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from Razer. The result was somewhat disappointing, so Razer assisted to show me their latest model. Razer helped me out of that illusion. They clearly stated that the HDK is designed for developers and semi-professionals who like to hack hardware and software. Hardware.

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OSVR Roadmap: Creating an Ecosystem of Interoperable VR Hardware and Software


Created by Sensics and Razer, OSVR includes two independent components: 1) the OSVR software platform and 2) the open-source Hacker Development Kit VR headset. and numerous hardware devices. Unity/Android also works on top of OSVR/Android.

Sensics Releases High Resolution VR Headset Built Specially for Arcades and Theme Parks

Road to VR

Sensics, a co-founder of Razer’s OSVR initiative which produced the HDK headset , has a pretty specific approach on how out-of-home VR headsets should differ from their consumer counterparts. Supported by all major game engines including Unity, Unreal and more.

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VR Bound Announces Nominees For Inaugural 2017 VR Awards


VR was a big part of last year with new experiences, hardware and companies pushing the technology to the forefront of our everyday lives. Razer – OSVR. Nominees for VR Hardware of the Year. An evening dedicated to celebrating the past years VR accomplishments.

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How to fix Vive controllers not working inside SteamVR games

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This way you can exclude some hardware failure. In my case, the controllers weren’t detected in any app, not even in Unity when developing for VR. This confirmed that I had some problems with SteamVR installation and was not a matter of hardware. Razer Synapse.

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Express Yourself! Augmenting Reality with Graffiti 3D


Similarly, VRClay and Virtual Clay use Razer Hydras to sculpt meshes in 3D. Gravity Sketch uses a custom hardware “AR tablet” as the input device – essentially a flat plane and stylus are combined with control sticks for rotation and translation.

OSVR - a Look Ahead


Sensics and Razer launched OSVR 18 months ago with the intent of democratizing VR. The OSVR goggle – called the Hacker Development Kit – has seen several major hardware improvements. VR arcades, for instance, might use custom hardware or professional tracking systems. Many game engines – such as Unity, Unreal and SteamVR- immediately support it. These businesses are discovering that different applications have different hardware and software requirements.