Senseglove Nova hands-on: haptic gloves with great comfort

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Today I’m writing a post about one of the best haptics devices I have tried at AWE 2021: Senseglove Nova, a pair of gloves for virtual reality. The company claims that the gloves have been made easier to wear and work also with standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest 2.

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Feel VR From Your Head To Your Toes Using These Haptic Sneakers


This month marked the launch of DropLabs’ EP 01 Triple Black , an updated version of the companies previously-released EP 01 haptic sneaker. ” No doubt these haptic kicks would pair nicely with a wide range of existing VR games and experiences.

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HaptX Launches True-Contact Haptic Gloves For VR And Robotics


HaptX delivers an intuitive wearable haptic device to meet the demanding quality requirements of enterprise customers. Each glove features more than 130 points of tactile feedback , promising far more realistic interactions than those offered by standard vibration and force feedback haptics.

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ProTubeVR Announces Haptic Module For VR Rifle Stock

Upload VR

ProTubeVR announced a new haptic module this week, designed to be used with its MagTube Rifle frame, to provide more immersive VR shooter experiences using haptic feedback for recoil and other realistic gun effects. You can find out more and pre-order the ProTubeVR haptic module here.

VR Haptic Feedback Wearable Feelbelt Lets You “Feel” The Entire Frequency Spectrum


Haptic feedback is an awesome addition to any VR experience, whether it be the feeling of two swords clashing in Blade & Sorcery or the rumble of a violent explosion in Half-Life: Alyx. Here you can adjust the volume and haptics, and access data such as your current battery life.

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Smart Fabric Technology Brings Touch Haptics To The Oculus Quest


Since that debut, BeBop Sensors has been working non-stop on its enterprise-friendly haptic technology. The latest iteration of its one-size-fits-all Forte Data Glove can now be combined with the Oculus Quest controllers, integrating BeBop’s hand tracking technology with the Quest’s 3D tracking. Featuring a unique open palm design, the gloves are breathable and can be cleaned more easily than other haptic gloves.

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Researchers Use Menthol To Simulate Cold Weather In VR


The future of VR haptics could be skin chemicals. First, it enables sensations, such as numbing, not possible with existing haptic devices. News Chemical Haptics Haptics Meta Quest 2 Oculus Quest 2

Tactical Haptics SaberGrip Controller Takes VR Sword Fights And Fishing To The Next Level


Sliding plates and a cylindrical form-factor offer a more engaging haptic eperience. VR/AR haptic feedback specialists Tactical Haptics this week revealed a new addition to its lineup of haptic controllers designed specifically for VR sword fighting, fishing, and tool training.

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VR Exoskeleton Offers Affordable Leg Tracking & Haptic Feedback


VR has come a long way over since launch of the Oculus DK1. Currently there few if any existing apps or games that support full body haptics, though Metatech hopes its technology will motivate developers to embrace more complex haptics in the future.

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Developing Better Haptics With Interhaptics


When you think about “haptics,” particularly in the sense of extended reality , you probably think about hardware and wearables that let you interact with and feel your environment. Haptics require hardware but they also require software. Haptics for Everyone.

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Exclusive: Striker VR Raises $4M to Bring Its Haptic VR Gun to Consumers – First Look

Road to VR

Striker VR, maker of high-end haptic VR gun peripherals for the out-of-home market, announced today it has raised a $4 million investment and plans to use the funds to make its first move into the consumer VR space.

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Beat Saber Partners With SUBPAC On Limited Edition Haptic Vest, Available Now


In the world of haptic feedback accessories, the SUBPAC Wearable Physical Sound System is a favorite among VR entertainment providers. Using the SUBPAC haptic vest, players with hearing difficulties were able to feel the music as well as their interactions in-game interactions, allowing them to experience the same level of immersion that is offered to other players. The post Beat Saber Partners With SUBPAC On Limited Edition Haptic Vest, Available Now appeared first on VRScout.

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Oculus Firmware Reveals New Touch Controller, Referencing Improvements To Tracking, Finger Sensing, Haptics


A driver found by a VR developer in Oculus Quest’s firmware reveals new Touch-like VR controllers which may feature improvements to tracking, haptics, and finger sensing. The current Oculus Touch controllers. Potential Haptics Improvements.

Researchers Develop VR Haptic Feedback System Using Custom Quadcopters


Are custom-build drones retrofitted with touchable surfaces the future of VR haptic feedback? In a recent scientific publication entitled VRHapticDrones: Providing Haptics in Virtual Reality through Quadcopters , researchers from LMU Munich, TU Darmstadt, Wellesley College, the University of Duisburg,-Essen, and the University of Regensburg offer a solution to body-free VR haptic feedback in the form of a programmable quadcopter system.

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Facebook’s Researchers Made A Wrist-Worn Prototype For Haptic Feedback And Free Hand Movement


At the World Haptics Conference 2019 Facebook showed a prototype wrist-worn haptic VR/AR device called ‘Tasbi’ The device was created by a team of six Facebook Reality Labs researchers along with an interning PhD student from Rice University. It uses a combination of vibrations and squeezing (dynamic tension adjustment) to mimic haptic feedback for virtual objects. Haptics controller Facebook Reality Labs haptic input oculus tasbi touch wrist wrist-worn

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Facebook Patents Reveal Deep Research On True Haptic VR Gloves


The term “haptic gloves” usually refers to finger tracking gloves with vibration motors on each finger. Facebook previously showed research involving a haptic glove , but not force feedback gloves. a virtual wall) in a virtual space, the haptic assembly prevents a physical movement of the user finger to move in a direction through the virtual object in the virtual space.

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Tactical Haptics ‘Reactive Grip’ VR Controllers Are Now Production Ready


Tactical Haptics today announced the new production-ready design for their haptic VR controllers which adapt the shape of their grip to make using virtual objects feel more real. Location-based experiences have higher budgets for hardware to create a more immersive experience than consumer VR, whereas training experiences often need better haptic feedback to accurately represent the real life object they’re training for.

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Tactical Haptics Adapts Prototype Haptic Controller for Oculus Touch

Road to VR

Tactical Haptics , creators of the ‘Reactive Grip’ haptic technology have adapted their latest prototype for use with the Oculus Touch VR controllers. Reactive Grip is a novel haptic feedback technology that’s unlike anything you’ll find in modern day controllers which by and large rely on ERM motors or linear actuators to provide a rumbling sensation.

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Tactical Haptics Raises $2.2 Million to Build Haptic VR Controller Dev Kit

Road to VR

Tactical Haptics , a company pioneering a novel form of haptic feedback which can create compelling sensations that go far beyond rumble, announced today it has raised $2.2 million to create a development kit of a haptic VR controller as a stepping stone to an eventual consumer product. Tactical Haptics is one of the OGs of the of the new VR landscape. SEE ALSO Hands-on: Tactical Haptics' Vive Demo is Further Proof That VR Needs More Than Rumble.

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Feelreal Wants to Add Smell & Haptics to Your VR Headset, Kickstarter Coming Soon

Road to VR

You might have caught a glimpse of the Feelreal mask prototype when it made headlines back at GDC 2015 , the smell-o-vision add-on for VR headsets that promised to bring plenty of scents to your nostrils and haptics to your face. The unit also incorporates a few haptic devices including an ultrasonic ionizing system for water mist, micro-heaters for heat sensation, micro-coolers for wind, and haptic motors for vibration.

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Tactical Haptics Wins Additional Funding For Their VR Feedback Controller


The two combined efficiently provide an experience so close to reality it’s frightening but, as it currently exists, there’s a limiting factor when it comes to achieving the highest degree of realism: haptic feedback. A lack of haptic or physical feedback is not to say the experience is significantly dulled in anyway, it just speaks toward another layer of interaction that could be more readily available for VR in the future.

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‘Justice League’ IMAX VR Experience to Debut Haptic VR Controller from Tactical Haptics

Road to VR

For the new (and awkwardly named) Justice League: An IMAX VR Exclusive experience the Centre is set to debut the ‘Reactive Grip’ haptic controller from Tactical Haptics. Tactical Haptics has been on the VR scene since the early days, developing their novel haptic technology which they call Reactive Grip. It’s a convincing and immersive effect that can’t be achieved with traditional rumble haptics. Image courtesy Tactical Haptics.

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Disney Is Working On A VR Chair With Haptic Feedback


Disney has some form of VR content on the way to the Oculus Rift and Gear VR before the end of the year, but this new project from the company’s Research division looks like something else entirely. The paper details a ‘Haptic Chair’ that extends feedback beyond what you’ll get with position-tracked controllers like Oculus Touch and the Vive wands. Haptics hardware disney gear vr haptic feedback R&D research

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RGB Haptics Helps Unity Developers Add Great Haptics To Their VR Games


RGB Haptics is a new Unity package which enables developers to easily add high quality haptics to their VR apps and games. RGB Haptics was developed by a Seattle based startup called RGB Schemes, which develops VR games and developer tools. The startup was inspired by seeing Nintendo’s use of haptics for its “HD Rumble” feature for the Switch. RGB Haptics is available on the Unity Asset Store for $29.99. Haptics developer haptic feedback unit

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Former Microsoft Senior Researcher, Now At Facebook, Recounts Haptics Innovations


Dr Benko had worked at Microsoft since 2005, but moved to Facebook Reality Labs ( formerly Oculus Research) in late 2017. The lack of haptic feedback with only finger tracking, he claims, is jarring, and is unlikely to be the basis of future interfaces. Benko pointed out that mixed reality interfaces could leverage the already existing surfaces in the environment to provide real haptic feedback. As Benko puts it: “passive haptics don’t scale.”

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Report: Next-gen PSVR Said to Have 4.1MP Per-eye, Eye-tracking, & Head-mounted Haptics

Road to VR

A report from UploadVR , citing “multiple sources,” claims that Sony’s next-gen PlayStation VR 2 headset will bring a big jump in resolution, along with eye-tracking, IPD adjustment, and even head-mounted haptics. Head-mounted haptics. Head-mounted Haptics.

New VR Information – New VR Video games, Resident Evil Mercenaries, VR Haptic Gloves and much more


These days we are checking out the upcoming of VR haptic gloves and the opportunity of Meta Gloves. Welcome again to the New VR Information. We also have this months VR … resource.

New VR Haptics Research Could Lead To Thinner Glove Controllers

Upload VR

Promising new VR haptics research may eventually lead to thinner, consumer-ready glove controllers. However, the group hopes to take its work further with a design integrated into a haptic glove that covers the entire hand. What do you make of this new VR haptics research?

Tactical Haptics Introduces New SaberGrip For Feedback In VR Sword Fights, Fishing

Upload VR

Tactical Haptics’ new controller form factor, SaberGrip, is aimed at delivering immersive VR sword fights, fishing games and much more. In the experience, contact with the enemy’s sword, shield and body is felt via sliding plates that create a haptic illusion.

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Microsoft Shows Off Haptic VR Controller, Simulates Grabbing With Thumb & Two Fingers


Microsoft Research showed off a new haptic VR controller which simulates grabbing small objects with the thumb and first two fingers, delivering rich haptic feedback. The two fingers rest against linear actuators (also used in the Oculus Touch and HTC Vive controllers) to give targeted haptic feedback. The innovations here are in the application of force sensors and haptics, not related to tracking. Microsoft haptic controller microsoft research vr controllers

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Oculus Touch Haptics Supported By Steam, Bringing Full Support One Step Closer


We know 53 titles are coming to the long-awaited Oculus Touch controllers when they start arriving on Dec. 6, and we’ve confirmed an additional 10 killer titles like Google Earth and Tilt Brush you can get through Steam that also work with Oculus Touch. Touch haptics are now supported in the latest SteamVR beta. We’ve confirmed that feeling is reproduced with the new SteamVR beta installed and Oculus Touch controllers. Tagged with: Haptics , oculus touch.

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Oculus Patents For Haptic VR Glove Surface Online


While the VR industry gathered at GDC last week, not one but two Oculus patents , originally filed back in 2016, were published online. Both describe haptic feedback gloves that use tendons that plug into an accentuator to simulate a sense of touch inside VR. However, the documents suggest that only two tendons are featured in the glove, perhaps suggesting the haptic feedback might not be applied to every finger. Oculus Rift VR Industry News

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bHaptics Launches Pre-Orders For New VR Haptic Vests, Starting At $299

Upload VR

bHaptics is now taking pre-orders for two new models of its VR haptic feedback vest, the Tactsuit. Both suits use ERM motors dotted across the vest to deliver haptic feedback when playing select VR content.

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Microsoft Research Demonstrates VR Controller Prototypes With Unique Haptic Technology

Road to VR

Microsoft Research has devised two novel methods for more realistic haptic feedback on virtual reality controllers. Haptic feedback in general-purpose controllers has been limited to vibration feedback since the introduction of the Rumble Pak for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. Linear actuators tend to offer more haptic ‘detail’ and responsiveness, as can be found in Apple’s ‘Taptic Engine’, the HTC Vive controllers, an the Oculus Touch controllers.

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Unity Plugin Aims to Streamline Haptics for VR Developers

Road to VR

RGB Haptics is a new Unity-based tool that aims to make it easier for developers to create and implement haptic effects in VR games. Haptics are important in games in general, but especially in VR—because the medium gives players significantly more agency than non-VR, haptics are critical for helping the player understand what’s happening to them and how they can interact with the world. Used correctly, haptics make VR games more playable and immersive.

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Full-Body VR Haptic HoloSuit Shipping This November


Offered in multiple versions, the wearable haptic controller uses a considerable array of sensors to control VR apps, and promises to start shipping this November. The most complex version of the HoloSuit, HoloSuit Pro, includes 36 total sensors, nine haptic feedback devices, and six firing buttons. A less complex version just called HoloSuit cuts the sensor count to 26 and comes with either a jacket or jersey, preserving the haptics and buttons. Haptics HoloSuit

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CES 2018: Tactical Haptics Shows New Reconfigurable Controllers


For several years Tactical Haptics has been showing different concepts for controllers that offer a sense of touch for your hands while wearing a VR headset, and the company’s latest iteration is debuting this week at CES in Las Vegas. The idea is that the new Tactical Haptics controllers can be used on their own in each hand or attached together to become different objects like a steering wheel, game pad or gun. Haptics Hardware CES tactical haptics

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