The XR Week Peek (2020.09.21): Quest 2 released, NVIDIA acquires ARM, Leap Motion 2 on sale, and much more!

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At Facebook Connect this week , Facebook has: Released the powerful Oculus Quest 2 , powered by Snapdragon XR2, and with a 4K display. You can finally buy the Leap Motion v2 accessory. The time for us XR developers to buy a Leap Motion 2 has finally come.

Qualcomm’s Standalone VR Is Getting Embedded Leap Motion Hand Tracking


HTC and Valve do this with their Vive controllers that are super low latency and extremely accurate and Oculus does this with their touch controllers and their extremely natural ergonomics. Thankfully, the team at Leap Motion have been working tirelessly to deliver hand tracking and late last year launched their much more compact hand tracking solution specifically aimed at mobile form factors.


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Hands-on With Leap Motion Hand-Tracking In Qualcomm’s Standalone Headset


Hand-tracking looks likely to play a big part in that future, and Leap Motion is one of a few companies leading the charge in this department. Leap’s latest, well, leap is to bring its controller-free hand tracking tech to mobile VR headsets. That ultimately means that Leap Motion might be officially integrated into not one but several standalone devices within the coming year. Tagged with: hand tracking , leap motion , qualcomm , standalone.

Leap Motion’s Interaction Engine Lets You Get a Grip in VR


Launched back in 2012, Leap Motion first introduced us to their new way of interacting with computers in three dimensions. At the time, the Leap Motion sensor sat on your desk or was built into your keyboard, allowing for natural hand and finger movement tracking. But now the Leap Motion controller has found new life as a virtual reality hand tracker. Currently no consumer VR headset has a built in hand tracking system using Leap Motion.

UltraLeap Gemini review: use both hands in VR!

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One of the first accessories for AR/VR I had the opportunity to work on is the Leap Motion hands tracking controller : I made some cool experiments and prototypes with it and the Oculus Rift DK2. Alex Colgan holding the Leap v1 (on the left) and v2 (on the right).

Oculus Rift S Onboard Cameras Could Support Finger Tracking In Future


Comments made by Oculus CTO John Carmack at Oculus Connect 5 and Twitter suggest that the upcoming Oculus Rift S cameras could support finger tracking. The report revealed the headset would be an iterative update, increasing resolution and changing to the same inside-out tracking system as the upcoming Oculus Quest. In 2016 at Oculus Connect 3 , Chief Scientist Michael Abrash made a range of predictions about VR in the year 2021.

HTC Vive FAQ: What You Need to Know About Leap Motion + SteamVR


Leap Motion adds a whole new level of expression to your virtual avatar – so you can point, wave, or dance. UE4 has built-in Vive support, and with the new official plugin release in Unreal Engine 4.11 , it’s easier than ever to get started with Leap Motion + Vive. On the Oculus Rift, the distance between the controller and your eyes is about 8 cm. Have a question about Leap Motion + HTC Vive?

HTC Vive announces 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and teases hand tracking for Vive Pro

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Today it’s a great day for virtual reality: at WCVRI conference, HTC has just announced a kit to provide 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and has showcased a hands-tracking technology for the Vive Pro ! The Venture Reality Fund and of course HTC. Then he described virtual reality advancements, highlighting the dominant role of China and HTC in this technology. This is just a personal speculation of mine and there is not an official statement of HTC about it.

Hacking the (Old) VR Developer Mount for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive


If you want to adapt your older kit to the Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC Vive, here’s a quick guide that will help: Thicker Adhesive Strips. If you have an Oculus Rift, you’ll want to get a longer extender as well. Unlike the Oculus Rift CV1, the HTC Vive has an onboard USB port that’s fully compatible with the Leap Motion Controller. The post Hacking the (Old) VR Developer Mount for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Oculus Rift Consumer Edition FAQ


With the recent release of the Oculus Rift CV1 and 1.3 SDK, you’ll also want to check out Oculus’ migration guide. Unreal Engine 4.11 doesn’t currently have Oculus 1.3 Once it arrives, the new official Leap Motion UE4 plugin should work with it right away. Do Leap Motion demos work with the 1.3 Blocks , Geometric , Pinch Move , Lyra , and Pinch Draw have all been updated to Oculus SDK 1.3, Protip: the Oculus 1.3

Designing Cat Explorer


That application became Cat Explorer , which you can download now for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In the physical world, we rely on tangible things to dissipate tremors and inaccuracies, offer mechanical constraints that restrict erratic motion, provide high fidelity feedback at the points of contact, and serve as a rest, allowing some of the arm muscles to relax while staying productive over longer periods of time. This is the core of our mission at Leap Motion.

New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 12/26/16


Don’t forget that Steam’s Winter Sale and Oculus’ as well are both still going on. We also have a top list of the absolute best HTC Vive games — which is updated every few months with the latest and greatest options. This one lets you try out Leap Motion controls as well as the usual position-tracked and gamepad options. Tagged with: Clazer , htc vive , MMORPG , new releases , nick. Experiences gaming Clazer htc vive MMORPG new releases nick

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A Hands on Look at the State of Input in VR


The devices at the time included: HTC Vive wands that shipped with the Vive headset. Oculus Touch controllers were just announced to ship late in 2016. Xbox gamepads shipped with the Oculus Rift headset. Though Oculus Rift no longer comes bundled with an Xbox controller, there are still titles being made that are compatible with gamepads across Steam, Oculus Store, and the Playstation Store. Oculus Go Controller. Oculus Touch hand controllers.

The crazy April, 30th of VR: Oculus Quest, Rift S, Oculus For Business and Valve Index!

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This is what the homepage of Oculus website shows now (Image by Oculus). As we were all expecting (also thanks to the amazing speculations of the Best Buy guys on Reddit :D), Oculus has launched both the Oculus Quest and the Rift S during the keynote of the F8 event , that happened at 10AM PT. I bought the Oculus Quest!!! With them, Oculus is trying to enter more into the mainstream market, and in my opinion, it will manage to fulfill this purpose in part.

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.09.22): Oculus working on AR glasses with Luxottica, Apple glasses FOV discovered and much more!

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Considering that Facebook is very smart also in leaking misleading info (as it has happened with the “Monterey” headset ), this can also be a move from Menlo Park to create hype for the upcoming Oculus Connect 6 and the AR glasses that will be teased there. The Oculus Connect 6 is coming! Next week, on Wednesday and Thursday, Oculus will hold his yearly gathering, where it will showcase all its newest innovations. HTC has a new CEO: Yves Maitre.

Apple 247

Unity Core Assets 101: How to Start Building Your VR Project


With the Leap Motion Unity Core Assets and Modules , you can start building right away with features like custom-designed hands, user interfaces, and event triggers. Leap Motion Core Assets. The Leap Motion Unity assets provide an easy way to bring hands into a Unity game. they support both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The post Unity Core Assets 101: How to Start Building Your VR Project appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Unity 37

RealMax Qian review: wide FOV AR is amazing!

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In my unboxing video, you may see that I’ve found an additional Leap Motion v1 controller + Leap Motion mount for RealMax + USB-C cable for Leap Motion. If you need a wide-FOV AR headset and you have a limited budget, go for the Leap Motion North Star.

AR 391

Welcome to the World’s First VR Dance Competition!


All you need to enter is a VR headset, Leap Motion Controller, and AltspaceVR user account. For the final round, we’re excited to announce our judges: David Holz , CTO of Leap Motion. The contest is not open to employees of Leap Motion, AltspaceVR, NVIDIA, or anyone else associated with the development, judging, or administration of the contest. appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. Get ready to raise the roof!

Unity 29

Facebook Files Patent For VR Finger Tracking AI Armband


Leap Motion shipped a finger tracking kit for the Oculus DK2 all the way back in 2014, but the tracking quality left a lot to be desired. HTC announced finger tracking for the Vive Pro late last year, but that hasn’t shipped yet and the tracking quality is currently unknown. Facebook Oculus facebook Faceboook Reality Labs finger tracking oculus patent research

Space and Perspective in VR


Click To Tweet To bring Leap Motion tracking into a VR experience, you’ll need a virtual controller within the scene attached to your VR headset. Our Unity Core Assets and the Leap Motion Unreal Engine 4 plugin both handle position and scale out-of-the-box for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. For the Oculus Rift, this offset is 80mm, while on the HTC Vive it’s closer to 90mm.

VEC 2019 – All the most important news from the Vive Ecosystem Conference

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After having detailed his vision for a better future where we all will wear an XR headset, Alvin has started introducing HTC’s vision for the Vive Focus Plus. Honestly, I find it a smart idea for this moment, but I also think that HTC has to invest more to have more content on Viveport on the long term if it plans to fight with Oculus and its upcoming Quest. That’s why HTC is targeting the profitable enterprise niche. Hit Motion: Reloaded.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.15): Apple kills its AR glasses, Oculus full-steam ahead on 2nd gen VR and much more!

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Oculus is working on 2nd gen VR. Mark Zuckerberg told that Oculus Quest closed the first generation of VR and so Oculus is now working on its second generation. Oculus has already pre-announced great things for Oculus Connect 6 (involving AR and VR) and for sure that event will be the occasion to let us understand what is this new VR that Oculus will give us. We don’t know what Oculus will present, but we have some hints.

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Drawboard Is A Position-Tracked Pen Designed To Help You Write In VR


We’ve all tried writing in VR but, with the way we hold our Oculus Touch controllers and HTC Vive wands, it’s an awkward experience at best. It’s tracked using Leap Motion’s hand-tracking controller on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to enable six degrees of freedom (6DOF), capturing your full range of movement. Interestingly it also works with Microsoft’s Windows-based VR headsets but doesn’t require Leap Motion.

All you need to know on Oculus Connect 6: the most important news in one single article!

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This week has been the week of the Oculus Connect 6 , the biggest yearly event by Oculus where the VR company announces all its most important news, both on hardware and software sides. And as any year, Oculus has really amazed us: for sure you have already read my short recap published after the first keynote of OC6 where I told you about amazing stuff like Oculus Link, Facebook Horizon and Hands Tracking. Oculus Link. Oculus Quest running Go apps.

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My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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Magic Leap. Me, wearing a Magic Leap One. The most important news has been for sure the launch of the Magic Leap One. You may hate or love Magic Leap, but the fact that it has released a product is for sure a great news for all the ecosystem : if after all those investments, that startup failed, it would have had a ripple effect on all the ecosystem, making investors lose trust in augmented reality. Rear view of the Magic Leap One. Leap Motion.

‘FlyInside Flight Simulator’ Preview – A Promising Start in VR-native Flying

Road to VR

FlyInside FSX , the crowdfunded VR plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (2006) , was built well before first-party VR motion controllers existed, developed back in the DK2-era of 2015 as an ad hoc way of jumping into an already highly-detailed flight sim. What’s different about FlyInside though is both Rift and Vive users can use their respective motion controllers to manipulate levers, buttons, and requisite knobs.

Made-For-VR ‘FlyInside’ Is What VR Flight Simulation Needs


FlyInside is a made for VR flight sim which supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows MR heasdsets. The project raised more than double its $13,500 goal, unlocking Leap Motion support as a stretch goal, as well as support for Prepar3D, a newer flight simulator based on the FSX codebase. You can use your VR controllers as virtual hands, Leap Motion to use your fingers directly, or the traditional option of a HOTAS (joystick).

This Accessory Lets You Control Almost Any VR Headset with Gestures

Next Reality VR

The Oculus Rift's virtual experiences become a little less immersive when you're barely moving in a chair with a headset on, playing on a gamepad—but you don't have to accept that reality anymore. But Leap Motion has a universal mounting kit for their motion sensor that lets you control nearly any virtual reality headset with gestures. If you're using an HTC Vive or holding.

XTAL hands on: an interesting glimpse to Virtual Reality 2.0

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XTAL is an enterprise headset with incredible specifications, like for instance: 5120 x 1440 display resolution (2560 x 1440 per eye); OLED display Custom non-Fresnel lenses 180° diagonal FOV Spatial 3D sound from a built-in sound card Embedded microphone Embedded eye tracking Auto-IPD adjustment Embedded Leap motion v2 sensor. Regarding the cost, for instance, Oculus can afford to sell its devices under cost, because it has Facebook’s deep pockets covering the losses.

Gravity Sketch Is An Impressive VR 3D Modelling Tool Available Today


Between Google’s Tilt Brush and Blocks and Oculus’ Medium and Quill you might not think there’s much room for more creative experiences within VR. With my left motion controller (in this case Oculus Touch) I can change the tools in my hand to suit a variety of different needs. Leap Motion support is included for example, allowing you to bring hand-tracking into the experience.

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Valve shows Knuckles prototype controllers v2

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One of the biggest drawbacks of HTC Vive headsets with regard to Oculus Rift are the controllers: while Oculus Touch is ergonomic and can emulate the hands quite well, Vive has controllers that are quite big and are usable only as wands. Both of these things are impossible with Oculus Touch, so we are all very excited regarding these new devices. It is still not perfect ( Leap Motion is still more accurate), but surely it is a step forward from the Oculus Touch.

Vive Focus enter version 2.0 at VEC 2018

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It is a square one, so it seems that the system takes the undistorted view of one eye, exactly as the Oculus Go does when recording a video. From my tests, the image on the screen appears slightly distorted, so there will be something to fix on HTC’s side. Better integration with HTC phones. Yesterday HTC has also unveiled its new flagship phone, the HTC U12+. The Vive Focus and its friend the HTC U12+ phone (Image by HTC). Image by HTC).

Bohemia’s ‘Virtual Battlespace 3’ Military Sim Adds Rift CV1 and Vive Support


Virtual Battlespace 3 , a professional simulation experience from Bohemia Interactive Simulations, today added support for the Oculus Rift’s consumer version (CV1) and the HTC Vive as part of its v3.9.2 Our customers are quickly finding clever ways to use the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to fill gaps in existing training systems,” said Otakar Nieder, senior director of development for Bohemia Interactive Simulations in a prepared statement.

Sources: Valve Planning 135° VR Headset Bundled With ‘Knuckles’ Controllers And Half-Life VR


Instead, the company partnered with HTC to release the Vive in 2016, and then HTC released the higher end ‘Vive Pro’ earlier this year. The leaked Valve headset features what appear to be SteamVR tracking photodiodes under the plastic (similar to how Oculus hides IR LEDs under the Rift). Looks like a Leap Motion sensor could fit on the front faceplate of this Valve HMD prototype.

The DeanBeat: The Building Blocks Of Better AR/VR At Augmented World Expo


The resolution of the headset displays is much better than what is in the market today in the form of Oculus or HTC Vive VR headsets. Above: Ultrahaptics and Leap Motion combined their technologies at AWE 2019. That’s what Ultrahaptics and its newly acquired Leap Motion company were showing at the Playground area of the expo at AWE. I could see my fingers in VR and move them around, thanks to the Leap Motion tech.

AR 185

How to fix Vive controllers not working inside SteamVR games

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And not because of the motion sickness , but because something doesn’t work. And that’s ok, it is still a new technology and it has already made big steps forward (I remember all the computer crashes I had at the Oculus DK 2 times!), Recently I had a big issue with my VR controllers in SteamVR (both with Oculus and Vive) and so I’m writing this post to try to help you in solving it. Leap Motion driver and runtime. Header image by HTC).

GDC 2018 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed


HTC Launches Three Ready Player One VR Experiences Today. Oculus’ Hardware Reports Reveal Less Than Half Of Gear Owners Use Motion Controller. Magic Leap’s Design Discussion Reveals Very Few Real Details (Surprise!). Amazing New Leap Motion Concept Videos. They Suspect Nothing Is Coatsink’s First Game For Oculus Go. Hands-On: Oculus Go Feels Like A Solid $200 Standalone VR Headset. Oculus’ Santa Cruz Dev Kit Gets Two New Images.