#BuildYourNorthStar Workshop Brings AR to Life in 48 Hours


But at the world’s first #BuildYourNorthStar workshop, over 20 participants built their own open-source Project North Star headsets in just 48 hours – using components now available to everyone. The workshop took place in Sunnyvale, CA, just after AWE.

6 Principles of Leap Motion Interaction Design


In the process of building applications and various UX experiments at Leap Motion, we’ve come up with a useful set of heuristics to help us critically evaluate our gesture and interaction designs. Are there obvious conditions that define the motion?

Live from Berlin! VR Workshops for Unity & JavaScript


As part of our global tour for the Leap Motion 3D Jam , we’re at Berlin’s Game Science Centre to take developers through our SDK and building with the latest VR tools. Registrations for the workshops and meetup are still open. Fictional UIs vs. Today’s Motion Controls.

Unity 39

Build-a-Button Workshop: VR Interaction Design from the Ground Up


From the mouse and touchscreen, to hand tracking platforms like the Leap Motion Controller, the design of UI elements like the humble button is shaped by the hardware and how we use it. Leap Motion VR Design Best Practices.

Unity 45

Twist the Gears of a Massive VR Music Engine with Carillon


Using technology like the Leap Motion Controller allows us to use our hands to directly engage virtual instruments, from the plucking of a virtual string to the casting of a sonic fireball. Testing with the Oculus Rift and the Leap Motion Controller within Unreal has been pretty fun.

3D Jam: Now with Over $75K in Prizes!


Beginning September 28th, developers around the world will compete to build the most amazing motion-controlled experiences for desktop, AR/VR, the Internet of Things, and beyond. appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

DC 45

eleVR 2016 Year in Review


Finally, 2016 marked the year of our first ever entirely virtual VR talk – Evelyn talked about her work with adding leap motion input to AltspaceVR SDK in Altspace. It’s hard to believe that our little group has made it through another year.

Art&&Code: Weird Reality


Andrea eased people in with a My-first-webVR workshop. There was even a workshop on webVR for Unity lovers. Ken Perlin and his team showed a live demo their gearVR + motion tracking system for multi-user co-located immersive experiences.