7invensun Announces $150 Eye-tracking Module Supporting All HTC Headsets

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However, as an official product partner with HTC, 7invensun says that Droolon F1 will also be compatible with the original Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Focus, and Vive Focus Plus. Image courtesy HTC.

Viacom Next + NYC Media Lab Present New VR Projects


Viacom NEXT & NYC Media Lab present the music-driven VR projects of their selected fellowship students at NYC headquarters. Players use the HTC Vive controller to click on the food and bring it towards their mouth to eat.

How to Use the Oculus Go for Sales & Marketing Presentations


How to Use the Oculus Go for Sales & Marketing Presentations. We’ve already established that Virtual Reality (VR) is great for sales and marketing presentations. This can be for 1-to-1 sales meetings, one-to-many presentations, trade shows, events, and much more.

Vacation Simulator PC VR Review: A Template For The Future In A Playground For The Present


Vacation Simulator is now available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR. Tagged with: Vacation Simulator Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Vacation Simulator PC VR Review: A Template For The Future In A Playground For The Present appeared first on UploadVR.

3 Ways to Watch Oculus Connect Keynote Presentations in VR

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While you can technically watch it live on the Oculus Twitch Channel , there’s no better way to feel like you’re in the future than by watching a presentation about new VR tech while in VR.

Oculus Quest vs HTC Vive Focus Plus

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This year we had the launch of two amazing 6 DOF all-in-one Virtual Reality headsets : the Oculus Quest and the HTC Vive Focus Plus. USB should have OTG enabled; Battery : 3 hours nominal duration; Vive Focus Plus and controllers (Image by HTC). This is not present on the Focus.

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HTC Planning Lip-tracking Module Dev Kit for Vive Pro

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Today at GDC, HTC announced plans to make available a lip-tracking module for the Vive Pro. HTC has said that it doesn’t presently have plans to turn the lip-tracking module into a consumer product, but wants to make it available as a development kit for research and experimentation.

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HTC Vive Cosmos Pre-Orders Begin Sept. 12


HTC revealed its Vive Cosmos VR headset will be available for pre-order beginning Sept. HTC is giving selected media previews of the hardware this week. Cosmos is a major departure from HTC’s original 2016 room-scale system co-developed in partnership with Valve.

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HTC Vive Cosmos, maybe the most versatile PC VR headset, launches at $699

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HTC Vive Cosmos (Image by HTC). The Vive Cosmos is the latest PC VR headset announced by HTC at CES 2019. HTC has been able to create some hype towards th is device, that has appeared intriguing since the beginning. Vive Reality System environment (Image by HTC).

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MixCast is a Mixed Reality Broadcast and Presentation System from Within VR


The Vancouver, Canada-based company recently released its first title, the Awaken VR puzzle game , on the HTC Vive VR headset. Blueprint Reality is launching a tool dubbed MixCast VR that lets both game developers and consumers create their own mixed reality videos from within VR.

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Five Highly-Anticipated VR Games Coming To Oculus Quest


An absolute delight on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets, Owlchemy Labs’ follow-up to their 2016 smash-hit Job Simulator takes everything you know and love about the original and doubles-down hard. The Under Presents. What’s on deck for the Oculus Quest?

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AltspaceVR and Cyberia are teaming up to present a free VR film festival this weekend.

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AltspaceVR and Cyberia are teaming up to present a new kind of film festival – one taking place entirely in virtual reality VR. aff=erelpanelorg Presented will be a curated schedule of 38 short films of assortment of genres from all over the world.

GDC 2019: HTC Announces Lip-Tracking Dev Kit For Vive Pro


This week HTC Vive America’s Vice President of Product and Operations–Vinay Narayan–revealed plans for a developer kit that adds lip-tracking capabilities to the HTC Vive Pro & Vive Pro Eye. Image Credit: HTC.

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Amazon to Begin Selling VR Apps Through New HTC Partnership

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Amazon will soon begin selling VR apps on its massive digital marketplace through a new partnership with HTC. While Steam generally functions as the Vive’s defacto app store, HTC runs its own VR app store called Viveport. HTC Steam Amazon amazon vr htc htc viveport

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HTC Vive Focus launched worldwide: an enterprise standalone headset, starting from $599

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You will be able to finally buy it in Europe and North America for $599, from the dedicated page on the HTC website. HTC Vive Focus Specs. The Vive Focus is HTC’s standalone headset , the one that the Taiwanese/Chinese company wants to use to start making virtual reality widespread.

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HTC Vive Cosmos slated for Q3 2019, it will feature some surprises

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I will tell more in a future summary article about my experience there, but for now, just let me tell you that among the fantastic people that I met, there have been the guys and the girls at HTC’s headquarters in Taipei. Me under the Vive logo in the big hall of HTC headquarters in Taipei.

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HTC Halts Stock Trading as Rumors of Sale Swirl

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According to the Taiwan Stock Exchange, HTC will halt trading of its stock as of September 21st, pending an unknown announcement from the company, reports Bloomberg. Following several years of financial difficulty, the future of HTC seems less clear than it’s ever been.

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HTC Donates Over 100 Vive Headsets to California & Nevada Libraries

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HTC is donating over 110 HTC Vive systems to California and Nevada libraries through its new Vive Libraries Program, an effort to seed local communities with premium VR. ” In California alone, HTC has donated 100 Vive headsets to public libraries.

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VeeR Presents at SVVR


VeeR VR app has been featured on App Store’s front page in many countries and regions, and handpicked by editors on Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus.

HTC Vive Cosmos Pre-Orders to go Live 12th September

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When it comes to the HTC Vive Cosmos, HTC Vive has been very peace meal regarding the information being released, with the last official details coming in June. — HTC VIVE (@htcvive) September 10, 2019. News Pinned Article HTC Vive HTC Vive Cosmos

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HTC Invests in 17 AR/VR Startups in Latest Vive X Accelerator Program

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HTC is now on its fourth batch in its $100 million accelerator program, which offers education, investment and mentorship to startups doing unique and and interesting things around VR and AR. HTC News htc vive htc vive x vive x

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Oculus’ Final #QuestCountdown Highlights Several Post-Launch Games


We had a chance to check out Tender Claws’ interactive live theatre experience The Under Presents while attending this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and to say our time with the bizarre collaborative performance piece was interesting would be putting it lightly.

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HTC Says New ‘5G Hub’ Will Stream VR ‘Directly to Vive Headsets’, One Day… Probably

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HTC today introduced its ‘5G Hub’ product, a 5G mobile hotspot mashed up with a media streaming device and a digital assistant. Image courtesy HTC. Image courtesy HTC. 5G VR HTC MWC 2019 News VR Streaming htc 5g hub htc 5g hub vr cloud streaming

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HTC Explains Why It Hasn’t Lowered the Price of the Vive

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Despite its primary competitor, Oculus, making a major price cut to the Rift & Touch earlier this year, HTC’s Vive headset still sits at a hearty $800. The company’s GM of VR, Daniel O’Brien, tells us why HTC hasn’t cut the cost of their headset in response.

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HTC Says Watching ‘Ready Player One’ Boosts VR Purchase Intent in China

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HTC China President Alvin Wang Graylin tweeted recently that Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One (2018) is projected to have a “significantly positive impact” on VR adoption in China this year. Image courtesy HTC.

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VeeR presents at CES 2018


As a leading global VR platform, VeeR VR is excited to present its VR sharing platform VeeR as well as its recently launched 360 VR mobile editing tool VeeR Editor at CES.

HTC Vive announces 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and teases hand tracking for Vive Pro

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Today it’s a great day for virtual reality: at WCVRI conference, HTC has just announced a kit to provide 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and has showcased a hands-tracking technology for the Vive Pro ! The Venture Reality Fund and of course HTC. Image by HTC).

HTC announces full 6 DOF standalone headset Vive Focus Plus (+ thorough review on its 6 DOF controllers)

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With much surprise for us all, HTC has just announced the Vive Focus Plus , its first full 6 DOF standalone headset! The Vive Focus Plus, in all its majesty (Image by HTC). Internal view of the Vive Focus Plus (Image by HTC).

Björk & HTC Vive present the world’s first VR music album

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Iconic Icelandic artist Björk is collaborating with HTC to let fans experience a virtual reality interpretation of Vulnicura, Björk’s most recent studio album.

HTC Opens Applications for Free Vive Tracker Dev Kit

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HTC announced earlier in January that they’d be giving away 1,000 Vive Trackers to developers. The new HTC Vive Tracker is a standalone tracking ‘puck’ which uses the same precise Lighthouse tracking system that presently tracks the Vive headset and controllers.

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HTC Releases Full Body Tracking Code for Use with Vive and Trackers

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HTC Vive Senior Engineer James Xiong has provided a Vive IK Demo on GitHub , which includes a reference source code and Unity demo. SEE ALSO Watch: IKinema's HTC Vive Powered Full Body Motion Capture System is Impressive. Photo courtesy James Xiong / HTC.

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HTC Vive Pro Headset Review: Welcomed Improvements Overshadowed By a Steep Price

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HTC impressed us with its debut headset, the Vive, back in 2016. So when HTC launches a new headset two years later and asks for more than twice the price (including base stations and controllers), you could be forgiven for expecting it to feel like a next-generation device.

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HTC Launches Vive Studios; Debuts First Title ‘Arcade Saga’


HTC is getting into the VR content development game with the launch of Vive Studios. Announced Thursday, Vive Studios is HTC’s internal VR development team that’s been stealthily creating content to be released to consumers. News Arcade Saga Games HTC HTC Vive Vive Studios

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HTC Announces Vive ‘Business Edition’ for $1200

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HTC today announced a new edition of the Vive headset targeted specifically at businesses looking to get into room-scale experiences. See Also: HTC Will Install Your Vive For $250, Now in Select U.S.

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HTC & Intel to Offer High-end Wireless VR Solution in “Early 2018”

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He claimed this was the first public showing of the HTC Vive using Intel’s WiGig technology, and further confirms that HTC is bringing the product to market in “early 2018.” HTC Vive News Bits Wireless VR displaylink xr htc vive intel wireless vr

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