Hofstra University Uses VR To Put You Face To Face With A Category 3 Hurricane


That is what a research project at Hofstra University aims to do with their Category 3 Hurricane Landfall Virtual Reality Simulation. The VR simulation begins with you looking out of a window from your living room as an incoming storm begins to creep closer and closer. The project is currently focused on the campus community, but Bernhard does have plans to bring the experience to other parts of Long Island hit by Hurricane Sandy, such as Long Beach. .

‘Project CARS 2’ Leaked Footage Shows Progress on Sequel to VR-capable Racing Sim

Road to VR

New footage from upcoming racing simulator Project CARS 2 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One has surfaced on YouTube. However, it does include some interesting looks at new cars, such as the Ferrari 288 GTO, Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo, Porsche 935/80, and Jaguar XJ220S (manufacturers that were absent from the first game), along with footage of new tracks like Long Beach, the rallycross track in Hell, Norway and a Canadian ice track.

Norway 125

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‘Project CARS 2’ VR Review – An Ambitious Sequel With Serious Potential

Road to VR

And to the casual observer, the simulation itself might not appear to be much different either. The new circuits are built to a high standard, particularly COTA, Long Beach, and the brilliant Algarve Circuit (Portimao). Simulating these four-wheel drive beasts was no small feat; the team needed to rework chassis, tyre and surface models to deal with the long suspension travel, massive slip angles and loose terrain.

Facebook Open-sources AI Habitat To Help Robots Navigate Realistic Environments


Facebook AI Research is making available AI Habitat , a simulator that can train AI agents that embody things like a home robot to operate in environments meant to mimic typical real-world settings like an apartment or office. Once a promising approach has been developed and tested in simulation, it can be transferred to physical platforms that operate in the real world.”.

Formula E Releases Racing Highlights in True Virtual Reality


You’ll follow the heated rivalry of racers Lucas Di Grassi & Sebastien Buemi as they struggle against one another for first in a championship that spans London, Berlin and Long Beach just to name a few. The three locations mentioned above have been rendered into a 3D simulation that accurately depicts the position of each driver during the entirety of their respective races. This is as close to being on the track as you’re going to get.