Google is Exploring Ways to Let You Animate Your ‘Blocks’ Creations

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Google’s team at Daydream Labs have been prototyping ways of animating objects and characters in Blocks , the company’s recently released VR modelling tool. The post Google is Exploring Ways to Let You Animate Your ‘Blocks’ Creations appeared first on Road to VR.

Dance Tonite With LCD Soundsystem In New Google VR Experience


Google VR announced they have teamed up with electronic rock band LCD Soundsystem to create a new WebVR-based experience. Room-scale VR device owners can dance to the song and capture the movements of their own heads and hands. Art & Science Google Motion Capture

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Google and Queen Bring Bohemian Rhapsody to VR


The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience collaboration with Google, original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor, as well as Enosis VR may be doing just that same thing for virtual reality music videos. Headphones, a swivel chair and your Google Cardboard headset are an absolute requirement.

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Google’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody Experience’ Proves That VR Music Videos Are the Future

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In collaboration with Queen, Google Play’s Bohemian Rhapsody Experience for Cardboard is an impressive example of where VR music videos are heading. You can snatch the Bohemian Rhapsody Experience for free from Google Play.

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Google Working on VR Short Film With ‘Book of Life’ Director Jorge Gutierrez


The new animated VR film will be part of Google Spotlight Stories. The VR short is being developed with Google Spotlight Stories and revolves around Mexican wrestling and “the tradition and the responsibility of carrying on the legacy of your culture.”

Google VR Teases Future of 3D Animation in VR


We have experienced creation tools like Google’s Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive, which lets you paint in a 3D space, letting you wave your hand controllers in the air to lay to down strokes of paint. The post Google VR Teases Future of 3D Animation in VR appeared first on VRScout.

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LCD Soundsystem Launches VR Dance Party Experience


It was only three months ago at Google I/O that I had some of the most fun in VR i’ve had all year long. Although exciting leaps forward, it wasn’t what you’d expect demoing Google’s secretive inside-out headset or taking their Expeditions AR program for spin.

2018 In Review: The Year Standalones Took VR And AR Everywhere


The leak came as both HTC and Google started showing the Vive Focus and Mirage Solo standalone VR headsets featuring a pair of “6DoF” point-and-reach hand controllers. With augmented reality, Google and Apple improved upon ARCore and ARKit technologies so phones understand the world better. For only $5 per person, up to four visitors to the restaurant chain can take a trip to Jurassic World together in a motion simulator wearing HTC Vive VR headsets.

Cast of Stranger Things Freak Out in New VR Experience


The young cast was gathered in a hotel ballroom where they took turns donning an Oculus Rift headset fitted with motion-capture sensors. You can watch the video below on your desktop, smartphone or even pop it into a Google Cardboard enabled headset.

Celestial Moon Is A New VR Dance Experience From The Guardian


The live action element was shot at YouTube’s London-based studio, whereas the digital element saw the dancers wear motion capture suits and perform at Queen Mary University of London.

Apple’s Tim Cook Sees Opportunity In AR, But It ‘Will Take Some Time To Get Right’


Google , Intel, Facebook and Microsoft have all either already begun or announced significant VR initiatives in the past 12-24 months.

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China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025

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The document is divided into nine parts: I will report them here, as a small summary of mine, together with the full text translated with Google Translate (so, RIP English), if you want to read it. We all know that China is a country that is betting big on Virtual Reality.

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Deadmau5 Now Has A VR Game


” The VR experience combines 360° live-action footage, like being in the recording studio or standing on stage for a live performance, along with motion captured game experiences.

Apple’s AR Plans May Come To Life After Acquiring iKinema Motion Tech


based iKinema was focused on providing 3D motion animation tools to movie and game developers, enabling virtual characters to exhibit highly believable body movements. The post Apple’s AR Plans May Come To Life After Acquiring iKinema Motion Tech appeared first on UploadVR.

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Jaguar Lets You Feel Wimbledon With Andy Murray VR Experience


The experience was developed in Unreal Engine, using 4D character scanning and a specialist array of 125 Digital SLR cameras to capture the hero tennis player and 24 other hero characters, and motion capture technology for animation.

‘Titanic VR’ Dives Deep into the History of the Fateful Sinking in Educational VR Experience

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Titanic VR was built from the ground-up for VR and was made using what the studio says were “comprehensive maps to create a realistic 3D model of the wreck site as well as motion capture, face-scanning technology and professional voice actors to immerse users in the story.”

VRJAM to Create Real-Time XR Simulation Platform for Business Conferences

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Called VRJAM:X powered by Agora, the joint platform will provide an immersive solution that merges live interactive video, real-time 3D graphics, 3D motion capture and live audio to deliver experiences on mobile devices.

Björk Launches Traveling VR Exhibition


According to a press release Notget “combines high resolution 3D scans, on-location holostudio, motion capture and videogrammetry along with real-time special audio design that envelopes and embeds the user into Björk’s performance.

Upcoming 10th Augmented World Expo To Shine Light On Immersive Computing

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Google’s Lens uses computer vision for visual search.

DragonFly: Glassbox Releases New VR Technology for 3D Video


This method is similar to the motion capture technology that has been used to create realistic computer generated video for years. Live Client is a tool for facial motion capture. DragonFly is a virtual camera that allows motion capture with realtime rendering.

MPC Teases Their First VR Original, GO BABY GO


The team is also responsible for the magical spot for Google Tilt Brush , the first Facebook Surround 360 short and the upcoming Suicide Squad Comic-Con experience we teased last week.

‘Alien: Covenant in Utero’ Comes To Oculus Rift


Additionally, the motion capture work for the piece was done at the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) right here in Los Angeles. You’ll probably want to experience this twice. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing.

Supporting Creative Storytelling in VR

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Run by the organisations in collaboration with commercial partners including Google, BBC and Sky, the programme is dedicated to supporting the development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) products and their application within the creative industries.

Mother Meets Recreation of Her Deceased Child in VR

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Using the power of photogrammetry, motion capture, and virtual reality, the team recreated Nayeon for one last goodbye with the family’s mother, Ji-sung. High resolution photographs were taken in a 3D capture technique called photogrammetry.

VRLA 2018 Returns; Keynote Lineup Announced


Additional expo highlights include Xtrematic’s extreme sports simulator, bHaptics’ full-body haptic suit, Bioflight’s VR medical training simulations and Phasespace’s large-scale motion capture system.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.10.06): Vive Cosmos has a mild launch, Quest updates its runtime and much more!

The Ghost Howls

IKinema was a company working on motion capture and had developed a great solution that lets people animate a full-body avatar with just some Vive Trackers on their limbs. First newsletter of October!

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How VR and AI Will Supercharge Learning

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These are the eerily prophetic words of the late Science Fiction author and futurist visionary Isaac Asimov , long before Google became a part of our lexicon. “In

VRLA’s John Root on AR, Privacy, & eSports in VR

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From location-based entertainment, motion simulators and VR arcades, to next-gen haptics, 360-degree cameras and the hottest product launches across virtual and augmented reality, this year’s expo will feature something for everyone to explore.

Hands-on: Vive Focus 6DOF Controllers ‘Chirp’ & ‘FinchShift’ Tested Back-to-Back

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The Chirp controllers are based on the company’s SonicTrack tech, which fuses ultrasonic and IMU sensor data to provide position and orientation tracking, giving the motion controllers a suitably wide tracking volume. Image captured by Road to VR. Image captured by Road to VR.

A Work in Progress: Virtual Reality


As of January 2016, Google Cardboard has shipped over 5 million units. Using 1-to-1 motion controls. On March 25th, 2014, many people were left scratching their heads: why did Facebook spend 2 billion dollars to acquire a Kickstarter funded virtual reality company called Oculus.

All the most important AR and VR news from the GDC 2018

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Google AR apps. Google has showcased some interesting AR apps made using ARCore by its partners or by Google itself : eBay, The Walking Dead Our world, Just a Line, My Tamagotchi, Pottery Barn 360 Room View and TendAR.

AR for the Blind, Gesture-Controls, Hi-Def Haptic Wear, AR ‘Ears,’ & more announced at AWE USA 2018

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“The AR Cloud will be the single most important software infrastructure in computing, far more valuable than Facebook’s social graph or Google’s pagerank index,” said AWE Founder and CEO, Ori Inbar. Kaayatech showcased its groundbreaking HoloSuit motion-capture suit, allowing users to fully immerse themselves with full-body physical [link]. Highlights from the 2018 Press Conference.

Top Five Industries That Offer Best VR Experiences


With powerful devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, as well as more mainstream products such as Samsung’s GearVR or Google’s Daydream View – we are being transplanted into other worlds and fool our senses into getting lost in them.

Dress for Success: Talking Headsets and Haptic Suits with Skarred Ghost Antony Vitillo

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You've got mobile phone-based AR, eye tracking set devices, taste experiments, hot and cold devices, thermal devices, and then tracking systems for motion capture, and of course, treadmills for omni-directional walking. You've got a ton coming out, now; you've got the Hololens, Hololens 2, Magic Leap, nreal, Realmax, Vuzix, North glasses, Epson MOVERIO, Google Glass.

Take an Infrared #Selfie, Sculpt Pottery in VR, and 15 More Art/Music Experiences


Hand Capture. A new motion capture and animation plugin for Autodesk MotionBuilder 2016, Hand Capture lets you “capture hand and finger movement in real time directly inside MotionBuilder.” ” Recommended: Google Chrome.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


It’s a bummer that it will only be available for big partner Google’s Tango-enabled smartphones, which right now only consists of Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro. Recapping the top stories covered on the VRScout Report , a weekly podcast discussing the best in VR, hosted by Malia Probst.

Top XR Stories of 2019

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Google Ends the Daydream. The project involved a week of filming, during which Glauben was captured answering over 1,000 questions by 18 cameras placed at 9 different angles. A lot has happened in the immersive space over the past 12 months. What’s in store for 2020?