Oculus to Donate Rift & Go to Learning Institutions Across Seattle, Taiwan, & Japan

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Oculus recently announced the’ll be expanding their educational pilot program by donating Oculus Rift and Oculus Go headsets to a number of educational institutions across Taiwan, Japan, and Seattle.

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Valve Plans First Wave Of Index Hardware To ‘Arrive To Homes On June 29’


For people who already have the “lighthouse” base stations which came with the HTC Vive or Vive Pro, the HMD and controllers can be purchased for around $750. For those unfamiliar, Valve’s tracking technology powered the HTC Vive in 2016 and Vive Pro in 2018.

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Top Investors Discuss VR and AR Strategies and Opportunites at IMMERSE 2016

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Business leaders gathered at this year’s Seattle based IMMERSE Summit ( previously Sea VR ) to explore how VR/ AR and Mixed Reality is transforming manufacturing, design, education, health and medicine and much more.

VR at PAX West 2016: What’s There and How to Find It

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Seattle’s annual PAX West 2016 gaming convention starts tomorrow with VR once again expected to have a significant presence. PAX West returns to Seattle this September 2-5 at the Washington State Convention Center, and this year, virtual reality will be more prominent than ever.

HTC Pushes Back On Reports of Declining Headset Sales

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Digital Trends recently published a report entitled ‘VR is in a tailspin, and the sales numbers prove it’ It seems HTC has taken umbrage with the article’s thesis in its newest blog post however, which pushes back against some of the article’s claims, saying it’s “not the whole story.” Amazon does provide a good watermark for how any given product is faring, but it’s not everything, HTC says. Image courtesy HTC.

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New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 05/07/17


This new week of HTC Vive releases welcomes a few deviations from the usual formula. It released on PS VR last year as one of its best launch titles and is now available for HTC Vive (and Rift), giving PC players a high-octane tank shooter to experience. New HTC Vive Releases on Steam.

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Valve, SMI and Tobii Preview VR’s Eye Tracking Future In HTC Vive


Still another example is eye tracking, and we’ve seen demonstrations from both Tobii and SMI in the HTC Vive offering a glimpse of how much better future VR systems will be at understanding our behavior. ” Tagged with: htc , SMI , tobii , valve.

‘Dome Of The Dead’ Launches On The Vulcan Holodome Platform


” It appears as though users will be equipped with custom weapon peripherals outfitted with HTC Vive Trackers, which they’ll use to fire at the various enemies projected onto the dome; sort of like a zombified version of Duck Hunt.

Valve Is Working on VR Content, Will Reveal It Next Year


There’s already a lot of great content on the HTC Vive, and big developers are also working with the headset. Valve Product Designer Greg Coomer teased as much at the start of the Steam Dev Days event in Seattle, Washington today. Experiences Valve htc htc vive valve

New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 04/16/17


It’s a new week of HTC Vive releases and now one of the biggest VR games of the year is now available! We also have a top list of the absolute best HTC Vive games — which is updated every few months with the latest and greatest options. New HTC Vive Releases on Steam.

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HaptX Gloves Will Help Transform VR Training and Design


The HaptX Gloves Development Kit makes its worldwide debut October 3, 2018 at the Future of Storytelling Summit in New York City and the GeekWire Summit in Seattle. News Automotive Education Haptic HaptX HTC Vive Mixed Reality TrainingReach out and touch a rain cloud.

VR: The Revival of the Arcade


Viveport President, Rikard Steiber, recently announced at Virtual Reality Developer Convention (VRDC) in San Francisco that HTC will be unveiling the Viveport Arcade , a new content delivery platform for arcade operators. News Gaming HTC Vive Steam VR ViveLand VR Arcades

Stories you might’ve missed: $150 HTC Vive alternative, VR Twitch and Hero Vision


Zeiss provides a $150 HTC Vive alternative. Zeiss’s entry-level VR One headset changes this, though, and provides a viable HTC Vive alternative for the budget VR gamer. Vreal is a Seattle-based startup with one goal: to create Twitch for VR.

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Gaming-Themed Atari Hotels Will Include VR And AR Entertainment


If I were a betting man, I’d put money on each location offering access to popular VR experiences available on existing headsets like the HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Rift S rather than developing their own original content.

Squanchtendo’s First VR Game ‘Accounting’ is Hilarious and Completely Free

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Road to VR got a brief sneak peak at Accounting while at this year’s PAX West in Seattle, and it is as hilarious as you would expect. What’s better than Justin Roiland making a VR game? Justin Roiland making a VR game and releasing it for free.

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‘Rec Room’ Studio Raises $5M “to continue to build the future of Social VR”

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Seattle-based VR studio Against Gravity has today announced they have received $5M in seed funding to continue to build Rec Room, the studio’s social VR platform.

Valve Launches 360 Video Player For High-End PC’s


If you’re fortunate enough to own an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR headset, odds are you’ve checked out Steam. News Alien: Covenant | In Utero HTC Vive Jaunt VR Oculus Rift Pixvana Steam Steam 360 Video Player Steam VR The Batmersive Experience The Hunger Games Under The Canopy

Gorgeous VR Fairy Tale Luna Hits PSVR This Fall


If you want to try it out early then good news; Funomena will be showing it off at PAX West in Seattle this weekend, running on the Sony booth. One of VR’s best-looking games is coming to PlayStation VR (PSVR) very soon.

‘Pluto’ Brings Cross-App VR Chat to Every SteamVR App, Now Available in Early Access

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Pluto , a Seattle based VR startup which reeled in a $14 million Series A investment last year, today launched their unique Pluto application in Early Access via Steam. HTC Vive Games News Oculus Rift Games SteamVR Games VR Games john vechey pluto pluto vr serah delaini social vr vr chat

Prototype VR Hardware Photos From Valve’s Index Briefing In Bellevue


Valve, meanwhile, partnered with HTC to turn their work into a product — Vive. Five years later, HTC’s PC VR products haven’t changed much since the original headset they partnered with Valve to ship in direct competition with Facebook’s Oculus Rift. One photo below with my hand in it came from an earlier trip to Seattle where I visited the offices of a company Valve partnered with on design work for its products.

The Invisible Hours, Farpoint Writer Moves To Valve


Perhaps another positive sign is that Yescombe also retweeted a message from another Valve staffer that’s on the hunt for VR developers in the Seattle area. HTC Vive Valve VR Industry News The Invisible Hours valveLast year’s The Invisible Hours was one of the rare examples of a story-driven experience that really thrived inside VR. It made smart use of a time travelling mechanic and character interactions to weave a captivating narrative we won’t soon forget.

Windows Reveals New Mixed Reality Controllers


Microsoft brought their latest mixed reality efforts front and center Thursday at its Build conference in Seattle. Microsoft is clearly working to gain early ground in the headset battle against HTC and Oculus with lower pricing. These controllers look familiar.

Valve Announces Dates for Steam Dev Days 2016

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Steam Dev Days 2016 will be held from October 12-13 in Seattle, WA. The announcement lists four main areas of focus, including virtual reality such as SteamVR and the HTC Vive

Disneyland Is Developing Star Wars VR Rides


He said as much during his keynote talk at the 2016 Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle. The Force is coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney Resorts in the near future with new Star Wars-themed lands, and VR will be joining it.

Hands-On with VREAL’s VR Live Streaming System & Q&A With CEO Todd Hooper

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I took a short break during my time at PAX West this year to checkout VREAL’s new streaming platform at their office in downtown Seattle. Michael Glombicki goes hands-on with VREAL’s VR live streaming platform that puts viewers inside the game, right next to their favorite streamers.

Pixvana Raises $14M Series A Investment for Cloud-based VR Video Platform

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FOVAS is supported on Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows VR headsets and Daydream currently.

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Coming Soon: Impact Reality Summit, a New XR Event Hosted by Kaleidoscope and Vulcan Productions


Organized by Vulcan Productions and Kaleidoscope, Impact Reality Summit will have its first edition on January 9 and 10, 2020, at Vulcan Technologies headquarters in Seattle, WA. If curators select your project, you will attend the XR event in Seattle to present it before the review committee.

Gable Newell Teases ‘House-Scale’ VR, Three ‘Full’ Valve Games


At a press briefing in Seattle this week, as reported by Gamasutra , company founder Gabe Newell teased what it was working on in VR right now, and shared thoughts about where he thought the tech would go in the near future. Tagged with: Gabe Newell , htc vive , valve.

RGB Haptics Helps Unity Developers Add Great Haptics To Their VR Games


RGB Haptics was developed by a Seattle based startup called RGB Schemes, which develops VR games and developer tools. RGB Haptics is a new Unity package which enables developers to easily add high quality haptics to their VR apps and games.

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Valve to Sell Base Stations Directly, Lower Barrier to SteamVR Tracking Development

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There was just one catch though: people hoping to use SteamVR Tracking in their devices would need to attend a $3,000 introductory course in Seattle. The SteamVR Tracking base stations that ship with the HTC Vive. Currently the standalone base stations sold by HTC cost $130.

Lifeliqe Is Bringing HoloLens To The Classroom


You may have already heard of Lifeliqe; last year the company partnered with HTC to make educational VR experiences for the Vive headset. Microsoft’s HoloLens and other mixed reality devices have enormous potential to inform and educate, arguably even more so than VR.

Weekly Funding & People Roundup: TheWaveVR Raises $4M, Pluto.


The Austin, Texas-based startup has created a social VR music platform where performers can create music while wearing a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset and spectators can watch the whole experience.

Haptx Unveils Haptic Gloves So You Can Feel Things In VR


I used the gloves in a demo with the HTC Vive last week. In the demo, I wore an HTC Vive headset and put on two gloves that were connected by thick wires to a big computer. The HaptX Gloves Development Kit makes its worldwide debut October 3, 2018 at the Future of Storytelling Summit in New York City and the GeekWire Summit in Seattle. Haptx has 35 employees, with offices in Seattle and San Luis Obispo, California.

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First Look at Valve’s New VR Controller Prototype

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Today at the Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle, Valve is showing off brand new prototypes of its Steam VR controllers. Today’s HTC Vive controllers are bulky compared to what’s coming.

Viacom Next Debuts Mixed Reality Music Video


The intuitive project was announced at this year’s Microsoft Build Developer Conference which officially kicked-off Wednesday in Seattle. VR and holograms come together in this unique music experience.

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Doghead Simulations CEO Turns VR Social Platform Into His Own Personal Gym


I’m in Seattle. Depending on the workout, Chacon would use either an Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, or an HTC Vive to pump up his cardio. Doghead Simulations CEO uses social VR to get back in shape.

Amazon Is Working On ‘A Completely New VR Shopping Experience’


Software Development Manager in Virtual Reality to work in its Seattle offices, according to a new job listing. The listing notes that experience with “Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, or Google Daydream” is a bonus, so we’d expect this service to come to multiple platforms too. Tracking Amazon’s work in VR can be tricky, as the company is famously quiet in response to media inquiries while seemingly being involved in multiple areas.

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