We Tried Leap Motion’s New Hand Tracking Module On Gear VR


This device then uses infrared scanning technology to detect the position of your hands in 3D space. It can even track individual fingers and has been well received by the immersive community so far. The improved tracking was the easier of the two for the team to accomplish.

Leap Motion’s New 180-degree Hand-tracking Comes to Qualcomm’s Latest VRDK Headset

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Qualcomm has debuted an updated version of their VR Headset Reference Design now with Leap Motion’s new 180-degree hand-tracking to bring gesture control to mobile VR headsets. The new headset and Leap Motion tracking module was shown off during last week’s GDC 2017.

Qualcomm’s Standalone VR Is Getting Embedded Leap Motion Hand Tracking


What made the VR 820 so compelling was that it had 6-DoF tracking as well as integrated compute (Snapdragon 820) which was on par with all the latest flagship phones. It even had support for eye tracking, which we now know was through a partnership with none other than SMI.

Samsung Filed A Patent For Magnetic VR Hand Controllers


Today we learned that Samsung, the creators of the Oculus-powered Gear VR headset, filed a patent in late December of last year for magnetic VR hand controllers. Based on the description in the patent and the accompanying concept image (embedded below), the controllers would be used to provide more visceral and accurate hand-tracking for the Gear VR. Concept image from Samsung’s magnetic VR controller patent.

Clay Brings Gesture Tracking To Apple’s ARKit With No Extra Hardware


Clay is looking to do the same with gesture tracking. Developers may already be familiar with Clay, it’s an SDK that allows smartphone apps to track the user’s hand in 3D with just the phone’s camera. Experiences Hand Tracking Hardware

A Hands on Look at the State of Input in VR


Two years ago, on the eve of consumer VR, we put together a piece laying out options consumers had to get their hands into VR. With an emphasis on active experiences and the success of tracked controllers, keyboard and mouse input has become virtually nonexistent. How far we’ve come.

Signs of a new Samsung Gear VR are surfacing


It’s been less than a year since the consumer Gear VR was first shown off and it already seems as though Samsung and Oculus are regrouping to push out a new version of the pre-eminent mobile VR headset. Source: SIGNS OF A NEW SAMSUNG GEAR VR ARE SURFACING.

Samsung Gear VR tips and tricks: Get started with your mobile headset


The Samsung Gear VR is actually very straightforward to get to grips with even for VR beginners. Teens are A-OK, kids maybe not Samsung and Oculus' official guidance for the Gear VR and kids is this: "Not for use by children under 13.

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Oculus reveals the Rift S: all you need to know

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The Rift S seems a WMR headset : it is not ugly as the happy toaster made by Acer, but it is not even polished like a Samsung Odyssey. The hands-on with the Rift S all highlight how the SDE is much lower than with the Rift CV1 and the quality of the images is very good. Tracking.

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Oculus Quest vs HTC Vive Focus Plus

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The Quest has more tracking cameras and more audio jacks. They have too much weight on the front part (where is the ring) and my hand doesn’t fit well the handle: they feel as they have always to slip out of my hands. Tracking.

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Report: Qualcomm to Unveil New Snapdragon Chip Specifically Designed For Standalone Headsets

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” Standalone headsets have largely made use of SoCs originally designed for smartphones, including the Snapdragon 835 chipset, which services a number of the latest and penultimate-gen flagship smartphones including Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Google Pixel 2, and HTC U11.

My predictions for virtual reality in 2019

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Samsung has also teased to be interested in releasing a new AR/VR standalone device. The only exception to this rule seems to be the Samsung Odyssey+, that offers features somewhat comparable to the ones of the Vive Pro, but costs only $500. Samsung will do the same.

My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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Well, during 2018, Leap Motion has announced the North Star reference design : a cheap augmented reality connected to PC, that is able to detect your hands very well thanks to Leap Motion’s sensor. The video regarding the UX attached to the hands has become viral pretty fast.

Oculus Quest vs Vive Focus: let the battle begin

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According to some reviewers, the display may also be the same one made by Samsung. Tracking. Oculus Quest insight tracking extracts some notable features from the environment and uses them to track the position of the headset (Image by Oculus).

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Magic Leap One first impressions review: it’s not a leap, but a step

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It is DAMN light if compared with HoloLens … when I took it in my hands, the first impression I had, has been “Is it true? But it is much bigger , it is more or less big as my hand. Tracking. The 6 DOF tracking of the headset worked fairly well in my experience.

Vive Focus enter version 2.0 at VEC 2018

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This is a great feature, even if I think that to be really great it has to be properly tuned with the companion app: while doing demos with my Gear VR, that automatically shows the notifications of my Samsung phone, I was really afraid of what my friend could send me.

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Lenovo Mirage Solo review: should you buy it?

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On the front side of the headset, that is black, you can find the two cameras used for the inside-out 6 DOF tracking of the device. It fits quite well in the hand, but it has not the natural shape offered by the one of the Oculus Go. Tracking.

Oculus Connect 5 mega round-up: all you need to know about Oculus Quest and the other announcements!

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It is completely 6 DOF, so you can move wherever you want and move your hands however you want (well, more or less, as I’ll detail later on) and inside VR, everything will be coherent with what you do. Tracking. The four cameras performing the tracking (Image by Techcrunch).

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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review



VR Dev nDreams Estimates There Are 4.5 Million High End Headsets


“I strongly believe that nearly every VR headset being used in 2025 will have both 6dof inside-out tracking and either 6dof controllers or Leap Motion style hand tracking,” O’Luanaigh explained. I also think most headsets will use 5G cloud ‘edge’ rendering by 2025 to deliver console quality visuals on very cheap headsets/glasses with sub 10ms latency from moving your hand to seeing an image.”

HTC’s Alvin Graylin on What’s Happening in China & VR

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On average, the VR hardware from China tends to be no where near the quality of the major VR players of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony PSVR, or Samsung GearVR, but there were some standout Chinese companies who are leading innovation in specific area.

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Oculus Go review: should you buy it?

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I have to warn you that there is not the USB cable, nor a battery charger , so be sure to have one in your office: I use the battery charger and cable of my Samsung smartphone and they work like a charm. Oculus Go controller is a pleasure to be held in the hand.

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uSens Announces SDK and Hardware Series for Virtual and AR Tracking


Now, uSens is taking a step forward in developing natural hand-and-head tracking technologies for Augmented and Virtual Realities and for this purpose it has announced the open beta of its software developer kit (SDK) and pre-order availability for its new Fingo hardware series at a launch event in San Francisco. uSens CTO and co-founder, Dr. Yue Fei says that they are mainly focused on the inside-out hand and position tracking tools that offer flexibility and ease of use.

A Work in Progress: Virtual Reality


Samsung Gear VR expected 3.5 The Manus – Hand-tracking Glove. Fove has created an eye-tracking headset, which other headset manufacturers may seek to include in future iterations.

Google Daydream and PlaystationVR


Using a Google Pixel phone and the Daydream peripheral, this headset is in the class of non-positionally-tracked phone-holder headsets, and it does a great job of it, particularly with the hand control and content designed to take advantage of it. We got some new headsets!

SteamVR Tracking Could Be 2017’s Most Important VR Technology


Valve’s SteamVR Tracking could have a huge impact on the mixed reality industry this year and next. 5 million Gear VRs sold is a major milestone for Facebook and Samsung, as is $3 million in sales for Job Simulator , a best-selling room-scale game. Royalty Free Tracking.

Vive Pro Hardware Review: For VR Buyers With Deep Pockets


Two years ago HTC Vive beat Oculus Rift to market with a more complete package, helping inspire developers who were able to create groundbreaking virtual worlds in which people could use their hands to interact and feet to move around larger spaces. For people getting Vive for the first time, starting April 5 the upgraded Pro headset packaged with the original controllers and tracking equipment will be priced around $1,100.

Best VR Headsets in 2018


T his year, Oculus is going to announce Santa Cruz, a new high-powered standalone headset - an upgraded version of the Go with 6DoF tracking. A step up from an Oculus Go for those that want more power, much better tracking for immersive games and experiences. Samsung Gear VR ($129.99).

The Tantalizing Promise Of Augmented Reality Games


I call my friends by tapping on my hand. Tracking developers will push the boundaries of machine learning. An example of something that’s working out right now in VR is the Samsung commercials, the Samsung VR that was running every second over Christmas.