Enormous, Multisensory Arena Heads To Las Vegas Strip 2020


However it seems as though what happens in Vegas, now goes up almost immediately on Facebook. Just sitting there, what would it take to convince you that instead of sitting here in an airplane hangar in Las Vegas, you are sitting in your chair in the polar ice cap or an Amazon rainforest?”

Ahead of their May 9th Boxing match in Las Vegas, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Canelo Alvarez try out VR Boxing.

Cats and VR

Ahead of their May 9th boxing match in Las Vegas, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Canelo Alvarez tried out Knockout League, Grab Games VR Boxing title for the HTC Vive. Personally I think that VR can go beyond gaming and actually be a great training tool for Boxing.

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‘Electronauts’ Is A Surreal VR Music Production Tool For Any Skill Level


Electronauts was first announced late last year before being demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas this past January. The post ‘Electronauts’ Is A Surreal VR Music Production Tool For Any Skill Level appeared first on VRScout.

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Tim Burton’s ‘Lost Vegas’ Exhibit Brought To Life Using VR And Drone Photogrammetry


There are very few public art galleries more unique than that of The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Established in 1996, the non-profit organizations primary goals involve the collection and preservation of classic Las Vegas signage for exhibition and cultural enrichment.

Teslasuit Introduces Pulse-Tracking VR Gloves With Exoskeletal Design


Available to demo next month during CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada, these advanced VR gloves allow users to “feel” digital objects in VR thanks to a combination of haptic and force feedback technology.

Ahead Of SXSW, TheWaveVR announces updated creation tools and exciting VR music experience partnership for "Ready Player One"

Cats and VR

The team also announced updates to its Wave Builder tool, which allows anyone to create their own VR venues, parties and shows. For example, a user could host a concert in a French cathedral or throw a bachelorette party in a Las Vegas club.

Madonna Performs Alongside AR Clones During Billboard Music Awards


The team at Sequin then used a tool called Brainstorm to ensure all the live video feeds being fed into Unreal Engine timed up perfectly with the various digital broadcast objects being layered on top. Volumetric capture adds a layer of depth to the pop legends latest performance.

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It’s Morphin’ Time! Power Rangers Goes VR


Virtual reality experiences have become Hollywood’s hype-machine dream tool. Qualcomm teamed up with Lionsgate to produce the Power Rangers VR experience, which debuts in mere weeks at CES in Las Vegas.

Adobe’s Project SonicScape Visualizes Audio For Easier 360 Editing


However, a constant stream of new cameras, editing tools and streaming techniques are on the way to make the process easier. With Adobe’s SonicScape, the tool visualizes the location of audio within a spherical VR video using colorful bubbles.

Adobe Premiere Pro Now Includes VR Editing Interface ‘Project CloverVR’

Road to VR

Revealed at the annual creativity conference Adobe MAX in Las Vegas today, Project CloverVR is now integrated into the latest Creative Cloud release as part of the Immersive Environments feature set in Premiere Pro.

Preorders Now Open For Insta360’s 8K VR Camera


The company originally announced the 6-lens camera at CES 2017, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas in January. It sells for $3,500, and it’s on display at the National Association of Broadcasters event in Las Vegas this week.

New Pimax Artisan Headset to Include Optional NOLO VR Tracking & Controllers

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Henderson tells MRTV that support for Nolo VR is also going to be baked into Pi Tool, Pimax’s compatibility layer for their range of “8K” and “5K” wide field of view headsets.

Lyft Patents Show How AR & VR Could Change Ridesharing


The concept behind Lyft’s VR sounds very similar to Audi’s own backseat VR entertainment system, Holoride , which debuted last month during CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Lyft’s patents tell us that they believe AR and VR could be the two tools that can deliver on all those points.

New Pimax ‘Artisan’ Headset Mysteriously Unveiled Ahead of CES

Road to VR

Tooling [a] new design from scratch is super-expensive and time consuming. [A

‘HOLO CUBE’ Lets You Hold And Play With AR In The Palm Of Your Hand


Toys are the tools we use for growing up, and our HOLO CUBE offers brand new ways to learn, play, and connect with others,” said Merge VR Founder Franklin Lyons. When I first tried out the Samsung Gear VR, I immediately reached out with my hands.

Introducing Google’s Next-Generation VR Camera


Announced at the NAB conference in Las Vegas Monday, the Xiaomi-backed Yi has partnered with Google to bring a new professional camera to the market with some much needed improvements. The Yi Halo has 17 lenses and costs $17,000.

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CES 2020 Interview: Nolo VR’s 6DoF, 5G Vision

Peter Graham

The massive tech event which starts early every January in Las Vegas had quite the selection of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) products available.

Capture Photos In VR With This HTC Vive Accessory


The internet has been going bonkers ever since HTC unveiled their most exciting Vive accessory to date at this years CES in Las Vegas, The Vive Tracker. Share all your amazing digital experiences with the first ever camera to shoot in virtual reality.

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WayRay Launches True AR SDK & Reality Virtually Hackathon Sponsorship


” WayRay first disclosed their plans for True AR SDK during CES 2018 in Las Vegas back in January. The Swiss based company announces a partnership alongside Reality Virtually Hackathon with prizes up to $5,000.

HTC Partners With Autodesk to Bring Professional Design into VR


The 2016 Autodesk University event kicked off in Las Vegas yesterday, and the design software company wasted no time in making some big announcements for the VR industry. “And we’re working on new tools that let you model and simulate in a VR environment from the start.” For those that don’t know, Autodesk creates software for various industries, allowing designers to make 3D models and environments for professional use.

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CES 2017 - Where is Oculus?


CES 2017 starts next week in Las Vegas. The Nest: A futuristic sniper game by Invrse Studios, where patience and precision are your best tools for survival. Every year Oculus has a large presence at CES. This year, however, Oculus is nowhere to be seen.

Adobe Shows Method to Create Volumetric VR Video From Flat 360 Captures

Road to VR

As a consequence, the technique can also be used to stabilize the video, making it a useful tool for those looking to smooth out those jerky hand-held captures that are generally unattractive to VR users.

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Emerging Post-Pandemic Innovations

Tech Trends VR

This power, however, is only properly leveraged where creators are mindful of the unique properties of immersive technology, rather than trying to retrofit it to existing tools and procedures. and Las Vegas, NV.

Hotel R’n’R Is A Frantic New Smash ‘Em Up From The Creator Of Exorcist VR


Bousfield is eager to talk about all the weird tools and power-ups you’ll be able to grab. There’s a lot of references to things like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” the developer adds.

PokeScout Mapped Out Every Single ‘Pokemon GO’ Gym On The Planet


Using this tool, Pokemon Trainers can now see whether their team or one of the two opposing squads owns these control points before traveling to them. PokeScout has this information for cities like Dallas , Boston , and Las Vegas. If you are planning a trip for the holidays, you now have a resource to find gyms in Pokemon Go before you arrive at your destination.

Watch: Adobe Shows Off In-VR Premiere Video Editor ‘Project CloverVR’

Road to VR

Adobe is clearly acutely aware of these issues and are keen to tackle them, so they demonstrated a short sneak peek session at the annual Adobe MAX conference in Las Vegas last week. SEE ALSO Adobe Brings VR Video Editing Tools to Premiere Pro.

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Audeze and JBL Unveil Headphone Solutions Specifically Developed for VR


Sony recently unveiled a headset that brings the 3D audio of PS VR games to their other content and projects like DearVR are enhancing efficiency with audio driven tools. We’ll keep you updated on all of the latest news and announcements from CES 2017 in Las Vegas. No matter the fidelity, visuals in VR do a solid job of immersing users in their virtual worlds but audio is the way a good experience turns into a truly incredible one.

AT&T Shows Future of VR/AR at Developer Summit


AT&T sponsored us to attend the Developer Summit in Las Vegas , and as it turned out – the force was strong in VR/AR initiatives. Having tracked [the VR/AR industry] for a couple of years now, I’m amazed at how rapidly the tools are advancing.”.

Hands-On: Ralph Breaks VR Reveals Family-Friendly Formula For The VOID


While in Las Vegas for CES, UploadVR visited The VOID’s location in The Venetian for Ralph Breaks VR. The VOID’s site lists tickets for Ralph at California locations in Anaheim, Santa Monica and Glendale, Las Vegas in Nevada, Orlando in Florida, West Plano in Texas, and Edmonton and Toronto in Canada. The VOID seems to offer software development partners a set of physical tools to build interactive effects around.

Dr. Oz is Using VR to Create The ‘Google Maps’ of the Human Body


You VR is, at its core, a visualization tool for physicians and patients alike. “The human has has been forbidden from human eyes for thousands of year,” Öz said during an interview at CES in Las Vegas. ” For Öz, VR is not just a helpful tool for patients.

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‘DiamondFX’ Combines VR and Statistics to Create The ‘Moneyball’ of Immersive Tech


It’s an all-encompassing platform that uses VR as a foundational tool to deliver teams higher quality data in large volumes as to help coaches, executives, scouts and players to make the best decisions possible. Home run! Great hit! Awesome swing!

CES 2020 Interview: It All Becomes Clear With Pimax 8K

Peter Graham

For the last few years at CES in Las Vegas virtual reality (VR) headset company Pimax has put on a bigger and bigger display of its technology as it matures and customer base grows.

Nreal Announces New Partnerships and Capabilities at CES


The Consumer Electronics Show launched Tuesday in Las Vegas. The mixed reality glasses developer Nreal took advantage of that by announcing its new tool, Nebula. However, the ability for individual users to take advantage of this tool is fairly unique.

Lenovo’s Windows Holographic VR Headset Debuts At CES


The Chinese company revealed its first VR headset shortly ahead of CES 2017 in Las Vegas this week. Microsoft’s Windows Holographic VR headsets are going to run the gamut of specs like input, field of view, and resolution.

InstaVR 2018 Year in Review: New Publishing Platforms, Funding, Feature Clients, and More


Their use of InstaVR has shown the transformative power of Virtual Reality as a B2B tool — in the travel/tourism space, for use at conferences + events, and as a cross-platform publishing success (iOS/Android/WebVR/Gear VR). 2018 was a phenomenal year at InstaVR!

CES: HiScene demos communication-focused AR glasses


HiScene, a Chinese provider of AR products and services is demoing it’s recently-launched HiAR augmented reality glasses at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Of further interest is that the glasses integrate into HiLeia, a communication and collaboration tool specifically designed to enable improved communication between users in enterprise environments.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.12.09): Qualcomm XR2 defines the future of XR, Magic Leap having tragic sales, and much more!

The Ghost Howls

If you had 10,000$ to spend and you asked me how to spend them, I would probably give you two options: one is going to Las Vegas with me and have a crazy night of fun, and the other one is buying a Varjo XR-1, with the latter being the preferred choice. Goood Monday everyone!