Unreal Engine Adds Oculus Quest Vulkan Support, Unity To Follow ‘Later This Year’


The latest version of the Oculus Unreal Engine Integration adds support for Vulkan on Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. Unity told us they will add the same “later this year” What Is Vulkan? Vulkan On Oculus Standalones.

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OpenXR 1.0 Released, Microsoft Supports on HoloLens & WMR, Oculus Plans Rift & Quest Support

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It’s a major milestone, according to Khronos Group which has overseen development of the standard by a consortium of many of the biggest names in the AR/VR sector. Today the group announced the release of OpenXR 1.0, Khronos Group says that from 1.0 openxr working group

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Unity Vision VR/AR Summit 2017: Courtside for the Convergence of Realities


When it comes to changing the game for XR, Unity Technologies just can’t stop. Vision Summit 2017— Unity’s VR/AR-centric industry conference held this Monday and Tuesday at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood—doubled down on this push in a dramatic way. “We Google Tango with Unity.

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New Humble Software Bundle Lets You Learn VR & AR Game Dev In Unity


A new Humble Software Bundle is now available offering a bunch of courses and projects that aim to teach you how to develop for VR and AR using Unity. The VR and AR Game Dev bundle includes a bunch of projects that cover developing for VR and AR using Unity, along with a few games to play as examples. All of the projects are designed by Zenva Academy , a group known for development courses and projects on topics like coding, web development, machine learning and heaps more.

Superhot VR Wins Best Game At Unity Vision Summit 2017


Today is Unity’s Vision Summit in Los Angeles. This is a nice feather in the cap of a game that VR users have come to adore since its release on Oculus Rift with Touch late last year.

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GridRaster Raises $2 Million for AR/VR Cloud Rendering Solution

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In his keynote at Oculus Connect 4 in October, John Carmack lamented the end of Moore’s Law , warning that PC performance “will never get to a mobile platform” and that developers should be prepared to “embrace the grind” of eternal mobile optimisation.

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Social App VRChat Launches Next Week With Multiplayer Games And Unity SDK


The platform will support the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and OSVR and is free-to-play. Environments invite sandbox-style madness; at one point in the trailer a bowling game is abandoned as two groups of friends instead start to hurl balls at each other.

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All you need to know on Oculus Connect 6: the most important news in one single article!

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This week has been the week of the Oculus Connect 6 , the biggest yearly event by Oculus where the VR company announces all its most important news, both on hardware and software sides. Oculus Link. You can even access to Oculus Home and Dash. Oculus Quest running Go apps.

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Addition of OpenXR Support in Oculus PTC Could Smooth Cross-Platform Development

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The industry is striving for ever greater openness and interconnectivity, hence why The Khronos Group and its affiliates began working on OpenXR. Soon Oculus will begin to adopt OpenXR with support reportedly coming in the latest Oculus Public Test Channel release.

GDC 2019: OpenXR Specification And API Released Publicly For AR And VR Devices


The Khronos Group, which is releasing the standard for developer and industry feedback , is broadly supported by companies invested in AR and VR technologies. Competing proprietary standards don’t inspire confidence in the consumer to invest,” said Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Working Group. This chart from the Khronos Group shows groups supporting the standard as of March 2019. They include Facebook, Microsoft, Epic Games, Unity, HTC and Intel.

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GDC 2017: Vive ‘Working’ to Join Oculus on a Committee for Open VR Standards


Earlier this morning the Khronos Group announced a name and details for its open virtual and augmented reality standard committee. Christened now as the Open XR Working Group, the organization will be comprised of representatives from the worlds leading AR/VR companies. Today’s announcement indicated that most of the major VR imprints have been granted membership into the group including: Oculus, Valve, Unity, Epic, Samsung, and Google.

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‘Oculus Launch Pad’ Is Silently Populating The VR Content Pool


As a little-known initiative, Oculus is actively funneling in talent with the promise of training, tools and other resources that developers — new and old — can use to build projects for the Oculus platform as well as for the greater VR ecosystem.

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Fans Get A VR Tour Of LA Stadium Ahead Of Super Bowl LIII


In a video posted by CBS Los Angeles , we see Rams COO Kevin Demoff guiding a reporter through the VR tour of the jaw dropping venue using an Oculus Rift headset with Touch controllers (photos also show an HTC Vive being used). Fans get a closer look at the future home of the Los Angeles Rams.

Cross Platform VR/AR Development in Unity for Vive and HoloLens


This tutorial focuses on Vive and HoloLens; however, I highly encourage you, after having followed this tutorial, to implement it now or in the future for whatever additional platforms you like; be it Oculus, Playstation VR, or whatever else appears in the future. UNITY_EDITOR) && !UNITY_WSA_10_0.

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Revive Creator Joins OpenXR Initiative ‘to help create a truly open VR standard’

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CrossVR’s Revive , the software that allows HTC Vive users to play games from the Oculus platform, today announced it’s joining one of the leading initiatives in creating an open standard for VR and AR apps and devices, otherwise known as OpenXR. image courtesy Khronos Group.

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Social VR Hits ‘Rec Room’ and ‘VRChat’ Coming to Oculus Quest

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On the run up to the headset’s Spring release, Oculus today confirmed a handful of new Quest launch titles. Users can also build complex worlds in Unity to import into the game and share with friends. SEE ALSO Oculus Rift S vs. Oculus Quest – Specs & Features.

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Researchers Discover Security Flaws In Bigscreen VR App


During their investigation, the team claimed to also have discovered several concerning security flaws in the popular game engine Unity – upon which Bigscreen was developed. ek Peter Casey Unity University of New Haven

Oculus’ Nate Mitchell on the Fate of ‘Rooms’ and ‘Parties’ on Rift

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Oculus’ solution to that pain point—announced more than seven months ago—launched on Gear VR where it was welcomed with open arms. Nate Mitchell, Head of Rift at Oculus, offers an update on the fate of Rooms and Parties on the Rift. Image courtesy Oculus.

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.09.09): Vive Cosmos probably on sale at €799, Kura reveals 150° FOV AR glasses, Oculus “Cablegate” and much more!

The Ghost Howls

A market where Oculus has almost no earning s from the hardware sales, though, so it’s a weird situation. Last Monday, there has been some hype in some of the XR groups I’m in for the Kura glasses. The “Cablegate” is hurting Oculus Rift CV1 owners.

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Oculus Gives The Quest a Number of Upgrades

VR Tech News

The Oculus Quest has been out for about 3 months now. On June 27, 2019, Oculus issued the 1.39 The Oculus subreddit was flooded with posts about how great the tracking upgrades were. Image: Oculus. Oculus Go Emulation. Image: Oculus. Image: Oculus.

New Oculus Rift and Gear VR Releases For Week Of 02/26/2017


Buckle up; it’s a big week for Oculus Rift and Touch owners. GDC has been going on for the last five days and Oculus has made some big announcements during the show, including a Rift and Touch price cut and a new Gear VR. Experiences gear vr oculus rift robo recall Tethered

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New Oculus Rift and Gear VR Releases For The Week Of 02/19/17


While it might be slim pickings for Gear VR this week (as in, nothing very interesting), the Oculus Rift fights back with a vengeance. Plus — check out our list of the best Oculus Rift games and best Gear VR games for more suggestions!

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Microsoft Joins OpenXR, Becoming a Decisive Backer in the Open, Royalty-free VR/AR Standard

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Khronos Group , the consortium behind the OpenXR project which aims to standardize the way applications communicate with AR and VR headsets, just added Microsoft to its ranks. image courtesy Khronos Group.

Introduction to OpenVR 101 Series: What is OpenVR and how to get started with its APIs

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While we wait for the OpenXR initiative by Khronos Group (working together with some of the biggest companies in the VR scene) to be released, we developers have very few options to develop multi-platform VR applications on PC. OpenVR support in Unity game engine (Image by Valve).

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‘Icarus Six Sixty Six’ VR Music Video Is A Heavy Metal Masterpiece


Available now for free on SteamVR for the HTC Vive, the Oculus store for Oculus Rift and YouTube , Icarus Six Sixty Six is an intergalactic VR music video that puts you in the cockpit of a neon-pulsing spaceship powered by the beats of an intricate heavy metal symphony.

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Editorial: Beat Saber Acquisition Begins Facebook’s Push Toward Horizon


Facebook owning something like Unity or Unreal Engine, for instance, would give the ad-serving giant world-building tools that the creators who develop virtual worlds couldn’t ignore. Two of the worlds I visited were made in VR while a third, more compelling one, was made in Unity.

Epic Aims to Take on Steam with Newly Announced Epic Games Store

Road to VR

There wasn’t a specific announce surrounding support for VR games (see update), although as Khronos Group’s OpenXR standard marches ever onward in its mission to make market fragmentation a thing of the past, it’s possible those “open platforms” will also include VR.

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Blocks By Google VR – 3D Modeling for the Masses


Like Tilt Brush, objects made with Blocks may seem simplistic at first, but the apps professional potential becomes glaringly obvious once it’s objects are rendered in software like Unity. This will feel limiting at first, but it is a life saver when working in Unity.

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Frooxius talks us about the development of amazing VR metaverse Neos

The Ghost Howls

I’m a VR game developer and one of the original Oculus Rift Kickstarter backers. You started when Oculus was only a devkit… what are the differences between developing for the Rift now and then? Oculus Go headset. I had the great opportunity to interview Tomáš Marian?ík,

Beyond Flatland: User Interface Design for VR


The interface in Quill by Oculus builds on the physical skeumorphs of traditional PC design to create a familiar set of cues. The UI Input Module provides a simplified interface for physically interacting with World Space Canvases in Unity’s UI System.

VRTK’s Open Source Tools Help New Developers Get Started In VR


Even if it is hard to stand out from dozens of apps launching each week, making a virtual world available across Steam, the PlayStation Store and Oculus increases the chances of a developer finding success. I’d been using Unity for about a month just as a hobby,” Ball wrote to me.

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OC6: Facebook Horizon’s Social Future Built Around Real Identity And Blocking People


At Facebook’s Oculus Connect 6 VR developer’s conference I tried an early version of the company’s unified social networking space “Horizon” that’s coming in early 2020. You still will use your Oculus ID,” said Meaghan Fitzgerald, head of product marketing for AR/VR content at Facebook.

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All the best AR VR news from CES 2020

The Ghost Howls

Yes, the biggest companies were not there with a booth (Oculus will probably target the OC6, HTC the VEC, etc…), but it is the first time that I read the XR news from CES and I dont’ remain surprised. Last week there has been the CES, maybe the biggest technology show of the year.

Sinespace launches VR beta

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Previously, the Unity-based social virtual world was only available for desktop clients. Now, users who own an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or a Windows Mixed Reality headset can explore the platform in immersive virtual reality. Unity 3D user interface for Sinespace.

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My predictions for virtual reality in 2019

The Ghost Howls

This year we saw the launch of: Oculus Go ; Lenovo Mirage Solo ; Vive Focus ; Pico Neo / G2 ; S hadow VR; and the announcement of the Oculus Quest. Oculus has been the king of standalones , because it is selling devices at very low prices that offer great content.

Hackathon Brings Much Needed Attention to WebVR


Unfortunately, when it comes to immersive experiences, WebVR sits backstage, while VR headsets from HTC, Oculus, Playstation VR, Google and Samsung soak up all the limelight.

HTC Leads $4M Series A Investment in Social VR Platform ‘VRChat’

Road to VR

VRChat , one of the earliest social VR apps, announced that they’ve completed a $4 million Series A investment round lead by HTC’s Vive group. VRChat supports SteamVR-capable headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and OSVR, downloadable via Steam and Viveport.

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