The XR Week Peek (2021.03.08): Microsoft launches Mesh, HTC and Pico tease new hardware, and more!

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Image by HTC). HTC is teasing the launch of a new hardware. With a tweet, HTC has just teased the upcoming launch of a new device. More info (HTC is going to launch a new hardware) More info (Second tweet from HTC) More info (Third tweet from HTC).

HTC Vive Cosmos Supports Optical Finger Tracking


The HTC Vive Cosmos will support the same finger tracking SDK as Vive and Vive Pro, as shown in a video posted to Twitter by HTC Vive’s China President. HTC released finger tracking for Vive and Vive Pro back in March. Developers can integrate it into their app and it will work on any HTC VR headset. The SDK is available as a free plugin for Unity or Unreal Engine. The post HTC Vive Cosmos Supports Optical Finger Tracking appeared first on UploadVR.

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Epic Games CEO: “HTC Vive is outselling Oculus Rift 2-to-1 worldwide”

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Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games and creator of Unreal Engine, has a unique position in the virtual reality industry. In a recent interview with Glixel’s Chris Suellentrop , besides giving his predictions of where VR is headed in the next 12 years and some of the acculturation society will go through to integrate VR into daily life, Sweeney dropped some surprising information about just how successful the HTC Vive headset has been in comparison to the Oculus Rift.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.10.26): DecaGear is an intriguing VR headset, HTC is working on a new device, and more!

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And the price of the wireless add-on is even more suspicious: speaking with a hardware manufacturer, they told me that ONLY THE ANTENNAS of a Wi-Gig connection for VR streaming (like the one of the Vive Pro) costs around $100… so how can the whole wireless streaming device cost just $50??

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Vive Pro Gets AR Capabilities Thanks to HTC’s New Tools for Front-facing Cameras

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HTC has announced a new set of tools allowing developers to build applications which take advantage of the Vive Pro’s stereo front-facing cameras, effectively turning the device into an AR headset dev kit. SEE ALSO HTC Vive Pro Headset Review: Welcomed Improvements Overshadowed By a Steep Price. The post Vive Pro Gets AR Capabilities Thanks to HTC’s New Tools for Front-facing Cameras appeared first on Road to VR.

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HTC Vive Pro first impressions: should you buy it?

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Let me explain that: the Vive Pro is a clear evolution of the HTC Vive 1 that was a device with almost no comfort and few “special features” The success of the HTC Vive has been driven mainly by three features: The wonderful SteamVR tracking technology ; The fact that has been the first device with 6 DOF controllers; The completely open and customizable ecosystem (OpenVR drivers, Vive Trackers, etc…). He’s ready to answer with his HTC super powers.

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Varjo Promises “Human-Eye” Resolution With VR-1 Headset


Industry-caliber VR/XR specialists Varjo today announced their latest hardware release, the Varjo VR-1. Side-by-side comparison of the HTC Vive Pro (left) and Varjo VR-1 (right) / Image Credit: Varjo. Alongside its proprietary 20/20 eye tracker and 60-PPD Bionic Display with “human-eye” resolution, the VR-1 also features support for a large helping of photorealistic virtual workflows, including Unreal Engine, Unity, Autodesk, VRRED, PREPAR3D, ZeroLight, and VBS Blue.

Apple Sets Stage For VR; Shows Off Star Wars Vive Demo


” SteamVR will also be joined on Mac systems by the Unreal and Unity video game engines, all tying directly into today’s newly announced Metal 2 video-processing API. Also continuing the theme of VR support for Mac, Industrial Light and Magic staffers demonstrated the first-ever native HTC Vive demo on a Mac system. The refreshed Mac system will come with enough horsepower needed to render HTC Vive-ready content at a comfortable 90-frames-per-second refresh.

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Oculus Quest To Get ‘Prototype’ OpenXR Support Later This Month


An API (application programming interface) allows software to interact with other software or hardware. The problem with the Oculus API is that apps developed with it can only run on Oculus hardware (without hacks).

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The XR Week Peek (2020.02.24): HTC shows Cosmos and Proton, devs make cool hands interactions, Sansar on sale and more!

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Image by HTC Vive). HTC expands its Cosmos offering and teases the future with Proton. This has been a pretty interesting week for HTC Vive. The problem is that this may be confusing for people, especially if added to the other many HTC Vive devices on the market.

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Oculus Made It Easier For Unity Devs To Port Rift Games To HTC Vive


Facebook’s Oculus released a new update to its Unity integration package to make it easier for developers of Rift-only games to port to HTC Vive. If a developer wanted to release on the Oculus Store for Rift and Steam for Rift and HTC Vive, they had to use both packages, or the generic Unity XR framework which is inferior to both. Tracking: the API calls to get the velocity or angular velocity of the headset will work for HTC Vive.

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NewImages, Cannes, Tribeca Join Forces In Unprecedented Collab


” “The acceleration of innovation coming from the video game industry is being driven by real-time game engines, like Unreal and Unity, primarily used in XR and video games, and now more and more in the cinema industry.” We are using hardware that is shared.”

GDC 2018 ‘Day 3’ Roundup – Oculus Go Details, Vive Focus Global Launch, New Qualcomm VRDK, and More

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Qualcomm’s latest reference headset supports Vive Wave, HTC Vive Focus international launch, Oculus talks about their 2018 ecosystem, announces ‘Positional Timewarp’, reveals new Oculus Go details, and Unreal Engine’s real-time ray-tracing demo. Qualcomm announced their latest 845 Virtual Reality Development Kit (VRDK) reference headset will have support for HTC’s Vive Wave open API. Unreal Engine’s real-time ray-tracing live demo.

HTC Vive FAQ: What You Need to Know About Leap Motion + SteamVR


Along with last week’s Unreal 4.11 Here’s a quick guide to everything from Lighthouse tracking to Unreal development. How can I build with Unreal Engine? UE4 has built-in Vive support, and with the new official plugin release in Unreal Engine 4.11 , it’s easier than ever to get started with Leap Motion + Vive. To get started with Unreal Engine and Vive, visit Have a question about Leap Motion + HTC Vive?

Crowd-Sourced Data Reveals The Field Of View Of VR Headsets — And You Can Contribute

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The tool , made with Unreal Engine, supports SteamVR and Oculus Rift on Windows. Some headsets like Valve’s Index allow the lenses to be moved closer independently of the rest of the hardware. HTC Vive Cosmos. HTC Vive (2016).

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A Brief History of Virtual Reality at CES

Road to VR

Wedged somewhat inconsiderately at the very start of every year (it’s OK CES organisers, no one in the tech industry have families they want to spend time with), the annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas is still the biggest event for hardware in the world. The demonstration included the now familar Unreal Engine 3 powered citadel area, one which would become the setting for one of the most famous early VR applications of all time, Rift Coaster.

OSVR Roadmap: Creating an Ecosystem of Interoperable VR Hardware and Software


Future Plans In the coming months, I believe that the OSVR team, OSVR hardware partners, and other OSVR contributors will significantly expand the number of devices supported by OSVR. Specifically, I am aware of plans and work in progress to support Intel Realsense, Tobii eye trackers, NOD devices, Leap Motion camera, HTC Vive and others. and numerous hardware devices.

Turn Any Vive or Rift Into an AR Headset


Thanks to recent platforms such as Apple’s ARKit and hardware like Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, AR has been on the rise as of late with zero signs of slowing down anytime soon. A toned-down version of the more intricate ZED long-range depth camera, the Mini attaches securely to the front of an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset and captures the real world in stereoscopic video via the camera’s two “eyes.” A new depth camera scans the real world and maps it in real-time.

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VR Spray Can And Piñata With Vive Tracker


Since HTC Vive began shipping the Vive Tracker to developers earlier this year, we’ve seen everything from ceiling fans , fire hoses , and even cats tracked in VR. In what is probably one of the more significant hardware developments in the VR space this year, we’ve been waiting patiently to see what developers dream up with the Vive Tracker now that they are finally getting their hands on it. News HTC Vive Master of Shapes Two Bit Circus Vive Tracker

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Facebook Follows Valve & Microsoft In Recommending Game Engines Use OpenXR

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Most VR games are made with the Unity and Unreal game engines. Unreal added support for OpenXR this year, and Unity plans to do the same by next year. Earlier this week, Facebook added a latency-reducing option called Phase Sync to the Unity & Unreal integrations.

2018 In Review: The Year Standalones Took VR And AR Everywhere


based companies like Facebook and Valve are partnering with China-based counterparts to either tap the vast market in that country or manufacture hardware. HTC’s Alvin Wang Graylin on the runway with a VR headset. HTC Vive Focus. HTC launched its Vive Focus VR standalone first in China in 2018. The leak came as both HTC and Google started showing the Vive Focus and Mirage Solo standalone VR headsets featuring a pair of “6DoF” point-and-reach hand controllers.

The XR Week Peek (2020.08.24): Facebook login gets imposed on Quest and the community riots, and much more!

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A comment from HTC , just saying that it was up to compete with Oculus has had on Twitter something like 12K likes , and I think that HTC’s social media manager had never seen that number in his whole life. Apple threatens future support in Unreal Engine.

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OpenBCI: games using brain-interfaces are coming in 3 years

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Galea is a hardware and software platform for bringing advanced biometrics to HMDs. The Galea hardware is designed to be integrated into existing HMDs and is the first device that simultaneously collects data from the wearer’s brain, eyes, heart, skin, and muscles.

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Apple Embraces VR: Every Virtual Reality Announcement From Today’s WWDC Keynote

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Though well loved, Apple’s computer lineup got somewhat left in the dust at the launch of the Rift and Vive, both of which had hardware requirements that exceeded what Apple had on offer. ” SteamVR and HTC Vive on Mac OS. While Steam has been Mac compatible for some time now, Apple announced that Valve will be bringing SteamVR to Mac too, allowing the HTC Vive to run VR games on Mac systems. Unity and Unreal VR SDK Support.

Oculus Quest vs HTC Vive Focus Plus

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This year we had the launch of two amazing 6 DOF all-in-one Virtual Reality headsets : the Oculus Quest and the HTC Vive Focus Plus. USB should have OTG enabled; Battery : 3 hours nominal duration; Vive Focus Plus and controllers (Image by HTC). Oculus is selling two models: one with 64 GB and the other one with even 128 GB of storage , while HTC is selling the Focus with only 32 GB. HTC provides streaming to Miracast devices , but lacks the streaming to the phone.

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#30DaysInVR: how a guy is living 30 days in VR to make virtual reality better

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So he proposed to HTC to live 30 days in VR in a way that in these 30 days he could develop very cool things like AI bots and VR locomotion systems while being inside virtual reality with other people helping him remotely… and then share everything developed there to the community as open source software. That’s why HTC couldn’t do anything but accepting his proposal. Enea developing in virtual reality using Unreal Engine VR editor.

Hands-On: The VRHero Is A 5K Resolution Headset From VRgineers


The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have good content and roomscale capabilities, but they’re tethered and the resolution isn’t great. The first demo I tried was a basic game-like demo powered by Unreal. Hardware VR Headsets VR Industry News 4k 5k VRgineers VRHeroVR currently does a lot of different things well across a variety of devices. The Gear VR is a great mobile headset but it’s underpowered and lacks positional tracking.

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Valve Ends SteamVR Support For macOS


The company even worked with Unity and Unreal Engine to make this available to all developers. Later in the conference, employees from ILM gave a live on-stage mixed reality demo of VR on macOS- a Star Wars scene powered by Unreal Engine.

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NOLO Phone-based SteamVR Project Fully Funded on Kickstarter


There’s no getting around that fact that the $799 price tag on the HTC Vive and cost of a high-end computer makes it difficult for many people to get into high-end VR. The solution isn’t just for SteamVR, though, as it can also be used with native mobile VR games that are developed with the setup in mind, and LYRobotix says it is preparing an SDK that’s compatible with both Unreal and Unity Engines. hardware mobile VR nolo roomscale SteamVR

Labrodex’s Sci-Fi RPG Shooter Hybrid ‘Scraper’ Already Has Its Own Prequel Novel


He has been working with Unreal for 20 years and was part of the Paragon and Fortnite development teams. He was part of the design process for several of Unreal’s core features. Pimax, Vive, Oculus and StarVR are all pioneering new technologies and gearing up for their 2 nd generation hardware. News HTC Vive Labrodex Playstation VR Scraper Scraper: The Rise of Cifer

GDC 2018 ‘Day 1’ Roundup – Vive Pro Pricing, Magic Leap SDK, Nvidia RTX, and More

Road to VR

Image courtesy HTC. HTC have finally revealed the price and release date of the anticipated Vive Pro , opening preorders globally at and other retailers. Magic Leap has launched the SDK for the device’s Lumin OS , with support for Unity and Unreal engines. Nvidia’s Volta architecture includes a hardware “ray-tracing engine” which, combined with RTX, appears to be capable of running scenes smoothly in real-time, albeit still with noticeable noise.

Hands-on: HaptX Glove Delivers Impressively Detailed Micro-pneumatic Haptics, Force Feedback

Road to VR

Rubin walked me through the demo experience, built using an SDK of HaptX’s design, which he says is largely created by leveraging Unreal Engine’s physics system to tell the glove when and where to apply haptic effects and when and how to engage the force feedback. With the glove on my right hand, and wearing an HTC Vive headset, I was looking down at a miniature barnyard with some little sunflowers off to the right and a tiny patch of wheat in front of a barn.

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Sensics Releases High Resolution VR Headset Built Specially for Arcades and Theme Parks

Road to VR

As for resolution, the company maintains the screen door effect (SDE) is diminished with the headset’s dual 1440×1600@90 Hz LCD displays, a 70 percent increase in pixels over consumer devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Supported by all major game engines including Unity, Unreal and more. News VR Arcade VR Hardware VR Headset hdk out of home vr sensics sensics out of home headset sensics vr headset vr arcade

VR Technology and Hand Tracking in VIVE’s Second Developer Talk


The talk, presented by HTC’s senior developer Dario Laverde, focused on how developers can integrate hand tracking into their applications. VIVE hand tracking has a number of features, though which features a developer uses depends on their target platform and hardware.

These Are The VR Sessions Taking Place At Steam Dev Days Next Week


Epic Games is heavily invested in VR thanks to deep integration with its Unreal Engine 4 and its own tech demos like Bullet Train. SteamVR Tracking Hardware. Interestingly, this is a talk more aimed at hardware developers than software creators, though both are welcome. There’s no assigned speaker yet, but this session will detail how to integrate devices with the SteamVR tracking systems that we’ve come to know and love through the HTC Vive.

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7Invensun aGlass DK II unboxing, setup and review: a great dev kit for eye tracking in VR

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Being them very kind, they gave me as a gift an aGlass DK II eye tracking add on for HTC Vive and I used it to experiment with eye tracking interfaces. aGlass DK II box on top of HTC Vive one. The camera shoots images at high frequency and then sends them to the PC via USB, thanks to the USB port that is present on the front panel of the HTC Vive. FOV: >110° (adapted to HTC Vive). The hardware setup is really easy. My HTC Vive is now able to track my eyes!

Facebook’s Oculus Store Now Accepts OpenXR Apps

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Most VR games are made in Unity or Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine added support for OpenXR in December. The working group includes the major VR companies such as Facebook, Sony, Valve, Microsoft, HTC, NVIDIA, and AMD.