone!

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The XR Week Peek (2021.02.22): Samsung AR glasses leaked, Kura price revealed, and much more!

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But she’s not been the only one taking a similar decision: Vogue Business reports that Cult fashion boutique Machine-A and the Institute of Digital Fashion are launching an augmented store environment to promote the London Fashion Week collections of designers like Martine Rose and Richard Quinn.

CES 2018: uSensAR Wants To Bring AR To Billions Of Android Devices


Today I learned that uSens, a leading computer vision company working on exciting new AR initiatives, wants to bring accessible augmented reality tech to over two billion Android devices around the world through the use of a new single-camera AR platform called uSensAR. Today I also learned that there are supposedly over two billion Android devices on the planet.