How to Clean Your VR Headset

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All joking aside, it’s pretty impractical to completely sterilize your headset—no matter how germaphobic you may find yourself these days—but you can still get peace of mind with a thorough cleaning and a few preventative measures to make the process easier next time around.

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How to use Casting to stream your Oculus Go content to Phone or PC

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At Oculus Connect 5 , Oculus has announced Casting, an amazing feature that lets you stream the content of an Oculus Go to a smartphone. But how to use it? And is it possible to use it also to stream to PC?

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How to enable WebVR in Google Chrome

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One of the biggest news of the last days is that finally, Google Chrome for Windows has added support for WebVR. And when the son of Microsoft Explorer gets functionalities faster than you, Google, you understand that something is not working as it should. But… how to enable it?

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How to remove safety boundaries on Lenovo Mirage Solo and Vive Focus

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6 DOF Virtual reality standalone headsets are cool, but of course introduce some safety problems : how can you be sure that moving you aren’t going to stumble on a wall, on a cat or on your girlfriend? But, how can you do that? Let’s see how to disable that.

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How to get started with nReal glasses development in Unity

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They have been revealed at CES , and I have personally tried them in Beijing some months ago, and in my review , I hig h lighted how they are not only very light and trendy, but they can also provide very bright holograms. “, “Is it already possible to develop for them?”,

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How To Attend Zoom, Skype, Hangouts Meetings In VR With SPACES


With more people than ever working from home as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us find ourselves relying upon various video messaging apps and teleconferencing solutions to effectively communicate with team members and coordinate on projects remotely.

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Budget VR 101: How To Get PC VR Streaming To A Phone


Google Cardboard is cost-effective, but it’s limited by what the phone itself is capable of rendering. The post Budget VR 101: How To Get PC VR Streaming To A Phone appeared first on UploadVR. How-to VR VR Industry News diy fiit Headset inexpensive steam streaming

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How to create a seamless mobile AR experience using AR.js

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Today I’m going to write a detailed tutorial about AR.js, telling you what it is and how it can be useful to create seamless simple mobile AR experiences. If only there were a way to try AR without installing an app… WebXR to the rescue.

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Hacking the Oculus Quest: how to show Android Settings, Alarm and more!

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Today I’ve played around with Oculus Quest , trying to hack it a bit via command-line tools (ADB), hoping to activate some cool features. I’ve made some interesting discoveries, and of course, I want to share them with you, the VR community!

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How To Play PC Games On Your Gear VR Or Google Cardboard (Set Up Guide For Trinus + Tridef3D)

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In todays video, ManVsVR is showing you how to play PC games on your Gear VR and/or mobile device ready Head Mount Unit. If you have any questions, Be sure to ask in the commments on his channel.

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How to Direct 360° Video


Google’s YouTube Creator Academy shows us the finer points in 360° video production. Last year Google’s YouTube Creator Academy gave us the low-down on some of the biggest mistakes made while shooting in 360° with the video How Not To Shoot 360° Video.

How To Watch Google’s I/O 2018 Keynote Live


If Microsoft’s Build conference left you underwhelmed on the VR front yesterday then perhaps today’s Google I/O Conference will help make up for it. Tagged with: Google I/O Facebook Twitter Reddit More. Events Google I/O

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How To Play Stormland On Valve Index Or HTC Vive


Thanks to a patch developed by a self-described “computer geek homeschooler” in communication with the developer of Revive, you can now play Stormland on your non-Oculus PC VR headset! Sometimes Revive needs a specific patch to support the latest Oculus games.

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15 things to keep in mind if you have to showcase your VR game in China

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As I always do, I would like to share these lessons with you , so that if you will ever have to go to exhibit in China, you will be prepared. Let’s start: what are my pieces of advice if you have to showcase your game in China? Translate your game to Chinese.

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Leap Motion’s North Star is the DK1 of AR: hands-on preview and how to buy it!

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You probably have heard about Leap Motion’s Project North Star , that should be able to offer people affordable augmented reality. There are some typical questions that arise in the mind of the AR enthusiasts of the world: how is it? Is it easy to assemble one?

How to become a Google Street View trusted photographer

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(Image courtesy Google.). If you are a 360-degree photographer, or want to become one, then working with Google Street View and becoming one of their Trusted Photographers will definitely help establish credibility in the industry. Image courtesy Google.).

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How to show a 3D model in AR inside your website

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Google I/O 2019 has just finished and has all been about new augmented reality features. It is and it is also fairly simple to implement. Do you want to discover how? Well, you are in the right place… Google ARCore. There is also a button to take a picture!

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How To Show Oculus Quest’s View On Your TV


On PC VR and PlayStation VR you can always see what the player in VR is seeing by just looking at the monitor or TV the system is wired up to. Oculus Quest however is a standalone headset, not hooked up to any PC or console. So if you’re having a Quest party in your living room, how can you see what the player in VR is seeing on your TV? The answer is that you use Google’s ‘Cast’ technology, which is built into Quest: Supported Devices.

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How To Sideload Apps And Games On Oculus Go


If you want to find and install unique VR apps for Go that aren’t available on the Oculus Store, or you want to use regular 2D Android apps like Amazon Prime Video and Steam Link, this guide explains how to achieve both. There are 3 different types of apps/games you can sideload to your Go: VR Apps : these are VR apps just like you’d download on the Oculus Store, except either the developer didn’t want to put it on the store or Oculus rejected it.

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These Are The Stocks You Could Buy To Invest In The VR Industry


The VR and AR markets are full of companies of various sizes with many roles in the VR industry, when you consider how many verticals there are it can get confusing. This list will mostly be made up of publicly traded companies that are confirmed to have a presence in VR.

Start Making Google Daydream VR Apps Today with a DIY Dev Kit

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This week Google announced Daydream, the company’s initiative for high-end mobile virtual reality. While Google didn’t reveal a dedicated dev kit, the company says developers can cobble together their own using the Nexus 6P smartphone, Cardboard, and a spare phone.

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How to Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics in VR

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The 2018 Winter Olympics is about to kick off in PyeongChang, South Korea today, and this year you’ll be able to watch a total of 30 events in VR, shared across live and on-demand 360/180 recordings. Google Daydream – Google Play.

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What is the Oculus Quest? Read here description, specs, price and how to preorder it (even from China)!

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Yesterday I detailed you what is the Oculus Rift S , while today I want to write you a recap about what is the Oculus Quest , the most awaited virtual reality headset of 2019. The Oculus Rift is a device that you attach to your PC , and so exploits all the power of your graphics card.

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How to Analyze Virtual Reality (VR) Heatmaps and Analytics


How to Analyze Virtual Reality (VR) Heatmaps and Analytics. InstaVR provides a wealth of data to our Pro and Enterprise subscribers. Heatmaps are not only visually displayed in the Console, but also exportable and able to be parsed by date range. How Heatmaps Work.

You Can Learn How To DJ In VR


How learning real-world skills can turn out to be the killer app for VR & AR. “We Tribe’s VR DJ school —now available on Oculus—does this by allowing anyone to learn to DJ and mix music using a virtual deck that mimics the setup used in nightclubs around the world.

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How to find VR apps

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It can be hard to keep up with all the new virtual reality apps coming out. But, if you’re just starting out, it can be equally hard to find good ones to start with. To be fair, though, the Windows Phone section is mostly YouTube videos, not standalone apps.

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How to Demonstrate ROI of a VR Experience


So we wanted to explore the ways in which our clients view the ROI of a VR experience they create. And the threshold for positive ROI varies, or sometimes takes months or years to truly evaluate. It’s important to pick the analytics data that matters to you though.

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How to win at virtual reality marketing

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Low-cost virtual reality viewers — some made out of cardboard — are a minimal investment from consumer standpoint or from a company who would like to distribute their virtual reality experiences themselves. The genius idea was to let the guest drive the car.

ARCore 101: How to Create a Mobile AR Application in Unity, Part 4 (Enabling Surface Detection)

Next Reality AR

One of the primary factors that separates an augmented reality device from a standard heads-up display such as Google Glass is dimensional depth perception. This understanding of depth allows our augmented reality devices to know the locations of usable surfaces.

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How to Use the Oculus Go for Sales & Marketing Presentations


How to Use the Oculus Go for Sales & Marketing Presentations. Now that Oculus Gos are widely being used in B2B and B2C contexts, we wanted to explore more about how to use the headset specifically for these types of presentations.

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How to Distribute Your Virtual Reality (VR) App


InstaVR allows clients to author a VR experience once, and then publish to all the major platforms. With no coding or VR experience required, clients can deploy apps to very powerful VR headsets or the mobile phones of 1000s of employees.

Becoming a VR Artist: Where Do I Start?


Everyone feels, but it takes practice to translate those emotions into coherent words, and even more practice to do it on the spot. But with the rise of virtual reality art, we won’t have to translate as much anymore. Better yet, how can these apps work together?

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How To Watch The Gorillaz 360° Music Video On Any VR Headset


When it comes to embracing new types of media and art, there’s no better music group than the world’s most infamous virtual band, the Gorillaz. My favorite shot places the viewer directly on top of a record player as it cuts to each band member standing over us like giants.

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Google Poly Editor Gives Brands More Control Over Their Immersive Ads


Google introduces customizable backgrounds, new animation settings, and realistic reflections. Google Poly editor in-action. Image Credit: Google. Immersive ads running on Google’s Swirl platform. Image Credit: Google. Image Credit: Google.

Introduction to OpenVR 101 Series: What is OpenVR and how to get started with its APIs

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In this first post we will be describing what OpenVR is, what it may be useful for and finally, we will go through a little OpenVR application to demo some of the core functionality of the API in what respects to interacting with a VR system (get connected devices, get tracking data, etc).

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How to Create a VR Soft Skills App Using InstaVR


There’s many examples of successes, from doctors learning to better relate to patients all the way to retail workers learning how to deal with unusual client circumstances. Best of luck with building out your training app to help encourage people skills!

Play Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games with your smartphone

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The most logical choice seems to be the smartphone with its high resolution screen and same components that can be found in modern VR glasses like the Rift and Vive. RiftCat’s VRidge seems to take the lead through a different approach. Connecting to the PC via USB or WiFi.

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