How to Clean Your VR Headset

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All joking aside, it’s pretty impractical to completely sterilize your headset—no matter how germaphobic you may find yourself these days—but you can still get peace of mind with a thorough cleaning and a few preventative measures to make the process easier next time around.

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How to be a good VR startupper – Part 1

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This is the week of this blog’s birthday and so I’m publishing a very special post, that I’m going to split into two parts. If you are not into VR, don’t worry… most of these rules apply to all kinds of companies. So, you have to manage both very carefully.

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How to update your Oculus Go and Vive Focus

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Today I decided to take my Oculus Go out of its box again after a lot of time of inactivity. I’m updating mine, for instance, to have Casting (the streaming to phone capability announced at OC5 ). So, how to update your Oculus Go operating system?

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How to fix Vive controllers not working inside SteamVR games

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Recently I had a big issue with my VR controllers in SteamVR (both with Oculus and Vive) and so I’m writing this post to try to help you in solving it. I bought my Vive to experiment with 7Invensun eye tracking and I was really enthusiast about trying eye-tracked UX.

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How to take screenshots on the Vive Focus

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As a blogger, I often need to show you the content of the headset I’m using to show you what I’m working on. In the last months, I’m using a lot the Vive Focus and so I often felt the need to shoot a video or take a picture inside this headset.

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How To Achieve Room Scale VR With The Oculus Rift


” Oculus’ biggest rival is the HTC Vive and debate over the superiority of these two headsets has raged since they launched earlier this year. The architecture of the Oculus constellation tracking system has always seemed to have the potential to achieve room scale in the end.

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How To Play Stormland On Valve Index Or HTC Vive


Thanks to a patch developed by a self-described “computer geek homeschooler” in communication with the developer of Revive, you can now play Stormland on your non-Oculus PC VR headset! Sometimes Revive needs a specific patch to support the latest Oculus games.

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No Man’s Sky VR Guide: How to Get Your First Freighter (For Free)


But how does one come into possession of such a titanic craft? But before I explain how to get your first freighter (for free) in No Man’s Sky VR, I want to break down the way that freighters are classified. Guess who’s extending an offer to replace them?

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How to create an Augmented Reality app for the Vive Focus in Unity

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On Friday, I’ve published on my social media channels a video where I showcased that I have been able to create an augmented reality app for the Vive Focus. I promised that today I would have shown you how I did it and so now I am here writing this article to keep my promise.

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How to remove safety boundaries on Lenovo Mirage Solo and Vive Focus

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6 DOF Virtual reality standalone headsets are cool, but of course introduce some safety problems : how can you be sure that moving you aren’t going to stumble on a wall, on a cat or on your girlfriend? But, how can you do that? Let’s see how to disable that.

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FragmentVR review and how to: an useful utility to see your real world from inside SteamVR

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Have you already found yourself inside a virtual reality experience with the willing of having a window open to the real world so to be able to be aware of your surroundings, so to be able to find your keyboard or to keep an eye on your baby?

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How to run Oculus Rift Software on HTC Vive


But what if you have the HTC Vive? You're in luck because Reddit user CrossVR has released a "modification" to the Oculus software on GitHub to allow a limited set of software to run on the Vive. How to run Lucky's Tale on HTC Vive Download the Lucky's Tale patch here.

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How To Make FrankenQuest, Oculus Quest’s Best Comfort Mod


It makes the headset much easier to use, gives you better audio and doesn’t require you to damage your unit. But how do you make a FrankenQuest? Read on to find out! Well, let my voice join the chorus; FrankenQuest is really easy to do.

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How To Attend Zoom, Skype, Hangouts Meetings In VR With SPACES


With more people than ever working from home as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us find ourselves relying upon various video messaging apps and teleconferencing solutions to effectively communicate with team members and coordinate on projects remotely.

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In this video Nathie will explain how you can play GTA 5 Singleplayer and Online with the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive in Virtual Reality. When you double checked everything you have to launch VorpX and start up GTA 5 right after that. Gameplay HOW-TO Nathie YouTube Players GTA V how-to the climb vrVorpX [link] (3D Injection Driver). FOV Mod… com/misc/gta-v-… (Optional, would recommend).

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Watch: ‘Robo Recall’ is Playable on HTC Vive Using ‘Revive’ Mod, Here’s How

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Oculus Rift exclusive title Robo Recall – which launched just yesterday – can already be played on the HTC Vive, using the infamous Revive mod. And, as you can see in this video, the game seems to work remarkably well. You’ll need to stump up the £22.99 ($29.99

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Face an active shooter with HTC Vive


Covering yourself is an excellent idea to protect from flying debris and shattered glass, but how are people prepared to handle other situations that arise in the classroom and office buildings? The user has four options as to how they will react.

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How to Sharpen Your HTC Vive’s Visuals with Supersampling

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Want to substantially improve image quality whilst immersed in your HTC Vive? Here’s details of a new tweak that allows you to engage supersampling in SteamVR and compatible games with the resulting differences impressive – as long as your system can handle it.

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VR Can Help You Learn How to Drum


Rhythm game titles like Beat Saber and Audio Shield have adherents that mod and ultimately let you build amazing skills—sometimes developing their own music tracks for you to play. Drumming is another musical instrument that lends itself well to VR.

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How to Play ‘No Man’s Sky’ in VR (Warning: Strong Stomach Required)

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This is how to get No Man’s Sky running on your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset using the VR injection driver VorpX. Be warned though, you’ll need to have an iron constitution before setting out.

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How To Take A Screenshot In Virtual Reality


Were you playing a VR game recently and wanted to capture something you saw, but didn’t know how? The trick is just knowing the specific shortcut or menu to use. On the menu, navigate to Sharing and then click Take Photo. HTC Vive / Valve Index.

How to Watch Oculus Connect 6 Keynotes Live in VR

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Taking place on September 25th and 26th at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in California, this year promises to be where “the next chapter for AR and VR begins,” Oculus says. The post How to Watch Oculus Connect 6 Keynotes Live in VR appeared first on Road to VR.

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How to Build a Budget Virtual Reality Ready PC for UNDER $699


In March last year I wrote about how to build an Oculus Rift Ready PC for under $1,000. How is this possible? AMD introduced their new 14nm Polaris based GPU, the AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB with the goal to make high-end gaming available for just over $200.

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Follow This HTC Vive Flow Chart To Figure Out What To Play


The post Follow This HTC Vive Flow Chart To Figure Out What To Play appeared first on UploadVR. How-to flow chart htc Vive what to play

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15 things to keep in mind if you have to showcase your VR game in China

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As I always do, I would like to share these lessons with you , so that if you will ever have to go to exhibit in China, you will be prepared. Let’s start: what are my pieces of advice if you have to showcase your game in China? Translate your game to Chinese.

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CES 2019: HTC Vive CES Press Conference – How To Follow And What To Expect


We’re not too sure what to expect from this year’s show but you can be sure that there’ll be news at the HTC Vive CES press conference today. HTC’s latest showcase will kick off at 1pm PT in Vegas today. In the past the company hasn’t streamed its shows and we wouldn’t expect this to be any different. We will, however, be on-site to bring you the latest updates. The truck is loaded and we’re excited be on our way to #CES2019.

Vive Focus 6 DOF controllers devkit unboxing and setup instructions

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Santa Alvin working during Christmas Eve to give gifts to all VR enthusiasts (Original image taken by Santa Claus Photo Montage app). HTC is sending these devkits to selected developers to let them experiment with the devices, provide feedback and create 6 DOF applications.

How To Enable NVIDIA VRSS On RTX Cards For Sharper VR Quality In Supported Games


Here’s how to enable it for supported games. To use VRSS, you’ll need to be on driver version 441.87 This is a stable release — so there is no need to download Beta drivers. Once it opens, navigate to the Manage 3D settings tab.

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Play Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games with your smartphone

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Play Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games with your smartphone. The most logical choice seems to be the smartphone with its high resolution screen and same components that can be found in modern VR glasses like the Rift and Vive. To use SideloadVR, you need a developer account with Oculus.

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7Invensun aGlass DK II unboxing, setup and review: a great dev kit for eye tracking in VR

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Being them very kind, they gave me as a gift an aGlass DK II eye tracking add on for HTC Vive and I used it to experiment with eye tracking interfaces. So, keep reading to know everything about the aGlass DK II! aGlass DK II box on top of HTC Vive one.

How to Tell if Your PC is VR Ready

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With content for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive maturing since their respective launches last year, there’s more reason than ever to finally jump into VR—especially now that the Rift + Touch is on sale for $400. Here’s how to find out.

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Fallout 4 VR: How To Explore The Wasteland Using HTC Vive


In preparation for the release of Fallout 4 VR next week, Bethesda has released a new video showing off the controls, combat and how to use power armor in virtual reality.

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How To Stream VR Games From Rift, Vive, And PSVR To Twitch And More


Here at UploadVR we stream our VR games on Twitch (in the past we did YouTube and Facebook as well) and try to show off all of the latest and best games — as well as have some fun with viewer recommendations. What You NEED To Download and Buy. You also need to buy a webcam.

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Sony’s PSVR Video Quick Start Guide Makes Way for Arrival of New Model (CUH-ZVR2)

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Now that Sony’s hardware refresh of PlayStation VR is nearly here with Christmas around the bend, the company has published an updated version of it 3-part guide on how to set up PSVR including instructions for both models, CUH-ZVR1 and CUH-ZVR2. Connect the PS Camera to PS4.

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What is the Valve Index? Everything you need to know: features, specs, price and how to preorder it!

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After having only been behind the curtains for what concerns creating Virtual Reality headsets, Valve has finally decided to create its own device , and as you may imagine, it is a very special one. But this time, Valve has made it without the collaboration of HTC.

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How To Access Your Personal Files From The Oculus Go


Facebook’s Oculus Go is a great device made even better by easy access to your personal files. According to a recent SuperData Research report, it’s predicted that Facebook will sell 1.8 Like Windows, you will simply connect your Oculus Go to your Chromebook.

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How to Run DiRT Rally on HTC Vive with Revive


But what about HTC Vive owners? release allowing HTC Vive owners to play Dirt Rally. Extract all files to a folder. Go to the installation directory for the game. Enjoy Dirt Rally on your HTC Vive. HTC HTC Vive Oculus Valve

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