Leap Motion’s North Star is the DK1 of AR: hands-on preview and how to buy it!

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You probably have heard about Leap Motion’s Project North Star , that should be able to offer people affordable augmented reality. Notice a Leap Motion sensor installed on top of it. augmented reality reviews AR

AR+VR Weekly: ARKit apps hit 13M downloads, Leap Motion’s “virtual wearables” and Ready Player One hits theaters

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In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the top AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are there three stories you need to know: ARKit apps hit 13 million downloads , Leap Motion’s virtual wearable concept , and will the debut of Ready Player One increase VR sales ?

Project North Star is Now Open Source


At Leap Motion, we envision a future where the physical and virtual worlds blend together into a single magical experience. At the heart of this experience is hand tracking, which unlocks interactions uniquely suited to virtual and augmented reality.

All the best AR and VR news from CES 2019

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This represents the current status of the technology, that is evolving, but has still not reached the inflection point to become mainstream (as I have already told you in my 2019 predictions about augmented and virtual reality ).

My Taiwanese XR Chronicles part 1: Cave, zSpace, Brogent hands-on

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iStaging also offers a very high quality service for virtual tour creations (and you can also find a special 10% discount in the lateral banners of this blog, if you are interested). Me and Andria of iStaging, discussing over their virtual tour services, in front of a Panomo VR camera.

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Analyzing Oculus Santa Cruz patent images

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The only headset that has such kind of strange thing on one side is the Magic Leap One , that uses it to track the controllers with magnetical fields… but we all know that Oculus actually uses optical tracking to track the controllers. attaching Leap Motion through an adapter).

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OSVR - a Look Ahead


Acer, NVIDIA, Valve, Ubisoft, Leap Motion and many others joined the ecosystem. Increased Device Diversity leads to more Choices for Customers Trends An avalanche of new virtual reality devices arrived. We see goggles, motion trackers, haptics, eye trackers, motion chairs and body suits. OSVR implications OSVR embeds Virtual Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN), an established open-source library. Magic Leap is not commercial yet.