Leap Motion Releases Major Tracking Update and New Demos to Show It Off

Road to VR

Leap Motion builds the leading markerless hand-tracking technology, and today the company revealed a update which they claim brings major improvements “across the board.” ” The upgraded tracking and improved developer tools are available in beta today on Windows , alongside three new demos to try it out for yourself. Image courtesy Leap Motion. Significantly smoother hand and finger tracking, with motions that look and feel more natural.

UltraLeap Gemini review: use both hands in VR!

The Ghost Howls

One of the first accessories for AR/VR I had the opportunity to work on is the Leap Motion hands tracking controller : I made some cool experiments and prototypes with it and the Oculus Rift DK2. Leap Motion has also been the first important company I have interviewed in this blog.


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Leap Motion shows off Interaction Engine for their VR.


Leap Motion shows off Interaction Engine for their VR hand-tracking tech VR makes the most sense when you don’t have to learn the controls and stuff just works. Today, Leap Motion dropped an early access beta version of their Interaction Engine which makes it easier for developers to build VR environments can adroitly manipulate with their hands. In a blog post, the company calls the engine “a layer that exists between the Unity game engine and real-world hand physics.”

Design Sprints at Leap Motion: A Playground of 3D User Interfaces


Click To Tweet When someone first puts on a Leap Motion-enabled VR headset, it often seems like they’re rediscovering how to use their own hands. With our Interaction Engine Unity package, prototyping these kinds of physically inspired interfaces is easier than ever. Designing virtual interactions for human arms, hands, and fingers means digging into the range of motion of shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Each stage is at your fingertips w/ #LeapMotion #Unity.

Clasping Objects In VR Becomes Effortless With Leap Motion’s Interaction Engine


Leap Motion, Inc., All those people who have experienced Leap Motion hand tracker will be in the right position to explain how it feels to use it. As far as the availability of new developer tools is concerned they are obtainable as a module when it comes to Unity Core Assets. The blog also explains that the Interaction Engine is nothing but a layer that lies between actual-world hand physics and the Unity game engine.

Design Sprints at Leap Motion: Building a Sculpture Prototype with the Graphic Renderer


Recently we created a quick VR sculpture prototype that combines the latest and greatest of these tools. Click To Tweet The Leap Motion Interaction Engine lets developers give their virtual objects the ability to be picked up, thrown, nudged, swatted, smooshed, or poked. In this post, we’ll walk through a small project built using these tools. Rapid Prototyping and Development at Leap Motion. A scene from last month’s Leap Motion internal hackathon.

How to get started with Oculus Quest hands tracking SDK in Unity

The Ghost Howls

I want to start this year and this decade (that will be pervaded by immersive technologies) with an amazing tutorial about how you can get started with Oculus Quest hands tracking SDK and create in Unity fantastic VR experiences with natural interactions! It is embedded into Oculus Unity SDK.

Design Sprints at Leap Motion: Crafting Reactive Behaviors with the Interaction Engine


strLast time, we looked at how an interactive VR sculpture could be created with the Leap Motion Graphic Renderer as part of an experiment in interaction design. The Leap Motion Interaction Engine provides the foundation for hand-centric VR interaction design. In the Unity scene hierarchy, each sculpture object needs to have a collection of components. In turn, it requires the presence of a Unity physics Rigidbody and a Collider component.

How Sound Design Can Add Texture To A Virtual World


For this reason, sound is more than just an immersive tool – how (and where) objects around you sound has an enormous effect on your understanding of where they are, especially when you’re not looking at them. Engines like Unity and Unreal are constantly getting better at representing sound effects in 3D space – with binaural audio , better reverb modeling, better occlusion and obstruction modeling, and more. The Unity game engine tries to reinforce this real-world falloff.

Thomas Street’s UI Exploration with the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion


We all grew tired of talking about how we wanted to explore VR development, so we allocated several weeks to tinkering with the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion — staffing one full-time developer and a few designers part-time. We learned a lot in the short amount of time, and we hope that this post inspires anyone else looking to explore design/development with the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. Leap Garden. Leap Motion UI summary.

6 More Amazing Unity Assets for Orion VR


Last year, we featured 6 kickass Unity assets with the power to bring your project to the next level. Since we’re giving away five $100 Unity/Unreal asset credits as part of our 2016 developer survey , we thought we’d share some more cool stuff you can buy with cold hard virtual cash. From a community-created Leap Motion UI design asset, to the awe-inspiring glow effect in Blocks, here are 6 more jaw-dropping Unity assets for your next Orion project.

Unity 33

New Unity Module for User Interface Input


Unity Widgets are back – with a new name and massively streamlined functionality! Just released for our Unity Core Assets , the UI Input Module provides a simplified interface for physically interacting with World Space Canvases within Unity’s UI System. You can try the new inputs in our latest Developer Gallery demo , or download the Module from our Unity page. Set up a Leap Camera Rig normally by dragging in an LMHeadMountedRig prefab from the Unity Core Assets.

Unity 32

Redesigning Our Unity Core Assets: New Workflow and Architecture for Orion


Leap Motion’s new Orion software represents a radical shift in our controller’s ability to see your hands. In tandem, we’ve also been giving our Unity toolset an overhaul from the ground up. The Core Asset Orion documentation has details on using the tools and the underlying API, but to help you get acquainted, here’s some background and higher-level context for how the package works and where it’s headed. New Workflow for Hands in Unity.

Live from Berlin! VR Workshops for Unity & JavaScript


As part of our global tour for the Leap Motion 3D Jam , we’re at Berlin’s Game Science Centre to take developers through our SDK and building with the latest VR tools. Let’s take a light-speed look at VR development with Leap Motion in Unity and JavaScript. With the Leap Motion Controller, you can quickly bring your hands into almost any virtual reality experience. Fictional UIs vs. Today’s Motion Controls. Hey everyone!

Unity 30

Interaction Engine 1.0: Object Interactions, UI Toolkit, Handheld Controller Support, and More


At Leap Motion, our mission is to empower people to interact seamlessly with the digital landscape. Last year, we released an early access beta of the Leap Motion Interaction Engine , a layer that exists between the Unity game engine and real-world hand physics. Since then, we’ve worked hard to make the Interaction Engine simpler to use – tuning how interactions feel and behave, and creating new tools to make it performant on mobile processors.

Meet the Winners of 3D Jam 2.0


Based on community ratings and scores from the Leap Motion team, we’re excited to present the winners of the second annual 3D Jam. Prize: $10,000, Unity Suite, 2 OSVR HDKs, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Prize: $7,500, Unity Pro, OSVR HDK, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Prize: $5,000, Unity Pro, OSVR HDK, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Prize: $2,500, Unity Pro, OSVR HDK. Prize: $1,000, Unity Pro, OSVR HDK. Prize: $500, Unity Pro. Prize: $500, Unity Pro.

Unity 44

VR Interface Design and the Future of Hybrid Reality


This week, motion designer Mike Alger released an 18-minute video that digs into the cutting edge of VR interface design using the Leap Motion Controller and Oculus Rift. He draws from a variety of VR research, demos, and whitepapers, including our Planetarium project and Widgets , Designing VR Tools: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly , AR Screen , and What Would a Truly 3D Operating System Look Like?

What Makes a Spoon a Spoon? Form and Function in VR Industrial Design


Martin Schubert is a VR Developer/Designer at Leap Motion and the creator of Weightless and Geometric. In a way, we define a spoon by its ability to fulfill a function – a handheld tool for scooping and stirring. Import a 3D model of a spoon into Unity and you’ll be able to see the mesh in full 3D but it won’t do much else. Leap Motion’s Interaction Engine allows human hands to grab virtual objects like physical objects.

Introducing the Interaction Engine: Early Access Beta


Over the last several months, we’ve been boiling that complexity down to a fundamental tool that Unity developers can rapidly build with. Today we’re excited to share an early access beta of our Interaction Engine, now available as a Module for our Unity Core Assets. The Interaction Engine is a layer that exists between the Unity game engine and real-world hand physics. Learn more about building with the Interaction Engine in our Unity documentation.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Hardware infrastructure and software developer tools from big players like Apple (ARKit) and Facebook (Camera Effects platform) directly contributed to a huge surge in interest in augmented reality. San Francisco-based Leap Motion has raised a $50M Series C for their hand- and finger-tracking technology. The round was led by JP Morgan Asset management, and this fresh influx of cash brings Leap Motion’s total funding to almost $95M.

Bring Your Own Hands Into Virtual Reality


New Unity Asset Lets You See Your Actual Hands — Not Just a Rigged Replica. That’s why we’ve just released a new Unity asset feature that brings your real hands into any VR experience. The Image Hand is available now as part of our Unity Core Assets. Our Unity assets already make building these types of experiences possible with virtual rigged hands. Our Unity assets already give you access to a wide variety of virtual hands.

Could VR Transform the World of 3D Animation?


True to form, the ever-investigative VR community immediately began unpacking the possibilities a tool like this could bring to the field of animation. The department had done quite a bit of animation interface design with Leap Motion and and 2D screens, so he said maybe I could do the same, but this time with the Oculus Rift.”. In its current iteration, Jere’s VR animation tool uses our Unity UI widgets. appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Build and Smash Voxel Worlds with A Vox Eclipse and Dino Destroyer


Rotate, re-position and highlight your model with your dominant hand, and use your other hand to click or type to command the tools you need. Inspired by apps like Sculpting , Mark’s original idea behind A Vox Eclipse “was that using a combination of physical buttons for activated input and Leap Motion’s hand positioning for a fully 3D cursor could help me interact a lot more effectively by taking best of both worlds.

VR Design Guide


Note that some assets (like Image Hands and Widgets) are not currently available for the Orion Unity Core Assets. Well-designed tools afford their intended operation and negatively afford improper use. In the context of motion controls, good affordance is critical, since it is necessary that users interact with objects in the expected manner. With 2D Leap Motion applications, this means adapting traditional UX design principles that condensed around the mouse and keyboard.

Reaching into 3D Data, Exploring CAD Designs, Virtual Meetings, and More


During the 3D Jam, I was surprised by the lack of tools like this. If I could have found a professional tool like this, I would have been begging my boss to buy it!”. Please try a new text input interface using Leap Motion!” HoloData is a VR visualization tool that lets you experience three-axis graph data over time. Leap Commander. Leap Opticals. The demo even uses Leap Motion’s passthrough mode to bring your media into augmented reality.

Data 42

Summoning and Superpowers: Designing VR Interactions at a Distance


One of the core design philosophies at Leap Motion is that the most intuitive and natural interactions are direct and physical. This single motion action to select and summon was more efficient than two discrete motions, though they offered more control. When we use tools, our body schema expands to encompass the tool and our peripersonal space grows to match our reach when using the tool. Photo credits: Leap Motion, picturesbymom.com.

Scaffolding in VR: Interaction Design for Stacking and Assembly


Check out our results below or download the example demo from the Leap Motion Gallery. The advanced hand-based physics layer of the Leap Motion Interaction Engine makes the foundational elements of grabbing and releasing virtual objects feel natural. Click To Tweet However, rather than covering the whole world in a grid, we proposed the idea of using them as discrete volumetric tools. There’s something magical about building in VR.

Power at Your Fingertips: Pinch Utilities for Orion


This week we’re excited to share Pinch Utilities , a new module for our Unity Core Assets that gives you access to the power of pinch. Pinching with one hand instantly locks the cube’s motions to your hand, so that you can easily move it around. Inside the Pinch Utilities module, you’ll find a Unity Behavior called LeapPinchDetector. Pinch Utilities just the first of many fundamental building tools that we have in development.

Tools 29

This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain in VR.


Leap Motion is a great tool for this.”. The project was primarily built in Unity, utilizing our widgets to cue interaction design. In the beginning, I wanted to develop a haptic glove that I could use with Leap Motion in a virtual reality scenario, allowing me to feel the stuff I touched.” I’m loving working with Leap Motion so I’ve postponed the glove component of the project a bit.”. Download it here in the Leap Motion Developer Gallery.

6 Hidden Gems from our Dev Gallery


TOUCH with WebGL & Leap Motion. In a meditative experience WebGL, ThreeJS, and a post-processing tool are used to simulate the physical effects of interacting with falling sand. The post 6 Hidden Gems from our Dev Gallery appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. Augmented & Virtual Reality Gaming JavaScript Leap Motion UnityWith such a strong global community, we see a stream of creators building and sharing new content all the time.

12 Games to Unleash Your Magic Powers


Inspired by the Doctor Who episodes Blink and Last Christmas , this adventure game lets you switch between the real world and a dreamworld at will, using Leap Motion’s Quick Switch function. Designed with Leap Motion’s tool tracking technology, Toothunt lets you fight creepy fairies using a magically charged wand that fires bursts of energy. “We The post 12 Games to Unleash Your Magic Powers appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Hands Module 2.0: Bring Your Hand Designs to Life in Two Minutes or Less


Creating new 3D hand assets for your Leap Motion projects can be a real challenge. This has the powerful benefit of being able to quickly iterate between a modeling package and seeing the models driven by live hand motion in Unity. Even if you’re a veteran modeler-rigger-animator, it’s a singular experience to bring hand models that you’ve been sculpting and rigging into VR and see them come to life with your own hand motions.

12 Explosive Sci-Fi Games


C0NFL1CT features a natural movement locomotion system that did not induce motion sickness and lets the player move in any direction, while requiring only 4 square meters of free space and the Oculus Rift DK2 headset.”. I’ll be honest, this was the first time I’d ever had exposure to the Leap Motion Controller. With modern tools, you can make a moderately polished piece of entertainment in an extremely short time,” says Dustin Adair ( @scaryrobotgames ).

Firework Factory VR: Touch the Show this Fourth of July


Reaching toward the holographic interface, with the motion of a single finger, you take control of time itself. Hover VR interfaces use the Leap Motion Controller, providing hand-based interactions and strong sense of immersion in the virtual space. You can set the position, motion, and direction of your “camera”. The post Firework Factory VR: Touch the Show this Fourth of July appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Designing VR Tools: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


At a recent Designers + Geeks talk , Jody Medich and Daniel Plemmons talked about some of the discoveries our team has made (and the VR best practices we’ve developed) while building VR experiences with the Oculus Rift and the Leap Motion Controller. Here are some of the essential insights they want you to know about designing VR tools and experiences: 0:00. It’s more like designing a room full of tools than a screen with buttons.

Tools 38

The Essential 3D Jam Development Guide


A quick note: VR/AR is a rapidly emerging ecosystem, and many of the engine tools and features that we use to build our Unity and Unreal assets are constantly shifting. Whatever platform you’re building on, it’s important to know that designing for motion control involves a whole new way of thinking about interactions. Here are some key resources that will help you build compelling experiences that feel natural: Introduction to Motion Control.

Tips 28

Take an Infrared #Selfie, Sculpt Pottery in VR, and 15 More Art/Music Experiences


All the tools you’ll need are at your fingertips, and Archy is there with his professional architectural suggestions.” A new motion capture and animation plugin for Autodesk MotionBuilder 2016, Hand Capture lets you “capture hand and finger movement in real time directly inside MotionBuilder.” Requires: Windows, Mac, Linux with tool tracking enabled. Jamming with Leap. Take an infrared selfie and post it @LeapMotion #3DJam.