UltraLeap Gemini review: use both hands in VR!

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One of the first accessories for AR/VR I had the opportunity to work on is the Leap Motion hands tracking controller : I made some cool experiments and prototypes with it and the Oculus Rift DK2. Leap Motion has also been the first important company I have interviewed in this blog.

Hand & Finger Tracking Coming Soon To The HTC Vive Pro


HTC reveals native hand/finger tracking for Vive Pro alongside 6DoF functionality for Vive Focus. It looks as though the front-facing cameras on your Vive Pro will finally begin seeing some use as HTC reveals plans to launch native support for hand and finger tracking on their high-end PC VR headset. HTC revealed the devices exciting tracking capabilities during their time at last weeks 2018 World Conference on VR Industry in Nanchang, China. Image Credit: HTC / GIPHY.

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HTC Plans to Bring Hand & Finger Tracking to Vive Pro

Road to VR

Today at the the World Conference on VR Industry in China, HTC announced plans to bring hand & finger tracking to Vive Pro via the headset’s front-facing cameras. Back in April HTC launched new tools to help developers take advantage of the Vive Pro’s largely unused front-facing cameras. This new capability, which HTC demonstrated today at the WCVRI conference, enables hand-tracking without the need of the need of externally tracked controllers.

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Gravity Sketch Is An Impressive VR 3D Modelling Tool Available Today


Created by a London-based startup, this new release isn’t so much about artistic expression (though that’s completely possible) as it is a genuine tool for creating professional 3D models. When you jump into Gravity Sketch you’ll be greeted with a simple stroke tool not too dissimilar from the ones in Tilt Brush and Quill. With my left motion controller (in this case Oculus Touch) I can change the tools in my hand to suit a variety of different needs.

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HTC Vive announces 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and teases hand tracking for Vive Pro

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Today it’s a great day for virtual reality: at WCVRI conference, HTC has just announced a kit to provide 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and has showcased a hands-tracking technology for the Vive Pro ! The Venture Reality Fund and of course HTC. Then he described virtual reality advancements, highlighting the dominant role of China and HTC in this technology. This is just a personal speculation of mine and there is not an official statement of HTC about it.

New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 12/26/16


We also have a top list of the absolute best HTC Vive games — which is updated every few months with the latest and greatest options. This one lets you try out Leap Motion controls as well as the usual position-tracked and gamepad options. Board up windows and grab whatever tools you can find to shoot down the assailants. Tagged with: Clazer , htc vive , MMORPG , new releases , nick. Experiences gaming Clazer htc vive MMORPG new releases nick

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Space and Perspective in VR


Creating a sense of space is one of the most powerful tools in a VR developer’s arsenal. Space and perspective are among the most powerful tools in a VR developer's arsenal. Click To Tweet To bring Leap Motion tracking into a VR experience, you’ll need a virtual controller within the scene attached to your VR headset. Our Unity Core Assets and the Leap Motion Unreal Engine 4 plugin both handle position and scale out-of-the-box for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Drawboard Is A Position-Tracked Pen Designed To Help You Write In VR


We’ve all tried writing in VR but, with the way we hold our Oculus Touch controllers and HTC Vive wands, it’s an awkward experience at best. It’s tracked using Leap Motion’s hand-tracking controller on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to enable six degrees of freedom (6DOF), capturing your full range of movement. Interestingly it also works with Microsoft’s Windows-based VR headsets but doesn’t require Leap Motion.

My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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Magic Leap. Me, wearing a Magic Leap One. The most important news has been for sure the launch of the Magic Leap One. You may hate or love Magic Leap, but the fact that it has released a product is for sure a great news for all the ecosystem : if after all those investments, that startup failed, it would have had a ripple effect on all the ecosystem, making investors lose trust in augmented reality. Rear view of the Magic Leap One. Leap Motion.

XTAL hands on: an interesting glimpse to Virtual Reality 2.0

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XTAL is an enterprise headset with incredible specifications, like for instance: 5120 x 1440 display resolution (2560 x 1440 per eye); OLED display Custom non-Fresnel lenses 180° diagonal FOV Spatial 3D sound from a built-in sound card Embedded microphone Embedded eye tracking Auto-IPD adjustment Embedded Leap motion v2 sensor. One is the configuration tool , that lets you configure, debug and check the device as you wish.

VRvisu Lets Doctors Study Patient’s Tumors In VR


Smith has been using an HTC Vive for the project though, instead of the kit’s position-tracked controllers, he can be seen on News 4 Jax using a Leap Motion sensor for hand-tracking. VR is finding plenty of use as a healthcare tool with similar applications. It’s VR to the rescue yet again, as a new app built by a University of North Florida student could dramatically improve cancer treatment.

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How to fix Vive controllers not working inside SteamVR games

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And not because of the motion sickness , but because something doesn’t work. Otherwise, contact HTC support to have your Vive fixed (good luck with that). There are anyway other tools that can help in configuring it properly. The system will guide you in updating the firmware if any new firmware is available; How to update the firmware on your HTC Vive devices. To enter SteamVR Beta, open Steam and Select Library -> Tools. Header image by HTC).

The XR Week Peek (2020.06.01): HP Reverb G2 launched, Qualcomm goes bullish on 5G and Wi-fi 6 and more!

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HP and Microsoft have a long track in offering enterprise hardware, so this headset may battle HTC on his own land (B2B). Rony Abovitz steps down from Magic Leap CEO. It is the end of an era: Abovitz has been the mastermind behind Magic Leap’s communication and vision.

SenseGlove review: a nice DK1 for force-feedback in VR

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Inside the box you find: 1x SenseGlove right 1x SenseGlove left 1x SenseGlove linkbox 1x power cable 1x USB connector cable short (2m/ 6.5ft) 2x USB connector cable long (3m/ 10ft) 2x HTC tracker mounts including screws 1x manual.

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VRTK vs INTERACTION BUILDER: Which one is for you?


It removes the extra utility tools to focus on an easy to use interaction development system, which is completely focalized on a painless and streamlined development process. Source VRTK is one, if not the most known open-source toolkit for VR solutions creation.

OSVR HDK 2160×1200 Screen Upgrade Kit Now Available

Road to VR

The upgraded OLED panel has a resolution of 2160×1200 and refresh rate of 90Hz, bringing the screen’s on-paper specs up to that of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. No specialized tools are needed; the 10-page instructions appear simple enough for anyone who has opened up their desktop computer to replace RAM or other components.

Build AR & VR Apps With the Open-Source Virtuoso SDK

Peter Graham

VSDK is a Unity-based solution for developers looking to create naturalistic user interactions whilst supporting a wide variety of headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest) and peripherals (bHaptics TactSuit, Leap Motion, and ManusVR gloves.). VRFocus will continue its coverage XR related development tools, reporting back with the latest updates. There are a number of ways to create your own virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) app/videogame.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.12.09): Qualcomm XR2 defines the future of XR, Magic Leap having tragic sales, and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap may be in trouble, but its CEO remains confident. It seems that soon it will release a refresh of the Magic Leap One , but we have to see if this will be enough. More info (Report on Magic Leap) More info (Rony Abovitz’s tweet).

Open Source Virtual Reality Platform Now Available on Steam


This means that the players are offered with an opportunity experience a high-edge gaming tools and technology of Virtual Reality. Apart from Sensics, OSVR is also supported by Razer, Leap Motion, Intel, Gearbox Software. The three giant players in VR – HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift consist of a dedicated store that denies access to the games that can be played with competitive headsets.

Express Yourself! Augmenting Reality with Graffiti 3D


This was what inspired me to create Graffiti 3D – a VR demo that I entered into the Leap Motion 3D Jam. While anamorphic graffiti is designed to feel three-dimensional, it’s created without the use of 3D modeling tools – just a set of spray cans. Using the Leap Motion Controller’s image passthrough, you can create something from nothing, right there in your living room: An early creation from Patrik Jensen , before I started using the Hovercast menu system.

Building an XR Vocabulary for Businesses, with XR Bootcamp’s Ferhan Ozkan

XR for Business Podcast

And we actually tried to tackle this problem with the help of major headset manufacturers - Oculus, HTC, Leap Motion, Intel -- and they supported us to create VR/AR labs around the world. And I think the tools are starting to come that will allow anybody, in any organization to start making this content. And in addition to that, we have VR/AR managers from all the Accenture, BNP Paribas, KLM, Bosch, HTC Vive. Code is a big part of what makes XR work, of course.

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Upgrading VR Storytelling

Tech Trends VR

You don a Vive Pro headset, equipped with leap-motion sensors for hand tracking, and are also able to communicate with your partner via voice. When you’re embodying each animal, their perceptions are interpreted as sensory experiences using a huge range of tools such as ultraviolet colour spectra, movements in super-slow motion, visualizations of echo sounder tracking and colour night-vision as well as spatial 3D sound.

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Review OSVR HDK2

VR Bites

The other side of the belt clip is connected to the headset itself, there is an extra USB port on the belt clip, this is probably for devices such as a Leap Motion. Razer gives the same advice as Facebook and HTC and advices minimal a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9 280 as a graphics card. On the website www.osvr.org you will find the Runtime Setup including all the essential drivers, tools, software and scripts.

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On the XR Beat, with VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi

XR for Business Podcast

I mean, it sort of makes more sense to me that, as long as the prices for the headsets are lingering up pretty high — like the Cosmos from HTC, the brand new one, it’ll be an $800 purchase. Dean: And I think more critical are these more foundational companies, like Facebook and Valve and HTC. It makes the Pro Eye more expensive than the other HTC offerings for sure. Alan: HTC’s got their enterprise division. I don’t know about Magic Leap yet.

On the XR Beat, with VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi

XR for Business Podcast

I mean, it sort of makes more sense to me that, as long as the prices for the headsets are lingering up pretty high -- like the Cosmos from HTC, the brand new one, it'll be an $800 purchase. Dean: And I think more critical are these more foundational companies, like Facebook and Valve and HTC. Dean: Getting back to the platform owners, I think if you look at HTC and some of the things that they've done. you know, they did an eye-tracking version of the HTC Vive here.

All you need to know on Oculus Connect 6: the most important news in one single article!

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HTC has actually released that for the Vive Focus Plus … Well, according to the god John Carmack , it is something about which the company has discussed a lot and has also experimented a lot. Then there are the problems that are inherent to all hands-tracking solutions like Leap Motion : no haptic feedback, virtual hands that trespass objects they are interacting with, and such. Developer tools.

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A Social VR Experiment


I am a technologist and artist, interested in the design of media production tools. AltspaceVR works with HTC Vive headsets and seems to have a healthy user base of dozens of users at any given time. As we met more new friends, we realized that something important differentiated our avatars: some people had hands with free-range motion, and others did not. AltspaceVR currently works with three types of headsets: the Oculus Rift , the HTC Vive and the Samsung Gear VR.

OSVR Roadmap: Creating an Ecosystem of Interoperable VR Hardware and Software


Since the OSVR launch in January this year, nearly 250 organizations including Intel, NVIDIA, Xilinx, Ubisoft, Leap Motion, and many others have joined the OSVR ecosystem. Concurrent with the expansion of the OSVR community, the capabilities of the software platform have grown by leaps and bounds. In the above example, these devices would be products from Leap Motion, NOD, YEI and Softkinetic.

The XR Week Peek (2020.03.23): Half-Life: Alyx launches, Oculus Del Mar leaked, PS5 revealed and more!

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And also some people of my family are now enjoying it since it is a great tool to escape the isolation we are forced into. Some of them talk about tools to organize virtual events or virtual meetings, and that can be very useful for your professional lives. Today is the day!