Poly Is Google’s Foundation For Building Virtual Worlds


Google is launching Poly, a service with a growing library of free objects for creators to incorporate into their virtual worlds. The service, however, is another piece of the puzzle as Google seems focused on a much grander ambition. Poly further positions Google to deliver foundational software and services that could one day open up 3D modeling and virtual world creation to millions of people through VR and AR.

Kim Nevelsteen wants to bridge different virtual worlds to create the Metaverse

The Ghost Howls

We all dream of the Metaverse , a fantastic online virtual world where we can all hang out with other people and do whatever we want. And even worse, these virtual worlds are like silos: they don’t talk to each other, they are separate the one from the others, they are not connected in any way. Or better: in connecting already existing virtual worlds to build a Metaverse. Also, with respect to (not just connecting worlds, but) mixing virtual worlds.


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Educators sour on virtual worlds

Hypergrid Business

Educators are souring on virtual worlds, as evidenced by declining participation in online forums, in virtual conference attendances and education-related destinations on the Second Life grid. As a result, the use of virtual environments like Second Life seems to be in decline. ““We need to create virtual world activities that rely on low-cost phones or computers,” said Kurt Winklemann, an associate professor in the Chemistry Department at Florida Tech.

Educators make lemonade with Virtual Worlds

Hypergrid Business

Educators are using virtual worlds, but not in the way they had used them in the past, and not in the same numbers. Instructors still using the environment appear to be those who are not only comfortable with it, but also have created simulations that leverage the power of the virtual world in ways that advance the learning of their students far beyond the first attempts years ago. Image courtesy Google Expeditions.).

8 key virtual world features moving to VR

Hypergrid Business

Eight year ago, when I first launched Hypergrid Business , virtual worlds offered a unique set of compelling features. There was presence, and immersion, and the ability to create your own virtual environments. Plus, they also had other benefits that, combined with the unique features, created a potentially world-changing technology platform. At that time, virtual worlds were the only visible path to an interconnected metaverse of virtual environments.

Putt-Putt Google Earth VR Looks Amazing


When YouTube channel Nat and Friends toured Google VR, we were honestly expecting to see experiments from Google’s Daydream Labs that we’ve already seen. Projects we’ve reported on like Google’s headset removal or last year’s social VR experiments have been some of our favorites. What we weren’t expecting to see was putt-putt golf in Google Earth VR or a few other inspiring demos that show us what’s possible with the immersive technology in the near term.

Google 240

Daydream & VR Nowhere to be Seen at Google I/O

Road to VR

If you’ve felt that Google has been quiet about their Daydream VR initiative for a worrying amount of time, you aren’t alone. Their annual developer conference, Google I/O, this week is the latest opportunity for the company update the world on their VR ecosystem, but there’s little more than silence. A total lack of anything Daydream related at Google I/O this week only further shows that the company has shifted its interests elsewhere.

Google 109

Cast Your Google Daydream VR Sessions With Friends


Part of the latest Daydream Euphrates update announced at Google I/O Wednesday, you’ll soon be able to share what you’re seeing while in VR, as well as cast your virtual world right onto the screen in your living room. Yesterday, Google announced standalone VR headsets with HTC and Lenovo coming to Daydream later this year. The post Cast Your Google Daydream VR Sessions With Friends appeared first on VRScout. News Daydream Google I/O Social

Google 239

Google’s Owlchemy Labs Reveal ARCore Spectator Experiment


Google’s Owlchemy Labs just revealed one of its experiments using ARCore on a phone to offer a spectator view into the upcoming game Vacation Simulator. We’ve just come from Oculus Connect 5 where Facebook’s teams demonstrated a series of experiments that together included full body tracking, arena-scale movement freedom and mixed reality which incorporates real objects into the virtual world. AR Google VR Industry News owlchemy labs

Google 164

Google Can Recreate Your Face For Better Mixed Reality Footage


You largely have to imagine the expressions of people as they interact with a virtual world. Google, however, showed off some impressive research that takes the technology to the next level. Using a collection of techniques, including a modified HTC Vive with SMI eye tracking , Google digitally recreates your face in place of the VR headset that is blocking it. ” Tagged with: Google Research. Google VR Mixed Reality Google Research

Google 172

Google Opens ‘Maps’ API So Devs Can Create ‘Pokémon Go’-style Games

Road to VR

During the Google Developer Day presentation at GDC 2018, Product Manager Clementine Jacoby and Engineering Lead Patrick Donelan at Google Maps presented the team’s progress in bringing their technology and data to game developers. Several ‘location-based’ AR games using Google Maps APIs and ARCore are coming to mobile devices this year. Building large virtual worlds is costly and time-consuming when done by hand. Image courtesy Google.

Google 139

Editorial: Google?s Long-Term Strategy Could Dominate VR/AR


“Discomfort” doesn’t quite encapsulate the risk of wearing something that blocks your view of the real world. And there are so many reasons to stay in the real world too — your family, friends, and TV. Some of the world’s largest technology companies have learned over the last three years that VR headsets will never be mainstream as long as they a.) This article is focused on showing why Google might be best positioned to be that company.

‘Google Earth VR’ Launches For Free To Let You Fly Around The World


I grin for a moment thinking how much a seat like this would cost me in the real world before turning away from one of my childhood haunts and flinging myself into the sky and soaring between the familiar grey and brown buildings of Cleveland. In the blink of an eye the world around me dissolves and the restaurants of East Fourth Street are replaced by the brilliant purple face of Japan’s Mt. This is Google Earth VR. Our Virtual World.

Google 219

Google, Facebook and Microsoft Line Up For VR Standalone Push


Over the next two weeks we are expecting major announcements related to VR from Microsoft, Google and Facebook. 3 (Tuesday morning) Microsoft will give one final overview of its mixed reality strategy before its manufacturing partners, later this month, start shipping inexpensive but surprisingly capable PC-based virtual reality headsets. Google. 4 (Wednesday morning) Google will reveal its product lineup for the holiday season. Google’s Daydream View.

Google & Childish Gambino Follow Up Pixel Playground Hit with Pharos AR App

Next Reality AR

Google is going all in with Childish Gambino as its musical champion for augmented reality, as the duo has now dropped its second AR collaboration of the year. After Google launched his Playmoji for Pixel's Playground app earlier this year, Gambino, the musical alter ego of entertainment multi-threat Donald Glover, released the multiplayer augmented reality app Pharos AR Google Play on Wednesday. (An

Google’s Improbable Deal to Recreate the Real World in VR


Let a thousand virtual worlds rain down from the clouds. Or <em>the</em> cloud as Google backs a tiny British startup with its massive computing infrastructure. The post Google's Improbable Deal to Recreate the Real World in VR appeared first on WIRED. Business Enterprise Artificial Intelligence google virtual reality

Cosmos Video – a ‘Club Penguin for adults’ to socialise and work – raises $2.6M from LocalGlobe


All over the world startups are piling into the space marked “virtual interaction and collaboration”. Step forward Cosmos Video , which has a virtual venues platform that allows people to work, hang out and socialize together.

Video 105

Google Standalone Worldsense Headsets Use 3DOF Daydream Controller


We’ve just confirmed with Google’s Clay Bavor that its upcoming standalone headsets from HTC and Lenovo will use the Daydream controller with three degrees of freedom (3DOF). This means you can move your hands in any direction and that movement will be reflected in the virtual world. Google VR Worldsense

VR Hits Major Milestone As Computing Platform With New Google Team-Up


Google is taking its biggest step yet toward becoming an important service provider for immersive computing. Earlier this month Google launched Poly , a repository for objects and scenes created in VR apps like Tilt Brush and Blocks. “Making magic accessible is one of the promises of the medium that Google has now further empowered for the entire VR platform by putting the Poly ecosystem into the world,” wrote Mindshow CEO Gil Baron in an email.

Google 191

Google And Lenovo’s Mirage Solo Hits US In May, UK In June


We were expecting a release date for Google and Lenovo’s first standalone VR headset, the Mirage Solo, to be announced at GDC this week, but it turns out the latter already revealed the date in low-key fashion. The Mirage Solo is a first for both Google and Lenovo, both of which have already launched several other VR headsets. This allows users to lean into the virtual worlds they see inside the headset, though it still utilizes the 3DOF controller seen with the Daydream View.

Google 113

‘Oasis’ Reconstructs Your Physical Room Into A VR Paradise Using Google Tango


Well, researchers have now managed to use Google’s Tango platform to create a simple app that allows you to scan your home and then walk through it in VR. The interior of a normal building is transformed into a world complete with frolicking deer, for example, as the video below shows. They say this is a new step for Google’s room-scanning Tango system, which so far has been used to create an augmented reality overlay on a phone screen, but not a full VR experience like this.

Google 173

Google VR Teases Future of 3D Animation in VR


We have experienced creation tools like Google’s Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive, which lets you paint in a 3D space, letting you wave your hand controllers in the air to lay to down strokes of paint. It’s an amazing experience, creating in VR and building the world around you. The Google VR Daydream Labs team is exploring and sharing the possibilities of animating 3D objects in VR and it looks like a blast.

Google 192

Hands-on: Google’s Standalone Daydream Headset Prototype with WorldSense Tracking

Road to VR

Over the last 12 months or so we’ve been keeping an eye on Google’s aggressive hiring for its AR/VR team which, among other things, suggested that the company was working on new “mass production” hardware that would go beyond the simple smartphone snap-in Daydream headsets. Until those headsets launch later this year, Road to VR was among a select group that got to see one of Google’s early Daydream standalone prototypes.

Google 150

First Look: Google Demos Android ‘Daydream’ Platform for High Performance VR

Road to VR

Google’s newly announced ‘Daydream’ promises to raise the bar for virtual reality on Android compared to Cardboard. We also see Google’s new VR controller reference design in action, which allows gesture-based interactions within the virtual world. More on Daydream / Android VR: Google Announce ‘Daydream’ a VR Platform for Android N. Google Play Movies, Street View, YouTube, and More Coming to ‘Daydream’ Android VR Platform.

Google 110

Google Sets Press Event For October 4, Pixel 2 And VR Updates Likely


Google just sent out press invites to an event on Oct. Last year Google launched Pixel alongside the Daydream View headset, bringing the Android ecosystem to a higher tier of VR hardware. Pixel featured an incredible camera paired with unlimited full resolution storage on Google’s servers. The recent announcement of ARCore means it is likely Google will also support the augmented reality platform with its latest handset. Daydream Google VR

Google 115

Sony, Facebook, Google, and Samsung Dominate VR, With Over 50% Market Share


Those of us who are old enough to have seen the rise of virtual reality in the ‘90s and then the fall and then another rise in mid 2000 and then another fall, know that the present hype about virtual reality may not be sustainable. Sony is followed by Facebook (the Oculus platform) and Google (Day Dream, Card Board, Tilt Brush, etc.); He launched the first browser-based Virtual World in 2008 for which he was awarded in 2011 by the Virtual Worlds community.

Sony 209

Beyond Zoom: Designing Immersive Virtual Experiences for Connection


Something that is often annoying about these mega-virtual events is that it’s hard to tell where people are, so you often end up spending a lot of time bouncing between dead Zoom rooms. The First No-Headset Virtual Monitor 3. Zoom rooms and Google Hangouts feel sterile and clunky.

Google Files Patent Application For Hand-Controlled Mobile VR.


Google Files Patent Application For Hand-Controlled Mobile VR Headset A patent filed by Google in February and published Sept. The headset would presumably have its own display, but the phone could receive tracking information from the headset and do the processing necessary to draw a virtual world. Inventors listed appear to be members of the Google VR team, including Andrew Nartker, Clayton Woodward Bavor, JR. mobile vr vr virtual reality google

Artist Builds VR Game In Two Weeks Using Google Blocks And Unreal


Artist Jarlan Perez recently worked with Google to test out a VR-first creation process. That’s essentially what Google is exploring through tests like the one with Perez. Earlier this year the game Paulo’s Wing was built using Google’s other VR art app, Tilt Brush. For those unfamiliar, Blueprints is a visual way of representing the logic that makes a virtual world responsive and interactive.

Unreal 154

Google has made some neat tech that makes VR headsets "transparent" for MR use.

Cats and VR

pic.twitter.com/L4tln5SM8I — Google VR (@googlevr) February 22, 2017. Google has made some neat technology that makes VR headsets "transparent" for Mixed Reality use. According to a recent post from the Google VR blog Daydream Labs and Google Research teamed up to start exploring how to solve for the problem of seeing facial expressions when watching a person use VR without an avatar representation.

Ubisoft launches Hungry Shark ® VR for Google Daydream.

Cats and VR

Today, Ubisoft ® announced that Hungry Shark ® VR, the seventh installment in the successful mobile franchise developed by Future Games of London, is available on Google Daydream. Sandbox mode allows players to freely explore the colourful ocean world with no health drain or danger. Players can focus on swimming around the ocean and experiencing the beautiful underwater world. Hungry Shark World ® and Hungry Shark Evolution ® is also available on iOS and Android.

Google 101

Why is Google Cardboard Still Dominating the VR HMD Sales


Virtual Reality industry is funny. But on another hand, the sales numbers of the virtual reality devices are increasing. Google Daydream haven’t hit the markets yet and so the sales numbers aren’t exactly showing in where it’s going to be situated next year. . But let’s look at the most selling VR headset which hasn’t been mentioned yet – Google Cardboard. Google announced that they have shipped more than 10 million headsets. Google Daydream: 261,083.

Why I’m Very Excited For Google And Lenovo’s Mirage Solo


But there was another headset announced last week that didn’t steal quite as many headlines, Google and Lenovo’s Mirage Solo, and I’m just as excited about that. The Daydream View may not be as talked about as the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, or even the Gear VR, but Google has partnered with some amazing talent to grow a compelling library on the platform.

Google 128

Former Myspace Music CTO Dmitry Shapiro Leaves Google to Found.


Former Myspace Music CTO Dmitry Shapiro Leaves Google to Found Metaverse Startup Former Veoh CEO and Myspace Music CTO Dmitry Shapiro has left Google to work on a mysterious new startup that may be related to virtual or augmented reality. Shapiro left Google last month, Variety has learned, and is now looking to hire talent for his new San Diego-based company GoMeta. myspace vr virtual reality metaverse

Gold Winner of the Oculus Moblie Jam bringing VR camping game to Google Daydream.

Cats and VR

RalphVR announced that their award winning multiplayer VR game Daydream Blue is coming to Google Daydream. Our mission is to connect people together and help foster smiles in virtual reality. We are thrilled to be achieving a major milestone on our journey by bringing Daydream Blue to Google’s Daydream.” - Richie Hoagland, CEO and Game Designer. Connect with your friends from around the world online in Daydream Blue multiplay.

Facebook Expands to Enable 360 Photos in News Feeds


Earlier last week, Oculus announced a handful of new changes to Gear VR , its mobile headset for Samsung phones, along with one big new Facebook feature created with virtual reality (VR) in mind: the arrival of 360-degree photo capability in Facebook’s News Feed. Facebook’s upcoming “360 Photos” feature will let people upload flat panoramas like those taken on iPhones, Google Photo Spheres or photos from 360 cameras.

OpenSim land area and active users up

Hypergrid Business

OSgrid gained the largest land area — 4,440 new standard region equivalents, followed by DigiWorldz with 848, Virtual Worlds Grid with 441, Kitely with 411 and Atek Grid with 256 additional standard regions. OpenSim is a free, open source virtual world platform that’s compatible with the Oculus Rift. It allows people with no technical skills to quickly and cheaply create virtual worlds, and then teleport to other virtual worlds.