Snapchat Adds Lava And Water AR Lenses Using Ground Segmentation And Machine Learning


This week the app is adding two ground replacement Lenses to the mix, enabling users to swap solid pavement, carpeting, or other terrain for bubbling lava or reflective water through a mix of segmentation technology and machine learning.

Google Tests Interactive Learning with VR Espresso Machine, “People learned faster and better in VR”

Road to VR

The team behind Daydream, Google’s mobile VR platform, is currently conducting experiments with the aim of broadening virtual reality’s usecase to include more interactive learning. With an experimental VR espresso maker at the ready, the team says “people learned faster and better in VR” than by watching training videos when put to the test on how to brew the real thing. image courtesy Google.


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Facebook’s AI Research Chief Talks AR Glasses, AI, And Machine Learning


Facebook AI Research chief AI scientist Yann LeCun believes augmented reality glasses are an ideal challenge for machine learning (ML) practitioners — a “killer app” — because they involve a confluence of unsolved problems.

Google Rolls Out New AR Features For Its Lens App


While VR technology may have been absent at this year’s I/O Developer Conference in Mountain View, California, Google did reveal several AR and machine learning-based updates coming soon to Google Lens. For example, by activating Google Lens and aiming the camera at a written foreign language (Lens can detect 100 different dialects), the app will instantly detect the language presented and layer a translation directly on top of the original.

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Google Is Getting Everyone Ready for the Future of Smart Home Gadgets

GizModo VR

Smart home device makers are all on board with a new standard called Matter that will make all of your stuff play nicely together, and Google is now working to get developers on board with that vision.

Big Changes Coming to Google Search Will Help You Find Things You Can't Put Into Words

GizModo VR

Google search is without a doubt the easiest way to find answers quickly, but it can also spur new questions.

Google's Newest Nest Cam Is a Solid Security Camera If You're All In With Google

GizModo VR

Google’s revamped Nest Camera is not only battery-powered, but the company made some changes to its features to make it much more economical when it comes to sucking up bandwidth. Google also stopped requiring a premium Nest Aware subscription to get the most out of the camera.

Google Promises to Fix the Biggest Problem With Nest Cameras

GizModo VR

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Google's Overhauled Nest Cams Are Smarter and Easier to Use Without a Subscription

GizModo VR

We’ve been waiting quite awhile for Google to refresh its lineup of security cameras, and today’s the day. Read more.

This is how Google’s internet-serving Loon balloons can float for nearly a year

Digital Trends

Emerging Tech Features ai loon machine learning reinforcement learningAlphabet's Loon balloons recently set a record for most consecutive days spent aloft in the stratosphere. How'd they do it? A software upgrade.

The BigSleep A.I. is like Google Image Search for pictures that don’t exist yet

Digital Trends

News ai Artificial intelligence GAN machine learningFeed the BigSleep A.I. any text-based prompt -- no matter how abstract or strange -- and it will generate an image to fit the description.

Nest Update Will Make Google's Gadgets Work With New Smart Home Standard

GizModo VR

Google is going all in with Matter , the new smart home standard the company has backed alongside Amazon, Apple, and other gadget makers, starting with its Nest devices.

Apple 83

Google's New Nest Hub Is the Perfect Alarm Clock

GizModo VR

Most of us have long since replaced a standalone alarm clock with a phone, but the new Google Nest Hub is the first smart display that justifies its placement on your nightstand.

Google Teases New AR Features Coming To Google Maps & Lens


Google VR becomes Google AR & VR as the company uses its annual I/O event to tease a new wave of augmented technology. Google wasted no time at this years Google I/O Developer Conference , diving head first into some truly jaw dropping projects that are making their way to our devices. So much so that that the company has officially changed its title of Google VR to Google AR & VR. Image Credit: VRScout / Google AR & VR.

Google 218

Google Reveals Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR Headset


Earlier today, Google announced the latest addition to its Google Glass hardware line-up with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. This has resulted in considerable improvements to power and performance—including an improved camera for higher quality video streaming and collaborative features—and opens up the possibility of computer vision and advanced machine-learning. Image Credit: Google.

Google 282

Using AI to Build Better Processors: Google Was Just the Start, Says Synopsys

Anand Tech

Within the context of EDA tools, as Google has demonstrated recently , engineers can be assisted in building better processors using machine learning algorithms. Machine Learning

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Google Releases Real-time Mobile Hand Tracking to R&D Community

Road to VR

Google has released to researchers and developers its own mobile device-based hand tracking method using machine learning, something Google R esearch engineers Valentin Bazarevsky and Fan Zhang call a “new approach to hand perception.” The approach is said to provide high-fidelity hand and finger tracking via machine learning, which can infer 21 3D ‘keypoints’ of a hand from just a single frame.

Facebook Researchers Found A Way To Essentially Give Oculus Quest More GPU Power


Facebook Researchers seem to have figured out a way to use machine learning to essentially give Oculus Quest apps 67% more GPU power to work with.

Oculus 285

How VR and AI Will Supercharge Learning

Tech Trends VR

We are getting to a tipping point where the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies will transform the way we teach and learn beyond recognition. It seems to me that it is through this machine that for the first time we will be able to have a one-to-one relationship between information source and information consumer.”. The next step then is to use AI and machine learning to “teach” systems to filter, adapt and personalize interactions accordingly.

Google Poly Editor Gives Brands More Control Over Their Immersive Ads


Google introduces customizable backgrounds, new animation settings, and realistic reflections. Originally announced earlier this summer alongside the reveal of Swirl, Google’s new mobile web-based immersive display format, the company this week confirmed the launch of its new 3D editor for the Google Poly 3D platform that offers brands a host of new options and abilities for customizing their web-based immersive advertisements. Google Poly editor in-action.

Key Google AR/VR Director Heads To Facebook Reality Labs

Upload VR

Google continues to bleed experts in AR and VR technology as Facebook Reality Labs staffs up for a bigger push into hardware. We’ll note that Paul Debevec left Google recently for Netflix.

Google 113

Google Trials ‘Starline’ Glasses-Free Light Field Display

Upload VR

Google’s research into light fields is bearing fruit with a glasses-free 3D display technology called “Project Starline” available at a few of its offices. Google revealed the work as part of its annual developer conference this week.

Google Develops Real-Time Finger Tracking Algorithm For Mobile Chips


Google released an open source algorithm which performs real-time 21-point finger tracking on mobile hardware. The system is part of Google’s MediaPipe, a modular framework for machine learning based solutions such as face detection, object detection, and hair segmentation. Unfortunately, Google’s blog post doesn’t mention the quality and latency of the current implementation. Google finger tracking google

Google 147

Google Lens Now Recognizes Over 1 Billion Products


Google Lens, Google’s AI-powered analysis tool, can now recognize over 1 billion products from Google’s retail and price comparison portal, Google Shopping. Aparna Chennapragada, vice president of Google Lens and augmented reality at Google, revealed the tidbit in a retrospective blog post about Google Lens’ milestones. “I’ve That’s not all Google Lens’ computer vision algorithms can recognize, of course. AR AI Google Lens venturebeat

Google 169

Google Reveals Experimental 6DOF Controllers For Daydream, Dev Kits Incoming


Google revealed an experimental accessory for the Lenovo Mirage Solo which adds a pair of six degrees of freedom controllers to the standalone Daydream headset. A Google blog post describes the way the faceplate communicates with the controllers as a “unique optical tracking system” which “uses machine learning and off-the-shelf parts to accurately estimate the 3D position and orientation of the controllers.”

Indie Dev Experiment Brings Google Lens to VR, Showing Real-time Text Translation

Road to VR

Google Lens is great for when you want to quickly translate a menu written in a foreign language, or visually explore the world around you simply using your Android smartphone. In effort to bring some of those machine learning functions into a VR environment, Twitter user ‘Phasedragon’ recently showed off a new workaround that lets him use Google Lens in VR. So I got google lens working in VR

Google 109

Google Photos gets smarter, AI-powered editor

Mashable VR

Google just launched a bunch of hardware, including two new Pixel phones , but the company has also been working on some new features which can benefit users of other Android devices as well. On Wednesday, Google rolled out a new version of the photo editor in the Google Photos app on Android.

‘Neural Supersampling’ Could Give Future Oculus Quests Console-Quality Graphics

Upload VR

While just a few years ago “Zoom and Enhance” was used to mock those falsely believing computers could do this, machine learning has made it reality. But in machine learning, optimization comes second- and happens to an extreme degree.

Oculus 114

Google Tango’s Engineering Director on AR Capabilities Enabled by Depth Sensors

Road to VR

Augmented Reality has played a huge role at the developer conferences for Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Google, which is a great sign that the industry is moving towards spatially-aware computing. They are using machine learning with the phone camera to do six degree-of-freedom tracking, but Google’s Project Tango is the only phone solution that’s starting with a depth-sensor camera. A video of one of the Tango Demos at Google I/O.

Google 143

Terrifying VR Living Room Shows How Smart Devices Are Manipulating Us


What if I told you that smart devices such as your iPhone and Google Assistant aren’t just listening to you, but persuading and manipulating your actions as well? This is where we first learned of the underground robot invasion that’s secretly been underway for years.

Google’s Augmented Reality Microscope Quickly Highlights Cancer Cells


Google Research this week revealed an AR microscope (ARM) capable of detecting cancerous cells in real-time with the help of machine learning. The platform uses a modified light microscope integrated with image analysis and machine learning algorithms into its field of view. It’s effectively doing the same job as a doctor just, according to Google, a lot faster.

Google Maps AR Navigation Launches In Beta For Compatible iOS and Android Devices


The AR feature in Google Maps that Google first demoed more than a year ago — a heads-up mode called Live View that provides directions from phones’ cameras in real time — will roll out in beta in the coming weeks for compatible iOS and Android devices, the company announced. As before, Live View will require an ARCore- and ARKit-supported smartphone and will only work in countries where Google Street View is available. AR Google Maps venturebeat

Google 161

Watch singing AI blobs rock the house with Tune-Yards at Google I/O

Mashable VR

Google opened its I/O developer conference Tuesday with a performance that felt genuinely innovative, and actually fun, from the avant-garde vocal and electronica artist Tune-Yards — and Google's own Blob Opera. More about Google , Ai , Google Io , Tech , and Music.

Keynote Triple Shot: Google, Apple & Facebook

AR Insider

The most notable updates came from Google, Apple and Facebook, in order of recency. Let’s dive in… Google . Starting with the most recent, Google’s Search On 2020 event last week (video below) featured rapid-fire announcements around the ongoing evolution of search.

Google 110

HTC Releasing ‘Standalone’ Google Daydream VR Headset ‘Later This Year’


At Google IO, Google’s VP of VR Clay Bavor announced that the Silicon Valley Juggernaut will be partnering with a myriad of different OEM partners to create a new line of “standalone” VR headsets. Worldsense combines a lot of Google’s machine learning, computer vision and SLAM research into a new form of tracking that uses finely tuned reference points to determine your position in 3D space. “No Phone. No PC. Standalone VR.”

HTC 161

Emerging Technologies Achievable Through The Cloud: 4 Practical Examples


BigQuery from Google Cloud has many powerful features that allow users to view their data in real-time, providing continual up-to-date information to help guide business decisions. BigQuery’s Machine Learning and Business Intelligence Engine analysis of various data models are quite powerful.

Google Figured Out How To Stream 6DoF Video Over The Internet

Upload VR

Researchers from Google developed the first end-to-end 6DoF video system which can even stream over (high bandwidth) internet connections. Google’s new system encapsulates the entire video stack; capture, reconstruction compression, and rendering- delivering a milestone result.

Video 114