Cross Platform VR/AR Development in Unity for Vive and HoloLens


Deploying to the Unity Editor. Appendix A: An Aside on Using External Libraries for Unity Development. Check Appendix A: An Aside on Using External Libraries for Unity Development for more about class libraries and links to my library. Windows Pro retails for $199.99.

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Designing the User Experience for WebAR, with Google's Interaction Developer Austin McCasland

XR for Business Podcast

Austin McCasland is a UX prototyper working with Google, and he and Alan chat about the finer points of UX design for AR. He's designed and developed Paint Space AR, named by Apple as one of the best apps of 2017 and currently works full time at Google as an AR Interaction designer. Let's dive right in; you work at Google as a UX designer -- user experience, for those who don't know -- walk us through what you do on a daily basis. That's like next-level retail.

AR Experience Night Terrors: Bloody Mary Turns Your Home Haunted

Peter Graham

The ideal accompaniment for running around the house when Halloween arrives – or just for scaring guests whenever – Night Terrors: Bloody Mary supports both iOS and Android devices, retailing for $1.99 USD on Apple Store and free on Google Store.

Augmented Reality Big At On The Lot Conference This October


The VR Society has announced details for this year’s On The Lot conference, which will now include an all-new augmented reality track to discuss the latest on Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. “We In addition to a specific AR track, the conference will also feature a variety of VR and AR-focused panels with subjects ranging from education, healthcare, monetization and retail applications.

Scaling Up Immersive Tech With Blockchain

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Ikea is just one of the major retailers to embrace this tech, but to run smoothly, these applications will require a large amount of processing power. For Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality applications to work as mass market propositions, we need GUP infrastructure.

AR Briefs, Episode 29: AR Revenue Outlook

AR Insider

These include “ picks & shovels ” B2B developer platforms like Unity that support the development of AR-based media, entertainment or commerce enablement.

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Adobe To Launch AR Features ‘As Fast As We Can,’ Exec Says


For instance, retail staff could wear the HoloLens to see how something has been selling. Adobe also debuted Project Dali last year , a VR painting app built in the vein of Google Tilt Brush. The creative software company heats up to augmented and virtual reality.

AR Briefs: What’s AR’s Revenue Outlook?

AR Insider

These include “ picks & shovels ” B2B developer platforms like Unity that support the development of AR-based media, entertainment or commerce enablement.

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Lighting the Torch for In-App AR Development, with TORCH's Paul Reynolds

XR for Business Podcast

Game engines like the versatile Unity have long been the go-to for AR development, and for good reason. You know what, go learn Unity and coding and figure out how to actually make it. So when Unity came out -- we'll pick on Unity in particular, because it's just such a well-known product -- when it came out, it was the game engine that most of these game studios I've worked for wanted to build. And it was for me as well; I've been a Unity user forever.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


for mixed reality lightfield technology that no one has actually seen (outside of a small number of people with ironclad NDAs), and is funded by giants like Google and Alibaba.

HTC Vive Exec Makes Predictions for the Next 2 Years of Virtual Reality

Road to VR

HTC’s China Regional President of Vive, Alvin Wang Graylin, took to the stage at the Unity Vision Summit in Asia this week and made a series of bold predictions for where we’ll see VR in the next two years. All key retailers begin offering VR shopping models.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


To make matters murkier, there’s also the recently-announced partnership between Google and HTC Vive to create new standalone mobile headsets for all Google Daydream-ready Android phones. Now this is what I call retail theater.

Making Everyone an Expert, with Scope AR's Scott Montgomerie

XR for Business Podcast

As the pioneer of utilizing AR for industry support and training, Scope AR are partnered with technology leaders such as Google and Microsoft. He's shared his knowledge and spoken about some of the most innovative uses of AR at several leading conferences, including South by Southwest, Augmented World Expo, Unity Vision Summit, and XRDC. And it's kind of funny, because a few years ago these teams were basically Unity developers. There was a couple of Google Glass type things.

GDC spinoff conference VRDC gets standalone event: VRDC 16

Cats and VR

We're thrilled to provide the highest quality content for VR developers, while exploring innovative applications for the technology across entertainment, healthcare, journalism, travel, manufacturing, retail, live events, real estate, training, and so much more."

Virtual Reality is Here, and Events Will Never Be the Same


Google proved this by building a usable VR headset out of an Android phone and a bit of cardboard , which they gave away to everyone at the 2014 Google I/O conference. For smartphone VR, Google and Apple provide toolkits for developing VR-ready content.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Did Seebright just release the augmented reality equivalent of Google Cardboard? The Seebright SDK also supports Unity and Unreal engines and is compatible with both iOS and Android. In a clear Google snub, you can view Facebook 360 photos with a Gear VR… but not with Cardboard.

Getting Fit with a VR Toolkit, and Other XR Tips with VRd?j?'s Michael Eichenseer

XR for Business Podcast

One example is retail employees. just in this very short, six-minute conversation that we've been in here, you've talked about VR being used for design, and for previsualization, and for training in retail. Michael: And this is why I've been working on starting this dojo, or this VR maker space; because the tools for building -- there's VRTK for Unity. Unity is always my top one. As someone who grew up as a game designer and player, I definitely side towards Unity.

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8th Wall Raises $8 Million For AR Platform That Works Across Most Smartphones


Palo Alto, California-based 8th Wall has launched an AR platform that works on any iOS and Android phone, and it works seamlessly with Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore platforms. 8th Wall has integrated its tech into existing development workflows, including platforms such as the Unity game engine. Developers can use the platform to target markets such as gaming, ecommerce, retail, manufacturing, construction, real estate, education and more. “We

Oculus Go review: should you buy it?

The Ghost Howls

The Oculus Go is one of the headsets of the moment : it is the first truly consumer-oriented VR-only device : it is easy to be used, it is cheap and it is (or will) available in the retail shops, so has all the potential to attract people that until now considered VR something too geek.

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Getting the ROI out of XR, with Sector 5 Digital's Cameron Ayres

XR for Business Podcast

I feel like some products, such as Google Cardboard, and some of the lower-end pieces of hardware, have actually done more harm than good to the reputation of virtual reality. People get in it, and they see, "this as a medium-to-low-quality image or video that I'm sitting in," and there's not much interaction if it's a Google Cardboard. They're hiring a Unity developer or a 3D modeller. Alan: I think the zSpace thing could be used for retail on location.

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AWE USA 2018 Day 1 Recap

AWE Blog

” Elsewhere inside the convention center, Google’s Alesha Unpingco shared 5 pillars of AR design and earned herself some fans. “Don’t scale fail.” Intel’s Frank Soqui also spoke directly to content creators about collaborating and partnering with industries to bring ideas to life, while Thibault Marion de Proce of Vyking revealed real-time AR foot tracking for online retailers. “Online shopping can become social again.”

Building the Foundation of The Spatial Web, with VERSES founder Gabriel Rene

XR for Business Podcast

But interestingly enough, it also allows you to walk into a retail location, be identified spatially, pick up a 7Up can, and walk out of the location and have it trigger and transaction. One of the things that we've been working on is content management, or digital asset management system, for retailers to deal with the fact that every product that they sell is going to need to be shown in 3D. Then with Google Maps, it gives us a better option, where we can see the path.

8 key virtual world features moving to VR

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And earlier this month, Google released Blocks , which is a prim-based building tool for virtual reality. Google did release a prototype of a multi user Tilt Brush last fall, but there’s no word yet when it will actually be available. (Image by Maria Korolov.).

VRX 2017 Conference Brings an All Star Cast


Tony Parisi, Global Head of VR/AR, Unity Technologies. It is surprising not to see major players from Amazon, Facebook, Google or Valve.

Top 26 VR/AR Events, Expos and Conferences to Attend in 2018


There are many VR events, conferences, expos and film festivals worth attending, and we've handpicked the best ones with agenda & venue, as well as social media information attached. Give this a read and pick out your favorite ones to visit!

HP’s PC Chief Ron Coughlin Talks Expanding To VR


This market is tipping to services, whether it’s PCs, retail POS, or even VR. We also have an active retail POS business. Not projected, but ordered from retailers. Coughlin: I think it’s been focused on consumer so far, when the sweet spot is actually — you think about Google Glass. In the gaming space, Unity and Unreal are becoming incredibly powerful and highly valued companies because they’re used by game developers to make the physics work in VR.