Unity Now Supports Vulkan On Oculus Quest & Go


The Unity game engine, which powers most of the apps on the Oculus standalone store, now supports the Vulkan graphics API with Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. Like DX12 for Windows and Metal for Apple hardware, Vulkan is a “low level” graphics API (LLAPI). NOTE: While Unity 2019.3

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WorldViz Laughs Off Room-Scale VR, Introduces ‘Warehouse-Scale’ for Unreal & Unity


That’s what WorldViz is asking today as it introduces Unity and Unreal Engine support for its self-labelled ‘Warehouse-Scale’ VR technology. The post WorldViz Laughs Off Room-Scale VR, Introduces ‘Warehouse-Scale’ for Unreal & Unity appeared first on UploadVR. hardware PPT system Unity 5. unreal engine 4 WorldVizRoom-Scale tracking is currently the pinnacle of immersive VR, but why stop at your living room?

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Unity ‘Accelerating efforts’ on OpenXR Support, Preview Expected by End of Year

Road to VR

Unity has long been a public supporter of OpenXR—an industry standard designed to streamline VR development by making it easier for apps to support a wide range of headsets—but the company has yet to deploy support for the standard. Technical Product Manager of AR/VR at Unity.

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The XR Week Peek (2021.03.08): Microsoft launches Mesh, HTC and Pico tease new hardware, and more!

The Ghost Howls

HTC is teasing the launch of a new hardware. More info (HTC is going to launch a new hardware) More info (Second tweet from HTC) More info (Third tweet from HTC). The post The XR Week Peek (2021.03.08): Microsoft launches Mesh, HTC and Pico tease new hardware, and more!

Unity is Making its High Definition Render Pipeline VR Compatible Allowing Photorealistic Visuals

Peter Graham

When it comes to developing virtual reality (VR) videogames there are two primary engines studios use, either Epic Games’ Unreal Engine or Unity by Unity Technologies. of the HDRP now verified, Unity has confirmed that all HDRP features are compatible with VR.

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VRTK v4 Beta Makes The Best Unity VR Framework Even Better


It brings numerous improvements including making it more modular and more hardware agnostic. From his bedroom in the UK, he decided to make one- he called it SteamVR Unity Toolkit. The toolkit quickly became the most popular Unity VR framework with thousands of developers using it. If the SteamVR Plugin had a major update (and it did eventually) VRTK would break, and supporting future hardware would require ever more complex abstraction layers.

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Oculus Made It Easier For Unity Devs To Port Rift Games To HTC Vive


Facebook’s Oculus released a new update to its Unity integration package to make it easier for developers of Rift-only games to port to HTC Vive. What makes modern game engines like Unity so useful for both developers and end users is that they support many platforms with the same project and code — eliminating development time to “port” a game from one platform to the other. This is also just for Unity, not Unreal Engine.

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Magic Leap Reveals Developer Demo, Confirms NVIDIA TX2 Hardware

Road to VR

Today during Magic Leap’s developer livestream the company offered the first details on the compute hardware that’s built into the device, confirming that an NVIDIA CPU/GPU module, and also showed a brief developer sample demonstrating world meshing and gesture input. The headset connects to a belt-clipped module which contains the battery and compute hardware. The hardware resources are divided between the system and the developer.

Oculus Quest To Get ‘Prototype’ OpenXR Support Later This Month


An API (application programming interface) allows software to interact with other software or hardware. The problem with the Oculus API is that apps developed with it can only run on Oculus hardware (without hacks).

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Axon Park and Survios’ CTO to Teach Unreal Engine VR Masterclass

Peter Graham

Axon Park has begun a strategic partnership with VR First with the Unreal Engine VR Masterclass being the first endeavour. They’ve brought on board Survios CTO and Co-Founder Alex Silkin to teach the course who will also be supported by the Unreal Engine Team. Starting on 4th September and running for 14 weeks until 11th December 2019, the course is designed for expert-level developers used to Unity (or other engines) who want to learn Unreal Engine 4 of VR.

Varjo Promises “Human-Eye” Resolution With VR-1 Headset


Industry-caliber VR/XR specialists Varjo today announced their latest hardware release, the Varjo VR-1. Alongside its proprietary 20/20 eye tracker and 60-PPD Bionic Display with “human-eye” resolution, the VR-1 also features support for a large helping of photorealistic virtual workflows, including Unreal Engine, Unity, Autodesk, VRRED, PREPAR3D, ZeroLight, and VBS Blue.

Apple Sets Stage For VR; Shows Off Star Wars Vive Demo


” SteamVR will also be joined on Mac systems by the Unreal and Unity video game engines, all tying directly into today’s newly announced Metal 2 video-processing API. Apple showcasing a combination of HTC Vive and Steam VR signals a new strategy on what the company may have planned when it comes to hardware development and third-party partners. News Apple HTC Vive Metal 2 Star Wars Unity Unreal WWDC

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Unity Raises $181 Million Series C in Anticipation of VR/AR Growth

Road to VR

Unity Technologies has announced a $181 million Series C investment led by DFJ Growth, a venture capital firm with the likes of Twitter and Tesla in their portfolio, in order to continue their dominance of the game engine market. Unity claims to have 45% of the “full feature game engine market” and even more in the mobile 3D gaming space (yes, Pokémon Go is running on Unity). See Also: Unreal Engine and Unity to get NVIDIA’s New VR Rendering Tech.

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How Modding Communities Are Paving The Way For User-Generated VR & AR Content


Modding is the act of modifying hardware, software, or virtually anything else to perform a function not originally conceived or intended by the designer. The acceptance of modding communities hints to the growth of a collective economy across global creative and innovation-based industries.

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Tilt Five Kickstarter Crests 300% Funding For Tabletop AR Platform


Opting for mobile/PC-powered glasses also increases their comfort by reducing their weight, and allows for the platform to adapt to new hardware and software advancements without needing an entirely new headset. The Tilt Five team invites those interested in developing for the platform to contact them , as they can provide an SDK with ready-made plugins for Unity 5.5+ and Unreal Engine 4. .

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Survios CTO to Teach Full Semester VR Development Course in a Virtual Classroom

Road to VR

Now, Survios CTO and co-founder Alex Silkin is set to share his experience by teaching a full semester course on expert-level Unreal Engine VR development. Axon Park has partnered with VR First , an organization which maintains a network of international VR lab-enabled universities and science parks; the partnership will provide needs-based scholarships to get students either low-cost or free access to VR hardware and resources through their partner network of 850 universities.

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Featured Platform: Getnamo’s Community Plugin for Unreal Engine 4


Today on the blog, we’re spotlighting getnamo’s community Leap Motion plugin for Unreal Engine 4, which offers some unique capabilities alongside the official plugin. Featuring passthrough capability , new collision assets , and out-of-the-box Oculus Rift VR/AR support, getnamo’s plugin exposes the entire Leap Motion API to Unreal’s Blueprint system. This feature is fully documented with a guide on the Unreal forums. Breaking into Unreal development for the first time?

Epic Games buys UK facial mapping startup Cubic Motion

TechCrunch VR

The game studio behind Fortnite and the Unreal Engine has already done plenty of work with the UK-based startup, creating a number of tech demos over the past several years that have centered on translating an actor’s facial movements to a digital character in real-time.

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HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Launches In May For $1,249

Upload VR

The SDK will also arrive in May and supports both Unity and Unreal. VR Hardware hp hp reverb g2 HP Reverb G2 Omnicept HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition instantsocial top stories

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NVIDIA’s DLSS AI-Upscaling SDK Now Supports VR Titles

Upload VR

It’s also now listed in the DLSS Unreal Engine changelog. Most VR titles are made using Unity, which doesn’t yet support DLSS at all. We’ll keep a close eye on Unreal Engine titles. PC Hardware

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Developers Begin Exploring Magic Leap SDK


This allows you to test apps with emulated hardware. The release of the Lumin SDK does confirm a few thing about the headset’s capabilities that some of us have been wondering, including eye tracking, room scanning and meshing, 6DOF hand controller tracking, and Unreal/Unity engine support. News AR Augmented Reality Hardware Magic LeapMagic Leap launches “Creator Portal” to let you start creating content.

HTC Vive FAQ: What You Need to Know About Leap Motion + SteamVR


Along with last week’s Unreal 4.11 Here’s a quick guide to everything from Lighthouse tracking to Unreal development. How can I build with Unreal Engine? UE4 has built-in Vive support, and with the new official plugin release in Unreal Engine 4.11 , it’s easier than ever to get started with Leap Motion + Vive. To get started with Unreal Engine and Vive, visit developer.leapmotion.com/unreal. Do the Unity assets support Vive?

Varjo’s XR-3 And VR-3 Headsets Blend The Line Between VR & AR


Earlier this morning, VR hardware manufacturer Varjo revealed the latest additions to its lineup of human-eye resolution mixed reality headsets, the Varjo XR-3 and Varjo VR-3. We’re excited to see how the newest Varjo hardware will continue to drive innovation and enable new possibilities.”.

AR 332

Triton Project is an affordable DIY AR headset

The Ghost Howls

With Pumori.io , I had created 6 Unity apps that demo UI/UX concepts on the Project North Star headset. However, I had to manually switch between unity packages to demo different apps which led me to taking on and off the headset constantly. .

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Facebook Follows Valve & Microsoft In Recommending Game Engines Use OpenXR

Upload VR

Most VR games are made with the Unity and Unreal game engines. Unreal added support for OpenXR this year, and Unity plans to do the same by next year. Earlier this week, Facebook added a latency-reducing option called Phase Sync to the Unity & Unreal integrations.

OpenBCI: games using brain-interfaces are coming in 3 years

The Ghost Howls

Galea is a hardware and software platform for bringing advanced biometrics to HMDs. The Galea hardware is designed to be integrated into existing HMDs and is the first device that simultaneously collects data from the wearer’s brain, eyes, heart, skin, and muscles.

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Welcome to the 2015 3D Jam!


The AR/VR track covers experiences built on tethered HMDs like the Oculus Rift, while the Open track covers desktop, hardware hacks, and the Internet of Things. If you haven’t already, we encourage competitors to register and get their hardware as early as possible. Everyone who registers gets a special discount code for our web store, and teams with complete submissions get refunds for the cost of their hardware. 4th Prize: $2,500, Unity Pro, OSVR HDK.

How I got started with virtual reality (and you can, too)

The Ghost Howls

It was too early for Unity, but they taught me about C++, C#, Java, OpenCV, OpenGL and other fancy development stuff. Unity. The weakness of the gamedev community disappointed me, but I decided that since everyone was using Unity, I should learn it myself.

WorldViz VR solutions help university research

Hypergrid Business

VizMove is the world’s only complete multi-user hardware and software solution that allows users to build and experience virtual reality environments. It also comes with Vizard studio , a virtual reality application development studio that allows users to design, deploy and modify their own 3D applications in variety of virtual reality environments and hardware. The university is now using Unity heavily.

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From Orion to Mobile VR: Leap Motion in 2016


The reaction from our community was incredible: The Orion beta makes it feel like new hardware. Redesigning our Unity Core Assets. MARCH 2: To match the new capabilities of Leap Motion Orion with the performance demands of VR, we gave our Unity toolset an overhaul from the ground up. How an indie #LeapMotion project became part of #UE4: [link] Click To Tweet Leap Motion VR support directly integrated in Unreal Engine. Unity Module for user interface input.

Hands-on: Logitech is Building the SteamVR Stylus That Needs to Exist

Road to VR

The company is of course using this opportunity to connect with more partners who are interested in using or integrating with the VR Ink stylus, though they’re already touting initial integrations with Tilt Brush and Vector Suite , and committing to an SDK for both Unity and Unreal Engine. Feature hardware preview News SteamVR Controllers VR Controllers VR Input logitech logitech stylus logitech vr ink logitech vr ink pilot edition logitech vr stylus

Manus VR Introduces New Prime Series With Haptic Feedback


According to a company representative via email, the differences are as follows: The Prime One is the core of our product line, an all-round wireless data glove that tracks individual fingers on two joints, and that can stream the data directly into Unity, Unreal, Motionbuilder or one of the large enterprise software platforms such as IC.IDO or Vizard. Controllers Hand Tracking Haptics Hardware Motion Capture gloves manus vr Manus VR Prime

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New 4K ‘Spatial Reality Display’ From Sony Has Glasses-Free 3D

Upload VR

A “powerful” Windows PC running either Unity or Unreal Engine is required to actually create the 3D content; Mac support is expected in the future.

Sony 83

OSVR Roadmap: Creating an Ecosystem of Interoperable VR Hardware and Software


Future Plans In the coming months, I believe that the OSVR team, OSVR hardware partners, and other OSVR contributors will significantly expand the number of devices supported by OSVR. Game Engines Overview OSVR performs a very important service for both game engines as well as for hardware devices that wish to be supported by these engines. and numerous hardware devices. Unity/Android also works on top of OSVR/Android.

NVIDIA Announces Bigger, Better Toolkit for VR Developers


Key components of VRWorks are being adopted by industry leading graphics engines such as Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 to provide developers an easy path to taking advantage of the SDK in their games and applications. It’s the only hardware-accelerated and path-traced audio solution that creates a complete acoustic image of the environment in real time without requiring any “pre-baked” knowledge of the scene.

CES 2019: I Streamed PC VR Games To An Oculus Go With TPCast Air


So the demos I tried were TheBlu, a classic VR showpiece that’s entirely passive as you watch fish swim all around you, and a walkthrough demo of an apartment complex rendered in a game engine (I think it was Unity or Unreal). Based on how well TPCast Plus and original TPCast hardware functions , I like to think that it may actually work really well. CES Enterprise Hardware VR Industry News Oculus Go Oculus Quest TPCAST TPCast Air

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Reach into the Digital World: Getting Started with Leap Motion @ HackingEDU


The hardware itself is fairly simple, with three LEDs and two infrared cameras. Our Unity , Unreal , and JavaScript integrations already include model hands that you can quickly drop into any project. Building a 3D Desktop App with Unity. Unity is a powerful game engine that makes it easy to rapidly build and develop desktop and VR projects. You can weave music from the air or create a physics simulation like this gravity mesh example: Hardware Hacks.