FragmentVR Opens A Window To Reality Within The Virtual World


View your surroundings while in VR via a customized virtual window to the real world. While disconnecting from reality has its perks, some things just can’t be accomplished from outside the confines of the real world. Available at the end of the month via SteamVR, FragmentVR is a utility application for the original HTC Vive that allows you to “draw” custom VR windows into the real-world with total control. News FractureVR HTC Vive Mixed Reality Room View

SIGGRAPH 2017: Neurable Lets You Control A Virtual World With Your Mind


I’ve used my eyes to interact with a virtual world before, but startup Neurable just enhanced that experience by reading my thoughts too. At SIGGRAPH this week the Boston-based startup is showing its modified HTC Vive which include EEG ( Electroencephalography ) sensors along the interior of the headstrap. According to Neurable, this works using machine learning to interpret “your brain activity in real time to afford virtual powers of telekinesis.”


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‘Hotel Blind’ Makes You A Blind Man In A Virtual World


Experiences gaming Blindness Hotel Blind htc vive oculus rift Serellan

Virtual World Somnium Space Rolls out v2.0, Adds Full Body Avatars, Builder & More

Peter Graham

There might be a growing collection of virtual reality (VR) videogames that can off big expansive worlds to explore but if you’re looking for something more akin to Ready Player One’s Oasis then your options are fairly limited. One of these social VR worlds available now is Somnium Space which launched in 2018, offering a persistent world as well as an economy. “We are putting a lot of effort into the immersive aspect of our VR world.

8 key virtual world features moving to VR

Hypergrid Business

Eight year ago, when I first launched Hypergrid Business , virtual worlds offered a unique set of compelling features. There was presence, and immersion, and the ability to create your own virtual environments. Plus, they also had other benefits that, combined with the unique features, created a potentially world-changing technology platform. At that time, virtual worlds were the only visible path to an interconnected metaverse of virtual environments.

New ‘High Fidelity’ Partnership Makes it Easier to Host Your Own Virtual World

Road to VR

“Early on, High Fidelity made a strategic choice to pursue a development model based on distributed ownership of the virtual spaces running our software,” writes High Fidelity COO Thomas Schofield. “We believe that our users, nascent virtual reality entrepreneurs and creators, will want to own the environments they create (rather than having those spaces be owned to High Fidelity).

HTC Unveils New Vive Cosmos Headsets And Faceplate Upgrades


A handful of new headsets and swappable faceplates breathes new life into HTC’s lineup of modular VR hardware. When HTC released its Vive Cosmos back in October last year, it came with some much-needed improvements to the original HTC Vive design; a flip-up visor, all-new RGB LCD panels, a wide tracking FOV, and a revolutionary design that allows you to augment the device with new abilities via interchangeable faceplates. Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 173

HTC Vive Focus Plus Is A New Standalone Headset With 6DOF Controls And Improved Comfort


It’s time to meet yet another new member of the HTC Vive family. Announced today ahead of next week’s Mobile World Congress, Vive Focus Plus is the next entry in HTC’s enterprise-level standalone headset series. This pair of new controllers, first announced last year , let you reach into virtual worlds just like on the original HTC Vive. HTC introduced these controllers as a developer kit for the original Focus.

Kid Friendly VR Games For HTC VIVE


For example, when speaking with Jon Favreau about his latest VR demo experience, Gnomes & Goblins , that just hit the Steam VR store earlier this month, his developers were mindful of the ability to scale virtual worlds to a variety of users — big and small. A small detail, but makes a world of difference in this fantasy interactive story world. Candy Kingdom is a bright vivid world where you or a young one dual wield candy blasters to take on some cookie targets.

HTC 293

HTC Officially Announces Vive Focus, Its Standalone VR Headset


Today at Vive Developer Conference in Beijing, HTC announced its long-awaited standalone headset, called Vive Focus. Vive Focus takes us from room-scale to “world-scale” tracking. Users don’t need any lighthouses or sensors to move about and operate in the virtual worlds of Vive Focus. Vive Wave marks a push by HTC to expand the scope of the Vive platform and unite its community. News China Hardware HTC HTC Vive Vive Focus

HTC 243

The 25 Best HTC Vive Games: Day #1


From the stunning precision of SteamVR tracking to the frankly ludicrous amount of games to play, the HTC Vive and its bigger brother, the Vive Pro, are arguably the best place to experience high-end VR gaming today. So, without further ado, here are UploadVR’s 25 best HTC Vive games. Or get all nostalgic for Super Mario World on SNES? Here you explore a post-apocalyptic world overrun with vicious robots.

HTC 206

HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos at CES 2019

The Ghost Howls

The CES is going to start tomorrow, but today HTC has already made its great announcements, showing to the world the upcoming new hardware Vive Pro Eye, Vive Cosmos and software solutions Viveport Infinity and Vive Reality system. HTC loves to announce new stuff at CES : during this exhibition it has already announced the Vive Tracker in 2017 and the Vive Pro in 2018, for instance. The Vive Pro Eye, in all its splendor (Image by HTC). image by HTC).

HTC 276

The Manus VR Gloves Bring Full Hand Tracking into the Virtual World

Next Reality VR

Most virtual and mixed reality headsets offer unnatural controls, making you use awkward movements or physical devices to control the holographic elements in your direct view. As demonstrated in the video above, the Manus VR Gloves—as paired with the HTC Vive—track hand movements remarkably well with practically no latency.

HTC Launches Dedicated VR App Store Viveport


HTC’s VR app store is now live, giving you more options to discover and experience non-gaming content. Back in August at VRLA , HTC announced they would be opening a dedicated virtual reality app store called Viveport, which would be home to a host of largely non-gaming immersive content. HTC’s hope is that when you first purchase your Vive (yep, no Rift for now), Viveport will be the beginning of your journey when exploring virtual reality experiences.

HTC 229

Sansar Content Creation Experience Unveiled Showing Impressive Results

Road to VR

Virtual world Second Life creator Linden Lab from has revealed what its like to create worlds within their new multi-user creative VR platform Sansar in this new video which follows Second Life veteran content creator Loz Hyde as he builds an elaborate virtual space using Sansar ‘s toolset. Sansar is Linden Lab’s shot at recapturing the success they enjoyed with their pioneering virtual online world platform Second Life , this time in virtual reality.

CES 2019: HTC Reveals Vive Cosmos Headset & Vive Reality


The 2019 Consumer Electronic Expo is off to an exciting start as HTC Vive debuted not only a new VR headset capable of inside-out tracking, but a new social platform, new subscription service, and new updates to their existing Viveport platform. Let’s take a closer look at all the announcements made during the fast-paced presser: HTC VIVE COSMOS. Acording to General Manager of HTC Vive America, Dan O’Brien, the device is powered by PC, but teased possible mobile functionality.

HTC 252

HTC Introduces Vivepaper: A VR Magazine Stand


Condé Nast China and HTC launch an augmented-VR reading experience. HTC has unveiled Vivepaper , the latest app for the Vive that lets you check out interactive VR from publishers. What the company is calling the “world’s first Augmented-VR enhanced reading experience,” Vivepaper uses a specially designed AR-enabled physical booklet and the Vive VR system to let you immerse yourself in print content. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive, HTC. “We

HTC 194

HTC’s Vive Tracker Passes FCC Regulations


HTC’s new Tracker peripherals for the Vive VR headset are expected to launch soon, and they may have just passed a big milestone. These peripherals are designed to enhance your VR experience by attaching the Tracker to real world items that you can then bring into the virtual world. One developer is attaching them to smartphones that can then act as windows into the virtual world and even then be used for local multiplayer experiences.

HTC 160

HTC Offers $800 Wireless Vive Cosmos SteamVR Headset Bundle For Anniversary


To mark the anniversary of the Vive Cosmos, HTC is offering the PC VR headset with wireless adapter and controllers for $799. A significantly more affordable way to achieve wireless PC VR is using the Virtual Desktop software for the $399 Oculus Quest. However, this heavily compresses the data and results in much higher latency than HTC’s purpose built 60 GHz adapter. Check out our review of the HTC Vive Cosmos here.

HTC 147

ARKit and HTC Vive Bring Mixed Reality to iPad


Apple’s ARKit combined HTC Vive shows us the future of mixed reality. In a Twitter video posted by NY-based virtual reality developer Normal VR , the company showcased an augmented reality experience featuring one of their custom avatars drawing a Tilt Brush-esque painting right in the middle of their office. But things get truly interesting when the camera pans right, revealing a person inside an HTC Vive as the actual artist.

HTC 213

HTC’s Old CEO Looks To Develop ‘Social Reality’ Platform, Announces World’s First 5G Headset


XRSpace’s Peter Chou believes 5G will usher in “the social reality of the future” Peter Chou, ex-CEO and co-founder of Taiwanese consumer electronics company HTC, has some bold opinions regarding the future of VR technology. ” Utilizing this enhanced connectivity, Chou and XRSpace are launching what they promise to be a revolutionary “social reality” platform powered by the world’s first 5G-enabled VR headset, the XRSPace Mova.

HTC 173

HTC Donates Over 100 Vive Headsets to California & Nevada Libraries

Road to VR

HTC is donating over 110 HTC Vive systems to California and Nevada libraries through its new Vive Libraries Program, an effort to seed local communities with premium VR. In a blogpost announcing the program, HTC’s Chris Chin, Executive Director of Education VR Content, said he’s “especially excited that VR is entering communities that traditionally have had social, economic, or other access barriers.” Berlin Wall: The Virtual Reality Experience.

Nevada 129

HTC Vive announces 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and teases hand tracking for Vive Pro

The Ghost Howls

Today it’s a great day for virtual reality: at WCVRI conference, HTC has just announced a kit to provide 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and has showcased a hands-tracking technology for the Vive Pro ! In these 2 days (October, 19-20th), in Nanchang, China, it is held the first edition of the World Conference on VR Industry (WCVRI) , a very important event to talk about virtual and augmented reality. The Venture Reality Fund and of course HTC.

HTC Confirms Vive Cosmos Will Support OpenVR/SteamVR

Road to VR

HTC might have given a first look at their new Vive Cosmos headset today, but they weren’t ready to offer many details. While the Vive originated from a deep partnership between Valve and HTC, in recent years HTC has made moves to be less reliant on Valve’s SteamVR ecosystem. Executives were notably hesitant to talk about SteamVR compatibility for Cosmos when asked, but after some pressing, HTC has confirmed to Road to VR that Cosmos will be OpenVR compatible.

HTC 126

An amazing day at HTC Vive, trying SteamVR multiroom, Vive Wireless Adapter and Vive Focus gesture tracking

The Ghost Howls

Two days ago, I’ve been at HTC Vive Chinese headquarters in Beijing. It has been a really amazing day, where I have been able to try some amazing HTC tech demos (more on this later on! I’ve been able to speak with three companies incubated in the Vive-X Beijing and also to know various HTC Vive employees. So, while there are HTC and Oculus fanboys that hate each other, it seems that HTC people have absolutely no hate for Oculus.

HTC 230

HTC VIVE VR Headset Now Available on Amazon


The HTC VIVE (yes, they now capitalize all the letters in VIVE) is getting itself in front of millions of new online shoppers perusing the virtual aisles of Amazon. HTC has announced that the virtual reality system can now be purchased from in the United States and is priced at $799. The post HTC VIVE VR Headset Now Available on Amazon appeared first on VRScout. News Amazon HTC Vive

Amazon 181

Type In VR With Logitech’s Keyboard For HTC Vive


One of the most important aspects of truly immersive VR is the ability to use motion controls to interact with the virtual environment. Sure there are plenty of fun experiences that utilize standard gamepads or even no controls at all, but there’s no denying the incredible sensation of altering the virtual world with your own two hands. That’s precisely why the world needs the Logitech Bridge , a new SDK and accessory kit that allows users to view their keyboard while in VR.

HTC 181

HTC VIVE sell-off reportedly under consideration


HTC is considering selling off its VIVE virtual reality business, a new report claims, as the smartphone maker weighs possible routes to boosting its finances. An unexpected launch back in early 2015, HTC VIVE has proved surprisingly successful with its combination of immersive VR and its “room-scale” ability to allow users to physically move around virtual worlds. Archive HTC HTC VIVE leak rumor virtual reality vr

HTC 82

HTC Demos and Experiences at CES 2017


HTC will be there in full force showcasing many entertainment, Business & Enterprise, Health & Medical, Education and Mixed Reality where a large green screen is used to show to everyone what the viewer of the headset can see. HTC Vive Entertainment Arcade Saga: "Arcade Saga" is a fast, colorful VR game inspired by arcade games but with a twist, where players find themselves taking on the role of A.I. Front Defense: Immerse yourself as a soldier in World War II.

HTC 128

Exclusive: HTC Vive Goes Wireless With $220 Add-On, Pre-Orders Start Friday


Oculus may be be closing out 2016 with a bang with the launch of its Touch controllers, but HTC is going to kick off 2017 with something special: a peripheral that makes its Vive headset wireless. HTC today announced a tether-less VR upgrade kit for its SteamVR device, made by TPCAST, one of the first of 33 companies to join the Vive X Accelerator. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive at HTC. According to HTC, pre-orders go live at 7 a.m.

HTC 220

‘Vivepaper’ Is HTC’s Immersive Reading Experience That Mixes AR With VR


Based on our recent talk with VP of content, Joel Breton, HTC has plenty of experiences in the works for its Vive VR headset across a wide range of categories. Though you probably wouldn’t have guessed it, one of those categories is virtual reading. That then appears within a virtual world and the user can flick through issues of Condé Nast’s publications, including GQ and Vogue, using tactile and gesture interfaces.

The 5 Best Free Games on HTC Vive

Road to VR

Steam is chocked full of free games that support HTC Vive, but it may be difficult with all that choice to know exactly which games to start out with, especially if that shiny new HTC Vive or HTC Vive Pro blew out your remaining games budget. Also, don’t forget that as an HTC Vive owner, you can pop into Oculus exclusives, designed for the Oculus Rift, using the Revive software hack. Unleash creative or destructive wizardry upon a fully interactive virtual world.

HTC 126

VRCameraman Turns Your HTC Vive Into A Virtual Film Camera


Developing with a VR headset doesn’t necessarily mean you’re developing a VR app; the HTC Vive is finding unexpected use as a camera for virtual worlds, too. Your Vive wands become the camera, and a virtual screen showing what they’ll record is shown above you hand. Tagged with: htc vive , shooting , trailers , VRCameraman. VR Industry News htc vive shooting trailers VRCameraman

VRChat Raises $4 Million Round Led By HTC


Startup VRChat just raised a $4 million Series A round of funding led by HTC. There’s still High Fidelity running strong and Linden Lab continues building Sansar , the successor to one of the longest-running virtual worlds, Second Life. VRChat (which is also on Viveport ) is one of the first social efforts in virtual reality — starting as the project of CEO Graham Gaylor while he was in college and launching on Reddit in January 2014.

HTC 219

Vive Wireless Adapter Won’t Work With Laptops, HTC Investigating Options


We’ve confirmed with HTC the Vive Wireless Adapter won’t work with laptops at launch. The official adapter starts shipping in September for $300 and promises to make both Vive and Vive Pro headsets wireless, assuming of course that the PC you use to render your virtual world has an open PCI-E slot to connect the accessory. An HTC representative said they are looking into options “but it won’t be available at launch.”

HTC 159

Hands-on: HTC Vive Focus Brings Best-in-class Displays to Standalone VR, For a Price

Road to VR

Now available in China, and quite possibly on its way to a wider release , HTC is prominently showing its new standalone Vive Focus headset at MWC 2018 this week. Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip, the Vive Focus is in the same class as the Lenovo Mirago Solo, but has a few defining features which HTC says makes it the “premium” option. The field of view, which matches the Vive, feels plenty wide for getting lost in the virtual world.

HTC 150

HTC to Hold All of Its GDC 2020 Talks Live Online, Including Audience Q&A

Road to VR

HTC is doing just that throughout the next few months in a live webinar happening every Tuesday, from now until mid-May. Starting on March 31st and going to May 12th, HTC is streaming live developer talks that it would have otherwise given during GDC 2020. Well, HTC is also hosting Q&A portions after each session, which will take place every Tuesday at 10 AM PT ( local time here ). GDC 2020 HTC News gdc gdc 2020 htc

HTC 113