Esqapes VR Massage Center’s Digital Spa Dismantles Stress With Sensory Tech


Or we have back pain from bad posture when we sit or stand for long periods. The world’s first virtual reality massage center, which opened in June 2019, is located on bustling Wilshire Boulevard inside the famous SAG-AFTRA Building in LA. The digital oasis blends a relaxing spa environment with technology. Micah Jackson, the founder of Esqapes and VR entrepreneur, was my virtual guide for the massage. Esqape environment. Esqape environment.

‘Project CARS 2’ VR Review – An Ambitious Sequel With Serious Potential

Road to VR

The new circuits are built to a high standard, particularly COTA, Long Beach, and the brilliant Algarve Circuit (Portimao). Simulating these four-wheel drive beasts was no small feat; the team needed to rework chassis, tyre and surface models to deal with the long suspension travel, massive slip angles and loose terrain. Exemplar 2 is designed to push virtual reality experiences above and beyond what’s possible with systems built to lesser recommended VR specifications.