Editorial: Google’s Long-Term Strategy Could Dominate VR/AR


This article is focused on showing why Google might be best positioned to be that company. For some context, Google had acquired the creator of Word Lens more than a year before that comment was made. Last year, Google acquired Owlchemy Labs. Powered By Google.

Google’s AR/VR Chief on Ambient Computing, Conversational Interfaces, & AR/VR Strategy

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At Google’s big October 4th press conference, the company announced a new Pixel 2 phone and a range of new ambient computing devices powered by AI-enabled conversational interfaces including new Google Mini and Max speakers, Google Clips camera, and wireless Pixel Buds.

How Google’s Latest VR Moves Are a Major Blow to Oculus’ Mobile Strategy

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Last week at Google’s I/O 2017 developer conference the company made a number of new announcements which are very exciting for VR consumers. image courtesy Google. image courtesy Google.

Opposable’s VR Strategy ‘Salvaged’ Launches On Steam With Full Campaign


HTC Vive fans got a nice surprise yesterday when Google Earth launched for free on the headset. Salvaged , a long-in-development strategy game from UK-based Opposable Games, has just launched for the Rift on Steam Early Access at $12.99. Tagged with: Salvaged , sci-fi , strategy.

Report: Leaked Email Reveals Facebook XR Strategy, ‘Our goal is not only to win, but to accelerate its arrival’

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We are vulnerable on mobile to Google and Apple because they make major mobile platforms. From a timing perspective, we are better off the sooner the next platform becomes ubiquitous and the shorter the time we exist in a primarily mobile world dominated by Google and Apple.

Editorial: Oculus Cross-Buy Strategy Is Facebook’s Path To Platform Lock-In


Things are changing in Facebook’s strategy after the departures of Oculus founders Brendan Iribe and Palmer Luckey. In Blake Harris’ book The History Of The Future a set of emails are disclosed offering insight into Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s strategy in VR and AR. An email in the book attributed to Brendan Marten, Facebook’s head of finance for AR/VR, provides a sense of Zuckerberg’s strategy in 2015.

VR Veteran Tony Parisi is Leading Unity’s AR & VR Strategy Beyond Gaming

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The person who is in charge of Unity’s xR strategy is Tony Parisi, who is a co-founder of VRML and a long-time open web advocate. Google Bringing Native ‘Tango’ AR Support to Unity Later This Year.

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Facebook’s Leaders: The People Responsible For VR And AR Strategy


Who is determining strategy in VR/AR at Facebook? Before Andrew Bosworth, former Google executive Hugo Barra was put in charge of the VR/AR efforts. Tagged with: Andrew Bosworth , facebook , Leadership , mark zuckerberg , oculus Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Facebook’s Leaders: The People Responsible For VR And AR Strategy appeared first on UploadVR. We’ve been following the development of VR headsets at Facebook since its acquisition of Oculus VR in 2014.

Facebook F8 strategy tipped with an Oculus GO VR launch


Archive Android F8 2018 facebook google mixed reality oculus oculus rift virtual reality vr headsetA launch of Oculus GO VR may take place at Facebook’s F8 conference this year.

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Onward Field Guide: Tips and Strategies for New Players


The original, living version of this guide can be found in this Google Doc and may receive more consistent updates than this version. Detailed strategies and meta game elements are always evolving and changing as the game updates — it is still in Early Access after all.

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Google ‘Foveated Compression’ Patent Filing Published


Alphabet’s Google filed for a patent for a compression system specifically designed for frames produced by foveated rendering. The patent is seemingly based on a late 2017 paper from Google Research titled ‘Strategies for Foveated Compression and Transmission’ The project was led by Dr Behnam Bastani, who led Google’s entire VR rendering research effort. Google foveated rendering google

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Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Strategy Driven By Pioneer Who Helped Launch VR’s Renaissance


A pioneer who helped kickstart VR’s renaissance is driving the strategy for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform, spanning both HoloLens and a collection of VR headsets rolling out later this year. His title is Director of Program Management, Mixed Reality, and he is responsible for driving the “vision strategy” for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform “that blends the physical and the virtual.”

Google Responds to ‘Earth VR’s’ Absence on Oculus Rift


Yesterday, Google shook up the virtual reality scene by both announcing and releasing a brand new immersive experience: Google Earth VR. UploadVR reached out to Google to ask why this strategy was implemented. Google responded by writing that, “”We want to make sure that every platform we release Earth VR for provides a great experience and that takes time. Tagged with: earth , earth vr , exclusives , exclusivity , google , google earth , google vr.

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Google Launches Social Awareness VR Initiative ‘Daydream Impact’


Google Daydream will provide organizations with VR training and equipment rentals. Although there are a number of tools and strategies that can help drive awareness, there are few more effective than VR to help shine a light on important issues.

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Google’s ‘Expeditions’ Initiative is Leading Innovation in the Future of Immersive Education

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Google’s overarching mission is to organize all of the world’s information, and so it’s a natural fit for the company to be one of the leading innovators for using VR for immersive education. SEE ALSO For Google, the Future of VR Is on the Open Web with WebVR & WebAR.

Google Says Global VR Search Volume Grew 400% in 12 Months

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Google, who has now has several major VR initiatives underway, notes major gains in interest in virtual reality and 360 degree video capture and sharing. The company is now prompting brands to consider what role VR will play in their marketing strategies.

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Google, Facebook and Microsoft Line Up For VR Standalone Push


Over the next two weeks we are expecting major announcements related to VR from Microsoft, Google and Facebook. In between these events Microsoft revealed its partner strategy for Windows-based tethered VR headsets. Google. Google’s Daydream View.

Google: Daydream Has ‘More Than 150 Apps’


At Google I/O 2017 developer conference this week, the company announced a standalone Daydream VR headset in partnership with Qualcomm , with Lenovo and HTC slated to release commercial versions later this year. Google also shared a small tidbit: Developers have built “more than 150 apps” for Daydream so far. Google unveiled the Daydream platform a year ago at I/O 2016, but the View headset only arrived in November. Like Microsoft , Google is facing an uphill battle in VR.

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Vive’s VP Of Design Claude Zellweger Leaves HTC For Google Daydream


The designer, who worked on both HTC’s smartphones and its Vive VR headset at its San Francisco office, yesterday confirmed that he was leaving the Taiwanese company to join Google, where he’ll work on the company’s new Daydream mobile VR ecosystem.

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One of the First Games Ever Shown on Vive Launches This Fall on Vive, Rift, and Windows VR

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Arizona Sunshine developer Vertigo Games announced today that Skyworld , a top-down strategy game built for VR is coming to the Vive, Rift, and Windows VR headsets. It was an intriguing look at how a strategy game could be developed for a VR system with motion controllers.

EON Reality UK, The Landing and KPMG Manchester Discuss VR, AR and The Future

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We have very good relationships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google, but you’re free to choose the programming languages and alliance partner that best fits the requirements of your project.

10 Industries Using VR in Marketing Strategies


Now that the technology is stable and easily accessible, brands and businesses are increasingly looking to VR technology and incorporating it into their marketing strategies. It is available for free through Google cardboard.

Google’s Web AR Announcement Is A Boon For Advertisers


Google recently announced that it’s bringing AR technology to desktop and mobile browsers to push “augmented reality on the web, for everyone.” What’s behind Google’s announcement. Google hopes to Increase adoption and usage by removing the need to download and install an AR app.

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5 Questions We Hope Will Be Answered At ‘Made By Google’ Tomorrow


Before Oculus can have its three days of fun later this week, Google will be getting its time in the spotlight at its own Made By Google press conference in San Francisco tomorrow. Namely, it’s time to learn a lot more about Google Daydream.

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Google Daydream grabs HTC’s Vive design chief


It’s clearly the week for big moves in virtual reality, with HTC losing its VP of Design to Google, where he will work on Google Daydream. Archive Must Read Daydream google HTC virtual reality vr

The Data Digest: Understand Emotion To Drive Technology Engagement

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But this era of innovation has also seen its fair share of flops: From Pokémon Go to Google Glass, technologies that looked like promising disrupters stalled quickly or generated more […].

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Google Says Global VR Search Volume Grew 400% in 12 MonthsIt.


Google Says Global VR Search Volume Grew 400% in 12 Months It seems as if the company’s early bets are on their way to paying off. With the growing interest in virtual reality, Google is now prompting brands to consider how the new medium can be used to leverage their messages.

Tech Trends at #io18

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We’ll be dropping by Silicon Valley next month for Google I/O to check out the latest scoop from the Big G. It will be interesting to contrast the latest strategy from Microsoft and Google, specially around Immersive Tech Click To Tweet.

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Vive, Google, Microsoft And More To Talk At VRX 2018


The first batch of speakers, revealed this week, include Vinay Narayan; Vice President of Product and Operations at HTC Vive, Steven Kan; Head of Global Strategy for AR and VR at Google and Mike Pell; Envisioneer at Microsoft Garage. Tagged with: VRX Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Vive, Google, Microsoft And More To Talk At VRX 2018 appeared first on UploadVR. Big speakers are being lined up for December’s VRX conference and expo in San Francisco.

Google hires former Samsung VR exec to work on DaydreamGoogle is.


Google hires former Samsung VR exec to work on Daydream Google is forming a rather hefty team within the company to tackle smartphone-based virtual reality. The latest addition to the team is Matt Apfel, a former VP of content strategy for Samsung’s Milk VR (now Samsung VR).

Microsoft May Leapfrog Facebook and Google in VR With HoloLens Tracking


The system is already used on the $3,000 HoloLens, an advanced augmented reality system, but with it employed on a low-cost VR headset Microsoft may have leapfrogged efforts by both Facebook and Google, powered by Windows. “The strategy has become clear.

Creating Immersive Learning Experiences

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Google harnesses the power of photos and street view to deliver simplified VR development for teachers and students. Since 2015, Google Expeditions has brought students to places like the Burj Khalifa, Antarctica, and Machu Picchu with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

A look at Montana 17, a licensed VR Football experience for Google Daydream from small town Florida kid done good Damon Grow.

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Originally a GearVR title, Montana 17 will now be an important title for Google's Daydream VR platform. I am actually hoping Google supports the team as Superstar Games have done some excellent biz dev to get to this point. Me being really bored with the Google Daydream selections.

Power and Responsibility: Highlights from Microsoft Build

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Its intelligent cloud and intelligent edge strategy is a much more compelling proposition for developers which will continue to define its corporate strategy for the next several years.”.

Pirate Adventure Game Narrows Hits Daydream This February


Described as “a roguelike strategy game that’s a little bit FTL, a little bit Sid Meier’s Pirates,” Narrows will cost $9.99 Gaming Google Daydream Narrows Pirates resolution games

Is Apple Working On A VR headset?


Flyby collaborated with Google to develop software for Project Tango 3D-mapping. I t's unclear if Apple intends to complete with the likes of the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard , Samsung Gear VR or HTC Vive.

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HTC Vive & Lenovo Standalone Headsets to be Based on Qualcomm Reference Design, Components Detailed

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When developing the first prototype standalone Daydream headsets, Google based their work on the Qualcomm VRDK, and, subsequently, both HTC and Lenovo’s standalone Daydream headsets will be built on the same foundation.

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