Report: Immersive Experiences in Education

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A newly published white paper investigates the pedagogical theory and use cases for deploying mixed reality in the classroom. Students report a greater understanding and appreciation for the development of VR content after engaging in 3D animation and/or game design projects.

The Tantalizing Promise Of Augmented Reality Games


They promise us wonderful connections between the digital and physical worlds, and games where we can chase cartoon characters through our own furniture. Above: CastAR wants you to play tabletop games in mixed reality. Why did you choose AR as something to do with gaming?

Reality Reflection Announces Pre-ICO of New Location-based AR Mobile Game

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Reality Reflection , a VC-backed virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR) startup announced on Monday the launch of Pre-ICO on ‘ Mossland ’, a location-based AR mobile game with decentralized ad platform. Users can identify nearby real properties, acquire and trade them in the game.

Reality Clash Creator Aims to Raise £1.5m via Security Token Offering

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Reality Gaming Group, the company behind augmented reality (AR) combat experience Reality Clash has announced plans to raise £1.5 Just like Reality Clash , these will have an ecosystem in which tokenised in-game assets can be used.

BBC Bets Big On VR With Reality Labs Initiative


Apparently, there’s something promising in these VR dalliances, because the BBC just announced Reality Labs , their new initiative to take what they’ve learned since their first white paper in 2012 and apply it across the organization. The initiative calls to mind two questions for us: Will the BBC’s efforts pay off, and will we get a sweet Dr. Who or Sherlock game out of this? The BBC is no stranger to virtual reality.

Industrial AR is All About Product-Market Fit

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As we did in a recent white paper with Re’Flekt, let’s examine them one by one, including the challenges they raise and ways to overcome them. The name of the game is deploying AR where it can have real impact.

Otoy Wants to Make Light-field Rendering Affordable with a Supercomputing Cluster You Get Paid to Be Part Of

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The company will offer a limited number of tokens, and, according to the Render Token White Paper , hopes to sell $134 million to support the project, presumably cutting off the supply after that amount is raised.

Augmented and Mixed Reality App Installs Will See a 170% Increase in the Next 5 Years


Further, the report states that the key drivers for this growth are social media and gaming apps. According to the Juniper Research white paper, the top three areas are the Far East and China, North America, as well as Western Europe.

Player One is Ready, When Do We Get The Oasis?


The Oasis is based on a massive game engine able to manage millions of simultaneous users – the virtual world does not run locally, instead it is housed on the greatest cloud computer system ever constructed and streamed to everyone. The architecture of this streaming VR network is the subject of a new white paper from TIRIAS Research which describes the technology of streaming virtual reality over upcoming high speed 5G networks.

Bubbled and the vision of a decentralized AR future

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I had the pleasure to ask some questions to Bubbled , an interesting company that is trying to mix two of the most interesting technologies of the moment: augmented reality and blockchain.

The hey I got food poisoning and could not make it to Augmented World Expo today. Here is a list of the fun things going on.

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Announcements today include innovations in entertainment, gaming and cinema, smart wearables, sensing toys, robotics and consumer electronics, cloud, enterprise and business technologies, human-computer interaction solutions, automotive, and high-performance APIs. VR Gaming Art

Decentraland is a Metaverse Built on Blockchain


Decentraland’s world editor is a Unity plugin that connects to the local Decentraland node, allowing users to create 3D content with a familiar game engine directly within Decentraland.

The Down-Low on What You Need to Know (to be competitive in the XR field), with SuperData's Carter Rogers.

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He regularly advises Fortune 500 brands and Triple-A game publishers on how to succeed in the interactive media space. A sought-after authority on interactive media industry, Carter has presented at every event around the world, including Casual Connect, the LA Games Conference, and the VR/AR Global Summit. We're part of Nielsen as of late 2018, and the original focus of the company was on digital games -- video games, primarily.

Imagine XR Tomorrow; Build for XR Today, with PTC's Mike Campbell

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They're shopping, they're gaming, they're entertainment. And that procedure is then presented back, either on a RealWear device or on a Hololens or on a phone or a tablet or frankly, I mean, you can even dump it out to Word, if you want it on paper. So if you downloaded the app, you could bring the white paper to life, and this factory popped up. and letting everybody else know, which is really wonderful, because I don't think we're in a net sum game of humanity.

Combining the Best of AR and VR with Varjo's XR-1, featuring Niko Eiden

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Then I started my university studies by drawing with a pencil to a big white paper. I mean, that's the problem with that is, that all of the games, they've been optimized for the consumer grade headsets, which means very limited resolution and two displays. So we have an SDK that plugs in into Unity, Unreal, all the game development engines are fairly straightforward.