NextVR Held Significant Layoffs Today


Cole said their live production schedule remains unaffected through the layoffs, with a broadcast tomorrow planned of the NBA game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Atlanta Hawks. While other struggling companies have planned patent sales, pivoted to other businesses or suspended hardware sales , according to Cole, NextVR is continuing its course at its reduced size. Live streaming VR company NextVR held significant layoffs on January 14, 2019.

The New Front Row: How VR Sports Change the Game for Fans


Interestingly enough, NextVR also played a significant role in drawing Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder to form the Warriors superteam. EON Sports powers the fan experience behind Penn State and Miami sports, selling affordable hardware to bring audiences closer to the game. “ For those of us without a SAG membership or platinum album plaques on the wall, sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden seems like a dream. Thanks to VR, the dream is virtually real.

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